Palestinian youth confront idf soldiers

  1. They are getting slaughtered for throwing rocks, what u mean upgrade? Their not even allowed to keep their homes and u except them to keep a weapon lmao

  2. Well if u just could imagine why they are throwing stones and not using technology, possilbly bec they can’t afford it and a stone next to there foot is free

  3. Not sure what to think. Would I throw rocks too? If someone were throwing rocks at me, would I shoot back with rubber bullets? It takes two sides to war, it takes two sides to make peace.

  4. That's the most bullshit excuse. They're actively being forced from their homes and killed by the IDF. They are hit with rocket strikes daily.

  5. Idf is pathetic piece of shit who love to beat women and children and doesn't hesitate to shoot. No rubber bullets live rounds. They do that.

  6. "military age insurgents" is the official term your government would use when drone striking them for throwing rocks

  7. That’s CGI, a soldier literally disappeared in frame in the last 2 seconds. Also, the rocks appear fake, this whole video seems real fishy

  8. That’s a cut this isn’t the whole video I can’t believe there’s so many people on this one post who haven’t seen a video cut before it’s almost as if saying it’s CGI makes the IDF look less pathetic

  9. Love the commentary from all the people who can't even place Israel or Palestine on a map. (Not to mention that Palestinine isn't a single country, there's the West Bank and Gaza which are two geographically separate entities, but that's besides the point)

  10. Homeland invasion where the people have been reduced to defending their homes with rocks ... against a wide-scale organized theft that's so absolute it uses jets, tanks, machine-guns, etc.

  11. Didn't the Arabs attack Israel which caused Israel to win the war and claim the territory which was earlier Palestinian? Or was the information I received wrong?

  12. Always amazes me that in all kinds of chaos today there's a journalist in the middle of it like "don't mind me, keep it up". If WW2 happened today I imagine a journalist on D-day jumping trenches and sidestepping bombs to get that one juicer of a front-page photo.

  13. This is why we Americans are obsessed with guns. Right wing is not obsessed, but plenty of us in the left wing too. Right wingers have it so they have something more than stones when the authorities come. Left wingers have it for when authorities and Proud Boys decide to some after us.

  14. Once again, you just want to argue. My statement mentions nothing about right or wrong. You made an inaccurate comment, simple as that.

  15. What Hamas has "stated" the IDF has long since performed on the west bank. When i see Palestinians returning to their homes, I might consider your statement as something other than US fueled Israel propaganda

  16. I’m guessing this is a similar situation of when the IDF accidentally shot a journalist in the back of the head despite her wearing a helmet and a blue “PRESS” flak jacket

  17. Nah, that's only reserved for people who want freedom but are at odds with American enemies, like Ukrainians, they get all the goodies.

  18. They could have shot them. Didn’t. It’s action and reaction. Shoot rockets. Expect air strike. Throw enough stones somebody will shoot. Do you know what in the hamas charter is stated? Genocide. Israel’s target? Live in peace. Ever heard of the „three Nos“?

  19. The amount of hate you get when you post something that offend Israel and their agenda is insane. Let me get this straight you are pathatic piece of shit and a shame on this face of planet and some land salvageing thugs who kills the people just of of joy.

  20. Why are people defending the soldiers? Its literally an occupation why are you feeling bad for the soldiers? They literally carry a gun against rocks

  21. Only terrorist organisation is Hamas, who fire rockets at Israeli civilians then use the Palestinian people as human shields and cannon fodder...

  22. What kids? Those are grown men. Islamist fanatics. Soldiers could have shot them but didn’t. Restraint only on one side.

  23. Reddit is a US propaganda machine my friend, it is brave of you too to think you might get some support for your words here, but i wanted to tell you that there are plenty of people who are aware of the apartheid in the current state of Israel, even Jewish people

  24. Israel unironically went on to become the exact copy of The Oppressor, only far worse, and far more accepted, something The Oppressor very much wished for and wanted to do.

  25. What's crazy is that the Israelis are too blind to this and refuse to accept they've become the very thing that almost destroyed them. Kill or be killed? Yeah definitely the "holiest" place

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