Iranian women supporting each other for breaking the mandatory hijab law

  1. Are seriously all these women just out and about, not covering their heads? This is amazing, and at the same time such a sad thing to be amazed at in 2022.

  2. The scary thing is that the Iranian parliament just voted to execute all of the arrested protestors. This is going to get bad. Hopefully the blood that spills is the mullahs’ and not these awesome women

  3. Yeah it looks like the head covering ban is done. This really shows the idea of consent of the governed. If everybody in your society refuses to obey your laws there is really nothing you can do to enforce them.

  4. Imagine if god was actually real and saw religious nut jobs executing women over a piece of cloth on their head thinking that’s what he wanted. Jesus fucking Christ

  5. Iranian ministers have voted to sentence all protestors to death. The average age of these protestors is 15. They are going to kill the future of Iran.

  6. You know, from what i know about my government, they will let people do this so they calm down, after couple month they will go after all of them and arrest them and who knows what will happen, government want to stay so they will do anything to distract people from what they actually want, the regime change

  7. Imagine... It's 2022, we can launch rockets to the moon, have literal computers in our pockets that 50 years ago would have taken entire buildings to hold... And here we are, impressed by (shock horror) women showing hair???

  8. Really incredible to see, just looks like people living their lives like they would in any other place. Really incredible to see the transformation and I hope they are able to continue to push for progress

  9. I like to think that's why they had to cover up. Like, Mohammed says to Fatima, I need you to cover up all that hotness or the only thing getting done today is you.

  10. Oh yeah. That struck me, too. Iranian women are beautiful. I have seen a few of these videos, and these girls are disproportionately cute.

  11. Have a lot of Iranian and Iraqi friends here in Norway, they are all hot as fuck, goes for girls and boys.

  12. Like not even just the woman, the guys too. The Iranian people by the looks of this video are really good looking, like damn

  13. I’ve dated a few Iranian women. Some of the most top quality women out there. Beautiful, but most importantly, usually really smart and well educated.

  14. I wonder if they have significantly reduced accumulated sun damage on their face skin. Even the older ones shown here have nice skin.

  15. Food is delicious, gorgeous country, ancient civilisation, SMART population. They could do very, very well in a modern tech economy.

  16. Yeah it’s wild. They’ve had their faces covered so long it’s like seeing a new color of the rainbow. What beautiful people.

  17. Stunning and with bravery I can't even comprehend. I'm so incredibly proud of and blown away by the strength of these women but so scared for their safety. Please stay safe and please anyone let me know of legit organizations or something I can contribute to to support them. I can't do much but please know you all have so much love and support from so many of us! PLEASE be safe!

  18. I want to know that too - surely it isn't names/contact? Seems dangerous to hand your name and number around for the morality police to get hold of

  19. It makes me so happy to see the people of Iran waking up to their authoritarian regime they've been under for so long. Stay safe guys very proud of you guys.

  20. The women have always been awake to it. Read Persepolis - it's a graphic novel by a woman who went to school, was educated... and then the regime changed.

  21. They've been awake, they've just been oppressed. But now the threat of death no longer scares them, women were chanting "Tell my mother she no longer has a daughter" in their protests.

  22. Persian women are mong the most beautiful in the world. Together with Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.

  23. All these beautiful women supporting each other, and clearly plenty of men standing by them. I just love to see it.

  24. These women are freaking amazing. I also loved seeing the men being chill as hell and supporting the women who passed them. Those are genuine allies right there

  25. Literally brings tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful piece of positivity. With so many things and places seemingly trending in a bad direction it's nice to see positive change somewhere that truly needs and deserves it.

  26. This may be a silly question but how does she know which men are in support of the movement? I get that men who are openly walking with a woman without her hair covered are probably in support but she also approached men who were not with anyone.

  27. Because they arent old and decrepit with a stick noticeably poking out of their asses. Young people were raised on the internet. Old people were raised on a book praising a guy who married a 6 year old

  28. The practical answer to that is that those not in support wouldn't accept the fist bump from a woman out in public without the hijab. That actually makes this method ideal as she isn't wasting paper on the AHs.

  29. Because it's a countrywide uprising done by both men and women. As long as I've seen, the media in the west like to focus on the hijab part, but there's a lot alot alot more to it. And it's not like a question of do you support the revolution or not. if you're not directly benefiting from the existence of the regime, which applies to 90% of population, you are fed up with it.

  30. I feel like we shouldn't be recording them and putting them on the internet. Their lives are in danger. But maybe this is a bad take, idk. I can't even imagine being in their shoes. They are so brave.

  31. It’s not a bad take but I think many of them willingly take the risk. Hundreds have been murdered already and people keep going outside and protesting. They knew they were being filmed and I suppose if they were scared they would have asked to not be included (though if they were scared they probably wouldn’t have gone outside without a hijab in the first place)

  32. Iirc they asked for the coverage of their stories because their Internet was being censored and videos taken down. They want/need the world to see. I understand your point, though.

  33. I think on the other end, the more people you can encourage to engage in peaceful civil disobedience the harder it is to crack down on.

  34. No wonder they had hijabs and media censorship, they wanted to keep all these gorgeous people to themselves.

  35. What image? The only image I've gotten is that the Iranian government is an oppressive regime. Considering they just voted to execute 15,000 protestors, I would say that is accurate.

  36. What? The US media (I don't know about the far right shit cause I don't follow it) has been overwhelmingly supportive of the Iranian people. They are the ones who are uprising, what are you saying?

  37. The media has only ever commented on how batshit crazy the regime is. I've seen nothing about the wonderful people of Iran in the news. You're just trying to stir up shit where's the no shit to stir.

  38. This type of video is great for, for lack of a better term, “humanizing” them. They’re people just like us that have been dealt an unfair hand because of the theocratic lunatics in government.

  39. With all due respect, how many other countries have you visited? Most countries have general similarities in larger cities as to how things look.

  40. Iran has a ton of attractive people. I feel bad that we are so at odds with Iran because it seems like a lot of them are kind people as well. Maybe one day it won’t be so bad over there….. just hoping it doesn’t get horrible over here in the US by the time that happens

  41. It is. Islamic extremists shouldn't be in power. These Muslim women are fine not wearing hijabs its just that their fanatic government makes them. Btw us Muslims don't actually care wether people wear hijabs or not. I just hate that bad people in any given group of people make a terrible image of that group.

  42. Iranian people are so pretty! I adore them very much and also for their bravery. It just breaks my hearth to see young and old people dying for their freedom. Long live NewIran!

  43. I hope Iranian people will be liberated both men and women from the tyranny of old medieval religious dictators. This makes Iran more friendly country and much nicer to be in.

  44. So, in this country, WOMAN have to cover their natural born hair, so that horny old goats do not feel seduced? Which means that the MEN are the weak?

  45. Yup. Throughout the world, the people desperately seeking or clinging to power in order to oppress others are always the weakest.

  46. This is a really weird thing to think about, but this kinda seems like a decently appropriate place to put it- I've always found it interesting just how similar Iran seems to the US, right down to the appearances of the people and places. In old photos you can even see just how similar it was... but then religious people took over the government and passed a bunch of "morality" laws, turning it into the hellscape of dead innocents it is only just beginning to recover from being through this revolution.

  47. It's because before they had a repressive regime in control, they were arguably even more progressive than most western nations. Women were empowered, attending university, often at much higher rates then men.

  48. Such beautiful people under such an ugly government. I only hope they don't actually follow through with killing all those prisoners.

  49. Iranian women are some of the most beautiful I have seen in the whole world. Don't let rules created by old creeps from long ago keep you from looking the way you want. Keep fighting!

  50. Their is a season why the protesters are young. And the ones enforcing policy are old. Give it time and they will see their society crumble. Take it from an American. Just wait and see. Time will justify.

  51. These women are so brave, i find it so moving how so many of them fight for their rights in solidarity, its also great to see so many supportive young men!

  52. You go girls! I have for years said that any true revolution or change in this region would have to begin with women. They spend time with the children and can wield much more power than they know. I hope they continue on and true change takes hold permanently

  53. I guess for some reason it didn't register for me that this was happening among several different generations and I'm all for it. It can be pretty empowering when older people are all for what you're into/fighting for.

  54. Crazy how they are fighting to lose the hijab and Muslim women in America are fighting to keep the hijab. Oppression is oppression regardless of having the free will to do it to yourself or not but that issue is way more complicated as it’s more religion that was designed for oppression

  55. It makes a lot more sense when you consider that what both are actually fighting for is the right to make that decision for themselves.

  56. It’s weird to be so so so proud and amazed and grateful and in awe from such a safe distance. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for the good you do for humankind.

  57. I really, really, really hope this is the one. Iran is no stranger to political unrest but to see so many people walking around in open rebellion really makes it feel different.

  58. I’ll continue to post this on every hijab/Iran thing. I’m a white dude that happens to know fluent Farsi. I was also in the US military for a few years. The second it becomes safe to do so, I’d LOVE to move to Iran.

  59. We need to bring more info out about Iran they decided today to kill everyone of the protesters in jail and because a lot of them are virgin women and can't be killed they will be SAed before being killed. We need to be hella more supportive of these woman.

  60. Americans actually believe Iran is our enemy. They had the most western society in Middle East back in the day.

  61. I used to work at an international airport arrivals and It's Ian's always struck me as some of the friendliest warmest people from all the countries we got. A shame about their gov

  62. I am in complete awe of their courage and determination. Also I enjoyed the music and whole video. Sisters.

  63. They are all so beautiful and sweet looking women. Such great smiles. It’s such a travesty that anyone could think that they deserve to be harmed.

  64. So much love and support for this. We have always accomplished more collectively, as a unit, as a people, as members of humanity, than we ever could even dream of in our own. The sooner we get past the basic constructs of keeping a collective of citizens “In line”… (ie. religion), the sooner we can reach far beyond what was previously thought possible.

  65. These women are so fierce. The bravery they have to protest such a horrible government. I hope the all the government officials in Iran get fucking wrecked.

  66. Nobody should ever have to hide themselves. We are human, we are beautiful, we have one life to live, so live it for yourself, and shine as the beautiful you you are.

  67. Good to see them standing strong after their government just said they were going to execute 15000 people they arrested during the initial protests.

  68. Iran and the USA are natural allies. Our people are much closer together with a shared emphasis on education, science and the humanities. It’s a tragedy that we overthrew their democracy back in the 50’s and I hope we can find a way to come together once again

  69. This is so heartwarming, in a time where we're constantly bombarded with bad news and awful atrocities this legitimately gives me hope

  70. And there are bastards in parliament voted for executing all protestors devoting themself protecting women's rights. Seriously Iranian people should have a list of those bastards for the Revenge!!!!

  71. Best of luck and good fortune to these Iranians and their supporters. 👍 It takes real guts to brazenly defy the theocracy there— they could end up jailed or killed.

  72. Iranian women are beautiful and the gov't and mullahs all need to be held accountable for the crimes against humanity they are doing to these innocent people.

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