Mother sacrifices herself for her kid

  1. When motherly instincts kick in there is nothing stopping her to save her offspring. That's majorly true for all species. But what you are saying is mostly seen in the rodent family

  2. I'm sure the mother was having a philosophical inner discussion while she was jumping in front of a freight train full of teeth.

  3. Something about being a parent and loving your children. You could tell me or my wife that we're about to find the cure to cancer in a few years and we would still sacrifice either of ourselves in a heartbeat to save our son. Mother's in particular tend to have this instinct hard wired in nature

  4. If this would not be best in enough events to be better than having the kid die, evolution would not have built this reaction into the mother. So in a way, if it exists, evolution approves of it. But, in this special case, it might be not better. Evolution works on large populations, individual decisions are sometimes casualties to the grander sceme. At least thats what i think is how it works.

  5. Yes indeed, the deer had motherly love for her little baby and instantly understood how to save it. Now that baby gets eaten by a preditor on the shore

  6. Since when does reason have anything to do with a mother’s love and instinct. You protect and sacrifice for your young-at all cost, if need be. That youngster has a chance because of mom, better than guaranteed death.

  7. I'm sure the mother didn't think it through statistically like this .. or didn't have the brain capacity to .. either one of those

  8. Just tell her she's a fucking idiot why don't you. She made it to paradise, for her sacrifice.

  9. Yo, I bet these two gazelles were not even related, plus, most of the time, aside from buffalos, rhinos and other big herbivores, smaller ones will prefer sacrificing their offaprings for survival. I saw a footage of a mother kangaroo ripping out her baby from her own pouch and throw it to the dingos so that she could run away. THIS is mother nature. I have seen this video countless times before, but only recently, someone decided to invent this scenario to create emotion and get likes.

  10. Maybe, maybe not. It’s just instinct for some animals to save their child, especially larger mammals who have 1 child with a long gestation period.

  11. Probably not the best decision in that situation but we'd probably do same for our kid if put in the same situation.

  12. I think that is not a mothers sacrifice but OP spinning natures horror into a sad story so he can get his karma

  13. Gonna break some hearts here, but this is like the husky reverse sneezing on a grave and people saying it was crying over its dead human. Generally speaking, prey animals like those will not sacrifice themselves for their young, the opposite is usually the case(let the baby die to escape). If the baby dies, you make another next year, if the mom dies but the baby lives, that usually means the baby will die not long after. The baby might be adopted by another in the herd, but it's not likely. Sorry, everyone, but nature is fucking brutal.

  14. Also its very obvious the deer that was infront is larger than the deer at the back, it wasnt the kid size deer shown on the land at the end

  15. Deers have eyes on the sides. Their vision is wide. There's no way she didn't see the croc. Shouldn't she be running the opposite way?

  16. Sure, that’s probably more likely. You can’t deny this is a strange scenario, though. Why does the mom rush so fast to the baby? Why does she go right in between the baby and the gator? Could be coincidence, but still strange…

  17. Meanwhile....isn't it kangaroos that will yeet their baby at a predator so it can get away? Someone posted a video of it here before.

  18. I laughed more than I should at the idea of a kangaroo punting it’s kid at a predator shouting “remember me!” As it bounces to freedom

  19. I highly doubt the sacrifice was the case at all. All I see here is an animal trying to cross the river in a panic attempt of a predator coming in at high speed. This also goes for the picture of the antelope "sacrificing" herself to cheetahs. We tend to adhere what humans do in these situations to animals because it feels right, in some cases

  20. I mean humans do cattle farming, poultry farming for the meat, not that different, we just do it in huge scales.

  21. To guess an animals intentions, you can often apply the "what makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint" method. In this case:

  22. I assure you this wasn't intentional. In nature a mother that can go off and make more babies is more valuable than offspring that will go off and die without it's mother.

  23. I'm doubtful this was a sacrifice. I'm pretty sure I've seen the same type of animal give birth, instantly run away, and a jaguar comes and gets the fresh baby for a snack. But I didn't watch the documentary this came from

  24. I feel it wasn't the right decision, since the kid won't survive too long. But some instincts are stronger than us

  25. Is this dramatization? Nature docs are really good at getting people to believe a random act of god is somehow part of some soap opera style plot. Doubt wet deer at the end is actually the same we saw swimming that narrowly avoided the speedboat gator. Speculating that the clips may not even have been from the same place or same time.

  26. I think those final leaps were due to depth and needing better leverage, at which point it attempted to swim, but at a snail's pace.

  27. I don’t think any animal would have the cognitive ability to understand what ‘sacrifice’ is. The mother’s instinct was to just follow her child. Shame the croc was faster.

  28. That's not at all how the animal kingdom works. Large prey animals will fight back for their young, but these Gazelle look very similar in size. Probably two that aren't with a herd trying to cross and one was just late jumping in at the wrong time.

  29. What a load. I like personifying animals for animated movies as much as the next human but that is not how it works in nature. There are no talking mice or singing cats in the real world.

  30. It would be fantastic (but still incredibly sad) if this played out like the title suggests but nature just doesn't work in the same way as fairytales.

  31. Watching that croc closing in is intense. But, then again, so is a mother’s love. Horrible situation all around, hopefully the fawn survives

  32. Yeah I don’t think she was trying to sacrifice herself I’m pretty sure she was just trying to save the kid but same thing I guess

  33. man, live action bambi is even more heartbreaking............................... ok jokes aside, I actually teared up inside.

  34. This was on Facebook years ago...I'm calling bullshit...this was staged...why would the little one be so far from mom....highly crew chased the little guy into water knowing what the mom would do

  35. She didn't flinch, she looked at her baby in her lat moments before being dragged under what a beautiful sacrifice. A Mother's love is unconditional

  36. Nature doesn't work like that. An adult has more potential to create new offspring. A single young has far less survival chance, especially alone. Animals are programmed though evolution to choose for its own survival. How heroic this might have looked, it was just coincidence.

  37. Look at the horns. That is a fawn only a few weeks Older than the further one. The mother in the general sense is the leader and most likely ahead of both of them. Judging by this these are her offspring. If one survived and she only had two I’d say 50% is a good odd. You get less at a casino and millions take those odds every day. Go nature.

  38. I’m gonna need to talk to my therapist about how fast that alligator moves through the water. Holy fuck.

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