This well-made video showing how corporate media and state propaganda advance ruling class interests

  1. Things showing up and disappearing on screen too fast to make sense of in a video that supposedly explains something is not what I would call a "well-made" video.

  2. Yep. This would be fantastic at an intro to each video in a longer series. As a standalone video it's doesn't do it's job at all.

  3. He may have been trying to get it done within two minutes which is an upper limit for people’s attention. Or as an artist/journalist he likes it this way. I wouldn’t say it is a bad video, but there are improvements to be made.

  4. Its because he’s from the future and we’re all boomers. We’re too old and slow to comprehend. But my two year old who is already an ipad master will be regularly consuming flashing walls of text tiktoks while enjoying sponge bob clips on his other electronic device. All while wearing his onesie pajamas.

  5. Or is this comment just another government psyop like he was trying to warn us about so we don't pause and read the info? shit i hate this, nothing is real.

  6. You don’t know how to pause the video? It’s at the bottom left of the screen next to the line with a circle moving across. It’s the two vertical lines. When you press on it, it turns into a sideways triangle.

  7. Sorry bro I get that you usually like your daily dose of fake news well cooked by government entities and fancily served by news agencies and social media. After all where is all the fun without all the conflict of interests.

  8. I think that is the point. All the propaganda comes at you so fast that you never get a chance to decipher or analyze it. Not sure if thats what they were thinking when they edited it but it is effective even if by accident. See REM's "Its the end of the world as we know it." Same thing.

  9. One, read faster. Two, I think that was part of the message. So many things happen simultaneously and so quickly that you don't have time to focus on important things that happened twenty seconds ago

  10. I came here to say this. Pointing out the fact a bunch of large media companies are owned by private interests and then spamming weird little skits at us doesn’t really convey anything useful.

  11. This is just a kitchen sink of conspiracy theories. Yes there are agendas, but not every company, organization, or government are all conspiring together. Google is not having secret meetings with Nabisco to sell out Somaliland. This video is like "I'm 14 and this is deep" material.

  12. Yeah. This is pretty creative, and if you are already well versed on this topic, and willing to pause it several times, it's pretty cool.

  13. Spot. On. For all those complaining about the format of the have officially missed the point and may in fact be part of the machine without knowing it. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I wish there was a button or something that could just stop the video when an image or headline pops up that I’m not familiar with, so I can read it, look it up, and inform myself using my own research … if only

  15. This video is like crack for Reddit so it's worth mentioning that there are a lot of great journalists working for small newspapers and non-profit news outlets (PBS, AP, ProPublica, Center for Investigative Reporting, etc.) who do incredible work holding the powerful accountable.

  16. Love the succinct story telling. If it moves fast, hit pause, there is a wealth of information if you just take the time to slow it down... But i think that's kinda the point

  17. Generally, propaganda is information of a misleading or biased nature. So I don’t think pointing out propaganda would count as propaganda, unless you did it in a way where you just made up a bunch to shit. The bits where he does the news article titles could be viewed as a biased take, but I don’t think a bias against misleading information or obfuscation would generally be considered propaganda. Again, the intent of the content is not meant to mislead. Unless you’ve already been misled and believe the propaganda that’s being pointed out.

  18. Lmao nice job making the same mistakes as the old generation and that is generalizing. Thats how you end up disliking a generation and we have the same old bullshit again

  19. This was actually a fantastic video to cram that much information into a short clip. A lot of people watching it have no idea what the hell it's about but that gets them interested in finding out more.

  20. No, Homie does not have his finger on the pulse. He's just like every 20-year-old socialist. He'll grow out of it eventually.

  21. This is so silly, when the working class over throw the ruling class the leaders and the friends of leaders of the working class movement become the ruling class, just without any actual leadership experience. The result is death, lots and lots of death, the ruling class is eliminated with their families. The next people who are eliminated are those that lose is the rush to feel the vacuum of power. Finally, the last losers are the rest of the working class as they don’t have enough savings or food to last out the instability.

  22. I can't tell if this comment is saying that he's only 20 years old so his naïve opinions will change over time, or is expressing surprise that he really does have it all figured out.

  23. That's kind of a pointless thing to say. This isn't about capitalism, this is about a corporate/military network that controls the media. Totally different issue.

  24. Youre gonna get downvoted if you make statements like that without giving more info to properly get your ooint across

  25. Slavery and feudalism are also superior economic systems to hunter gatherer economies. Doesn’t make them “good”.

  26. So capitalist owning the means of production is how tik tok videos are made? The fact that so many people believe and repeat things like this makes the videos point about propaganda pretty well.

  27. The lgbt movement was started as a way to divide Americans by turning gay people into a political pawn between the left and right establishment parties.

  28. I know you don’t mean it but you’re literally making the guys point more legit when you try to censor him.

  29. Im sorry, how exactly is historical revisionism a bad thing? The video is either confusing historical revisionism (the study of history in order to reinterpret it with newer discoveries) with literal government propaganda on it´s historical education of the youths, or is straight up making an anti-scientific anti-liberal statement.

  30. You mean video of a teenager who just learned about other countries doing half asses edgy research to prove the us sucks and that we should be communists....yeah

  31. who's to say that a global foreign policy is a bad idea? I'm all for global trade markets and common defence pacts

  32. Lenin may have supported a free press for a communist government but anyone who preceded him in those communist governments just wrote the narrative and still do to this day. It’s funny to quote Lenin, of all people, to leave the viewer with what exactly? This video is just a conspiracy theory with some truth to it, as most conspiracy theories do.

  33. This video is so well made you have to pause it every 3 seconds to have any idea what's going on and even then its like deciphering a clue in a National Treasure movie. I aint no Nic Cage.

  34. You know there are way worse countries then the u.s. and there are countries with way worse propaganda. The fact you have full internet access anytime of day, and are allowed to protest is prove of that. Many countries around the world your internet access is very limited, and protesting is illegal

  35. If this isn't a wake up call for labor parties to fucking organize and UNIONIZE, I don't know what is. THEY SURE THE FUCK ARE ORGANIZED AGAINST YOU!!!!!!

  36. Lmao at people saying the video is too fast, this is the kind of content you watch multiple times and pause throughout to get all of the details, this video is in fact well made, y'all just arent hip with TikTok style content

  37. This video does not synergise well with reddits video UI. Definitely looking this up on YouTube so I can read everything

  38. I'm all for the content but I'd prefer like a 20+ minute video instead. I'm sure he's got a lot of interesting information here that I can't read.

  39. Had to check the comments, totally thought this was the guy who shot that other guy during the protests then cried about it like a big giant loser baby to get off and was a total douchebag right winger pos

  40. For a well made video explaining tyranny, I don't understand this almost at all. This two minute video should be at least five minutes to even see the messeges flashing across the screen

  41. Better than my video. Called it The Spit Roast of Life It’s a short Story though;( If you backup/rebel your getting it in the 💩 And to get a head your giving it!

  42. Okay, so I went through it and it's suggesting that Democrat supporting companies also support and fund Republicans which didn't make much sense. It takes no critical lense at anything left leaning whatsoever and presents the Democrats as blameless. Hmm. I'm not saying Republicans or the right or anything are good by any standard but this whole thing seems to be very one sides especially given that the Democrats are winning and nothing has changed.

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