Confronting former U.S. secretary of state and CIA director Mike Pompeo

  1. Shocking that 38 folks (at the moment) think the right to shout whatever you want at a private event and not be booted out is what free speech is all about

  2. He wasn’t taken away for what he was saying. He could have yelled literally anything, including “BARNEY IS OUR SAVIOUR” and he still would have been escorted out.

  3. He spoke out. Good. Pompeio isn't even the worst, but yes he deserves this kind of harrassment. As for the protester being escorted out, yeah, protesting is about making a point, sometimes it's worth getting arrested over.

  4. Automatic trespass, basically just violated his civil rights. You see the same thing at school board meetings….. ridiculous, how dare we the people stand up for what is right!!!!!

  5. What? How dare you call out American bullshit? Anything that stops people from being brainwashed to being dead soldiers or homeless vets should be illegal. You know, things like reforming the health and education systems. Things that are actually useful. No, that's no good is it? America

  6. Freedom of speech happens on your time, not someone else’s. If he stood outside on the public sidewalk he can say whatever. He went into a private building and interrupted what was going on. No different than making a scene in a restaurant. The cops would be called. If there was a Q&A potion of the event is where he should have waited to speak. I’m not against what he said it’s how he went about it.

  7. The former US secretary probably forgot to pay them for that, after all mercenaries don't work if they don't get paid.

  8. There is a room full of an audience that came to an event. Free speech doesn’t mean every lunatic has a right to disrupt events as they wish without being escorted out.

  9. Honestly given who he humiliated, I doubt free speech will be on his list of priorities… right to breathe may be in question

  10. You have a right to free speech, not a right to disrupt an event. If you had a scientist on stage giving a lecture on groundbreaking physics and you did that shit, you'd get thrown out on your ass too. Hell, disrupt a comedy show too much and you'll get thrown out. Shit, if you came into my home and started barraging me with politics I'd legally be allowed to kick your ass to the curb. Freedom of speech means no one can limit you from saying something, not that you're allowed to talk whenever and wherever the fuck you feel like.

  11. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

  12. They have the right to remove you ftom a private event for causing a disturbance, you cannot be prosecuted for free speech.

  13. That was a rather incoherent rant - not exactly a nextfuckinglevel take down. Don't get me wrong, pompeo is one of the worst secretary of state we have had, and a total POS, but this was pretty amateur.

  14. Doesn't matter, he made that prick feel uncomfortable for a minute. Everyone he meets should know what a piece of shit he is.

  15. The last guy threw a shoe and we all remember that. The more brave people who stand up to these fucking war mongers for profit the better off we'll be.

  16. Next fucking level would be getting him to admit he's a fat fucking traitor while using the very tactics he implemented at the CIA for "enhanced interrogations".

  17. I too was hoping for some pointed articulate jabs. There are so many to use against him but he just threw out random vague rants. Can't say I'd do any better under pressure though. Maybe he should have brought notes with talking points. Obligatory nearly all politicians only care about keeping themselves in power and enriching them and their friends.

  18. Being in his tense position it’s pretty easy to forget certain facts and slip on your words. At least he’s trying unlike all the others sitting and watching

  19. American here, and I don't know either. American politics is a mega dumpster fire and it's hard to find someone that isn't either a Dem or Rep fanatic that is extremely biased in favor of their own side. So chances are slim to find a objectively sound answer.

  20. Adding to others, besides pushing all of Trump’s lies undermining the election, he oversaw reckless assassinations of foreign leaders, screwed with the VOA (weird one), argued against the US being multicultural, and attempted to tank US-China relations the day of the Biden transition to fuck over Biden (and hence the US) purely out of fealty to Trump (ie not out of loyalty to the US or the Constitution).

  21. Anytime you ask this kind of question on Reddit, please understand that most people responding are going to be speaking from a place of tribalistic hatred.

  22. It’s simple really, Trump appointed him and Trump is the literal anti christ for so many people in the world. Anything he’s ever done is equally the worst thing that’s happened in history.

  23. I swear I would have punch the shit of that fellow individual who was continuously making booo sound. So annoying.

  24. tbf he could have screamed anything and been kicked out for being disorderly. the whole event itself is an echo chamber, pompeo wouldn't have ever created an open forum to be yelled at in the first place.

  25. So if I start shouting in my seat about how much I hate the movie in the movie theater, would that be considered my free speech?

  26. Free speech means you have the right to say whatever you want, yet it doesn't come without consequences, free speech isn't just you can't be held accountable for what you say

  27. Well, what do you expect… they came there to watch the choad speak… 🤷🏻‍♂️ Can’t paint all Americans with that brush though.

  28. Killing soleimani leading to third world war? Fighting with iran? If my government start any war first thing that would happen is people destroying it, almost 75_80 percentage of people can't have normal life due to economic problem and many other reason, you know how much war would cost? No one would fight for iran. And most important, soleimani unlike what iran propaganda says was not only popular but was the most hated person in iran, he killed many people including kids and woman, he literally known as kids killer, for ever Iranian would appreciate it, they was so desperate they destroy airplane full of people to blame USA because they thought they wanna attack iran, but that didn't work and know is one of reason why people hate iran government and wanna end it. I don't care about republican or democrats but as Iranian i know worst thing happened to us under, Biden, Obama and especially Carter.

  29. That dude needs to fact check himself. That was Obama era indictment on wikileaks and that guy is an English jail. Kind of a dick move on what happened to that guy. Personally, I hoped some thing good would come out of it but, after 12 years, the story has gotten confusing if you ask me. He has been on the run during 4 administrations. Obama X 2, Trump, and Biden.

  30. He is in an English jail on CIA orders. It's the CIA that hates Assange and wants him dead, for exposing their war crimes.

  31. Maybe fact check yourself before you call into doubt a probably well rehearsed speech when you admit yourself you're confused about the topic. It's really not confusing, Julius was and has remained to be an enemy of those 4 administrations. The administrations all agreed on this point, and Mike Pompeo has served in the government during all of those administrations.

  32. Bernie too if I'm not mistaken. I hope he keeps it up and inspires others to do so as well. Let no politician have peace until the country has peace.

  33. Thank god people like him are willing to hold power to accountability. The military industrial complex will keep its gears well oiled with blood until we all die in nuclear hellfire if felt unchecked. Any time a US politician gets up to speak they should be drowned out by people screaming the truth at them. We are warmongers and it needs to stop.

  34. Tbh war is a hard science. There are so many variables and it takes a lot of discipline to study….these ppl are like toddlers they have no clue about the decisions going on in the background and the real Choices presented. You may not like the results, but the other choices would have led to worse results. War sucks, but in the real world, sometimes there are no good choices and good ppl have to make hard decisions. The world is full of evil people and we all have to make due with the options we have.

  35. Well I don't agree with most of what he said but Pompeo surrendered US forces to the Taliban and gave all our stocked PPE to China and finally was aware and most likely a participant of the failed coup on the US January 6th

  36. Unfortunately there was likely very little other way with the Taliban. The US people wanted out and the Afghanistan military didn’t put up any fight.

  37. Oh my? AMERICANS realizing that the two parties live on the same coin and the 1% will always push was for profit ever since the fucking Roman days.

  38. This guy in the video is 💯 % correct. It's because of their decisions that we falter. We are nothing but puppets in a never ending game.

  39. We will be seeing more and more of this. The world is ran by corporations that are exploiting everyone and everything for their own good.

  40. And then there are naive americans that clap when that fucker says: we saved millions of lives my friend... This world is so fucked...

  41. Stop listening to the news when they talk about nukes. We aren’t even at Cold War levels of sketchy. And the west has already stated if Russia uses a nuke we will not.

  42. I just can’t fathom actually going to sit down and listen to that guy talk. There will not be a genuine thing that comes out of his mouth. He entire life is deceit.

  43. Do you think the whole time, she’s like: “Please say you’re the worst Secretary of State in history, Please say you’re the worst Secretary of State in history, Please say you’re the worst Secretary of State in history”

  44. Has this idiot ever heard of Hillary Clinton? John Kerry? Miles ahead of Pomeo in the “worst” category.

  45. I don’t get why people try to cover his voice with screams, and why he got taken away, doesn’t look fair, maybe counter argument him, no?

  46. Pompeo kinda sucks but this is not “next level” by any means. The ranter seems to be on separate unconnected and ambiguous tangents. Solemani dying was a huge relief to tons of Iranians. It was not going to start ww3.

  47. Freedom of speech is an illusion given to those without power by the ones with power. Your votes and opinions do not matter. Why would anyone with this level of power and control give the people the ability to take that power from them? Answer: They wouldn't.

  48. The guy is clearly an idiot who hasn't the slightest clue as to what he is talking about. Almost nothing he is saying makes sense.

  49. I fucking hate political people. “We did thing” the audience “WOOOOOO YEAH FUCK THOSE DEAD BABIES, WE! DID! THING!”

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