Thousands of Iranians protesting in Frankfurt Germany

  1. It’s to show solidarity with protesters in Iran. Like how people all over the world protested after George Floyd was killed.

  2. In what third world country do you live where you cant attend a registered Demonstration? Here in germany you have to sign it up, plan it toghether with authorties and police. Right to Demonstrate is a constitutional right and thats a good Thing.

  3. This isn't vs the German gov. This is standing in front of cameras in place of the Iranians in Iran who cannot stand in front of the world. Their internet is blacked out.

  4. These demonstrations are often used to get support, new volunteers, and funds for organizations that then send help to the oppressed group. They can also be used to push legislation that can help the cause. In this case they could push Germany to not buy oil from the Iran government. That would harm the government and enough countries doing this could get the Iran government to change their laws.

  5. Lots of Turkish and middle Eastern people all over Germany, and they're more than welcome to have a protest to stand in solidarity with the current protests in Iran if they want to. I'm not German, but I live in Germany. Who knows? I might even join one myself.

  6. There were coordinated protests across Europe and North America. These protests matter. One of themany things they want to accomplish is putting a stop to the nuclear deal that Biden and other leaders are working towards.

  7. Germany! Stop hating on the Iranian government! You’re stealing the thunder away from our hate of the Iranian government!! /s they’re not protesting the German government haha they’re just doing a protest of the Iranian government from where they live in Germany to support protestors in Iran :) they probably don’t want to travel to Iran to do it, cause…well you know.

  8. This is just virtue signaling. The protests outside Iran aren't helping anything or anyone. The Iranian gov has shut down internet.

  9. These demonstrations are often used to get support, new volunteers, and funds for organizations that then send help to the oppressed group. They can also be used to push legislation that can help the cause. In this case they could push Germany to not buy oil from the Iran government. That would harm the government and enough countries doing this could get the Iran government to change their laws.

  10. It makes the world more aware, putting further pressure on the Iranian government as people around the world come together to let the people inside Iran know that they are not alone in their struggle.

  11. yeah! let's do nothing at all. let's not even talk about the issue or show we care because doing so doesn't directly affect the problem. /s

  12. I don't agree at all. International protests are a way for populations to show they care about a specific topic, which in turns tends to lead politicians to take action. I'm not sure there would have been as much help from the West to Ukraine if there hadn't been massive protests in other countries. In Germany, help was announced to be sent on the day of a massive demonstration in Berlin.

  13. Ha. You know what virtue signaling actually is? You commenting on this being that (speaking for all Iranians) while a literal Iranian comments back to you that it actually is helpful.

  14. Disagreed. People will remember this, as it affects them more directly if a demonstration is happening locally. You get sensibilized to the topic, which will in turn influence/shape your views/values on this topic and can make an impact all in all.

  15. It’s what gets politicians and organizations to take action. We didn’t hear a single thing from our politicians about the issue until the media outlets made news coverage of our local protest last week,

  16. Says the one presumably doing absolutely nothing to help anyone. At least they're doing something, even if it's not going to have a large effect

  17. Jeeesus, reddit. I bet if people held a "we demand purple hotdogs" joke protest redditors would be all over that but if it's for something actually meaningful redditors are like "bUt hOw dOeS tHiS acHiEvE aNytHiNg"

  18. These demonstrations are often used to get support, new volunteers, and funds for organizations that then send help to the oppressed group. They can also be used to push legislation that can help the cause. In this case they could push Germany to not buy oil from the Iran government. That would harm the government and enough countries doing this could get the Iran government to change their laws.

  19. Well a lot of former Iranians live here. Apart from the symbolism that is mainly focused here, I can also think of it having a supporting effect inside the German-Iranian community. There certainly are regime supporters in it, so as an opponent of the regime, it's nice to know you have support.

  20. Their "friends"??? You don't have to be friends with anyone to not wanting them to be innocent killed I care for these people too. I wabt them too be free and do what they want without getting shootet for it, like i can do, and i also would protest to show that they are not alone and they also matters because they are humans. (if we had big protests here but it is such a tiny village, here are more cows than people) thats one of the differences between an animal and a human, we can care for things we can not see ant the moment and for others we dont even know

  21. Y'all are some dense mofos up in here. The purpose of a peaceful protest is to raise awareness about a situation. Protests don't have to only include local issues. They can influence local politics, which in turn influences national politics. That can end up influencing foreign policy. Maybe Germany starts to think about strict sanctions for Iran. Maybe Germany thinks about Iranian refugees. Remember, most people aren't checking Reddit 24x7 like you well-informed, yet foolish people. They have shit to do and a peaceful protest can make them sit up and take notice about horrible things that are happening on the other side of the world.

  22. Legit, hard to believe that people (Redditors) can't understand the simple ramifications of international demonstrations in opposition of oppressive and tyrannical government which is murdering poeple in silence.

  23. It's Frankfurt, it's one of the most multi cultural cities in Europe and the city has a football club famous for one of the most fanatic fanbases in Europe. This is business as usual for crowd control, the city has a demonstration or gathering or event with thousands of people attending basically on the daily.

  24. No because they can think clearly, they are just there to protect the demonstrants from people like here who will be mad because these people are legally blocking the road And they can read protest sights as well and they read the newspapers, or watch the news

  25. What “pressure” could be put on Iran that isn’t already being applied? Isn’t anyone in power already sanctioned?

  26. The problem, this helps them feel better for not being boots on the ground in their homeland but does nothing to stop the actual bad guys.

  27. What do you want them to do in their homeland and why do you think the Iranians willing to protest aren't the ones most likely to be taking other action, too. Out of curiosity, what have you done for the cause?

  28. It's strange how people look down on this protest saying how meaningless it is. But the George Floyd and Ukraine War protests were fine? How are these different? Why the hypocracy?

  29. It's the sub. Boy i checked some of the profiles. That are just some teens (and aldults as well, and i hate it) here who want to feel big and strong trough saying that they are much smarter than tousands of protesting people because they discoveret that it is "useless". And sadly, they are the loudest because the people who get it right are just like "yup thus stuff is nice and really shows that humanity can still be amazing despite the amount of negative stuff that happens the last few months" My diasapointement is imensurable and my day is ruinatet. (By this comments)

  30. What an incredible amount of shit takes in this post, truly disappointing. I’m glad they’re demonstrating, they care, the whole world should be doing this every time personal freedoms are violated so egregiously

  31. There's gotta be some form of brigading. Shit takes are to be expected but how are there hundreds of comments all with identical messages?

  32. THANK YOU FOR BEEING HERE THANK YOU A PERSON WHO DOESN'T THINK THEY FIGURED OUT WHAT THOUSANDS OF DEMONSTRANTS CAN'T (I mean that the protests are useless) I need to stop beeing in this comments, its ruining my day If you want, just check out my other comments here I have already written everything down there

  33. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Diplomats and Iranian officials work outside of Iran to keep tabs on Iranian citizens outside of Iran.

  34. My god! This comment section reeks of morons who have never left their house and just throw crap over internet with no knowledge or an ounce of thought! Fucking hell, some of you guys are at the bottom of everything in life.

  35. Would be more effective, if each of then would donate 10€ to the Signal foundation. As of now Iranians have no secure way to communicate and organise.

  36. Demonstrating doesent mean thes cant donate aswell, it also spreads awareness to make more people donate. Why are there this many pointless comments under this post?

  37. I strongly suspect there are a lot of Germans in that crowd too. They aren't protesting Germany, but it does signal to the German government that there is a popular interest in human rights in Iran. That interest can help shape policy.

  38. The Iranian government are the baddies, the general public for the most part are fighting back against years of oppression and an honestly overblown religious practice.

  39. So many bad faith actors and people who don't understand the point of protesting abroad to gain attention and raise support and morale to an issue.

  40. If they actually want to achieve something, they should go back to their homeland and fight the government. But that would be exhausting and dangerous.

  41. We just gathered 50 000 souls in Toronto today. I was there. Fortunately we closed Iranian consulate a decade ago. And even tho Iranian regime have made Toronto and London UK their base of foreign operations, people showed today what we're made of

  42. So in other words this was probably a 2 hour shit show that pissed off the germans that wanted to commute the area but couldn't.

  43. If any change is going to happen, these protests NEED to be IN Iran… not in other countries. I’m all for solidarity but the very reason Iranians left to other countries is because they didnt want to take the risk of making change within the country. I hope change happens but i dont think the Iranian government gives two shots what protests are going on in other countries and the Iranian citizens dont have any idea that these protests are even happening with the internet blockage.

  44. I will never understand people who protest something for a particular country in a separate country.

  45. Awesome to see so much solidarity, my family in Iran sees and hears of the protests held outside of their country and they are very much moved by it. I truly wish nothing more then freedom for the Iranian people.

  46. This is the shit the elites are loving. Instead of coming together to call out their bullshit, we manage to still hate eachother. Mind boggling

  47. They’re in the wrong country, it will accomplish absolutely nothing. Need to figure out a better way to enact change

  48. You do realize a lot of countries have pretty open laws and don't list the IRGC as a terrorist organization, meaning they have a lot of ppl who come and take videos and pictures of ppl protesting, so they can jail them if they ever go to Iran. My dad back in the early 2000s was jailed for a bit when he went back to visit his family.

  49. I'm sure this will make the German government forget all those corporate profits from dual use industrial technology they've been selling the Iranians for decades. Bet they'll cancel all those contrac ...... BWAHAHHAHHAHA! i couldn't get through it all. OFC they don't give a damn.

  50. Wouldn’t it incredible if every female in every corner took to the street and started a world wide revolution because we have suppressed far too long.

  51. I‘M SO PROUD OF GERMANY I’m from Frankfurt but a foreigner. Germany is quite the country for free speech. They learned the lessons of the right-winged ducks. And their holocaust history made them never want to see or experience something like that again. Germany has one of the ugliest history of mankind. But because of that , one of the best possible futures for freedom. Please Germany. Keep free speech alive. And be an example to this world. The world needs you more than you know.

  52. Wow. Is that what a solidarity protest is supposed to look like? So…peaceful. Nothing burning or looted. No assault?

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