pope meets baby pope

  1. "Excellent work, Reginald! Perhaps not in front of the poors though... Let us wait until they're sleeping, as usual."

  2. Not Catholic, but I have a coworker who's daughter is a PhD in theology, and teaches at some big Catholic university. Anyways, she finally had enough money saved to go to the Vatican with her husband, and when the school found out she'd never been they paid for the trip and put her in a tour that would meet with the Pope.

  3. My great aunt still talks fondly with tears in her eyes of how the pope ( i dont know which ) blessed her and told her shes a good woman

  4. The first thing I don’t iced is that he didn’t say shit. Even if the mom was like “omg take my baby to the pope!” I’d still and expect a “ok ma’am I’m going to pick up your baby now”

  5. Im certain thats a thing, offering your kid to be blessed by the pope that is. Thats why they were holding the baby so far out.

  6. Im not religious at all, but I would still be honored that the pope took the time to kiss my baby.

  7. As a devout Catholic (which I will assume the parents are based on the baby pope costume), I am sure it would be a huge honour and like a 'spiritual experience' or something for them.

  8. He isn’t worshipped. That would inherently be blasphemy. He’s basically just a really good bishop that the dudes who choose the pope thought was good enough to warrant him filling the role.

  9. Grow up and accept the rampant raping of children and systematic coverup that takes place in the Catholic church? You and I have a very different definition of growing up.

  10. Don’t be salty, if the Catholic Church stopped protecting pedophiles in their own ranks, we wouldn’t have to make these jokes any more would we?

  11. All Jokes aside for a sec, but isn't that completely unprofessional? There could be explosives or a remote-controlled Hidden gun in the hat or somewhere on the baby. I know it's Very far fetched, but when guarding the Pope this is what you need to Look Out for. Any comments on this? Just seemed a little too..."Casual", considering the circumstances.

  12. Which part is next level? This is just ordinary mundane footage that no one except Catholics would care about and most of them probably wouldn’t care either.

  13. They are doing well. The guy with the fake arm (smg) is checking the direction of the babys parents for snipers (the cars side is open)

  14. This was when he visited Philly a short while back and this clip was quite the rage back then. I think it exists with better angles?

  15. Is it just me or isn't the 'pope-mobile' supposed to be a protective vehicle that shields him from harm, but allowing people to see him? Kinda defeats the purpose when the 2 side panels are missing...

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