Lighting never strikes the same place twice

  1. We just gonna pretend we don’t see those people just standing there sipping beers and not at all afraid of the lightening strikes near by?

  2. There’s 8.6 million lightning strikes a day. Lightning strikes the same place more than once often.

  3. The latter, as the former isn't that much of a surprise, lightning does in fact tend to strike the same place multiple times (just usually not back to back like here).

  4. Agreed, it keeps the same shape bolt too. Maybe the very first strike was slightly different?

  5. It's a ridiculous belief that lightning doesn't strike twice. The Willis Tower in Chicago, was hit with 250 lightning strikes between 2015 and 2020 tall buildings get hit all the time.

  6. In the short term it totally does, because the trail of plasma left by the first strike has much better conductivity than the non-superheated plasma air.

  7. its actually more likley to strike the same place twice, on the first bolt it ionises the air on the path it took which then has lower resistance to the surrounding air so the second bolt follows the path of least resistance which is the same as the first.

  8. When I was 8 I wished I could be Roy C Sullivan so I could wear my safety-pinned purple bath towel/cape and the only word I would ever say was SHAZAM and one day it would happen and everyone would believe I was a wizard so I would become one.

  9. Lightning can travel many miles & strike randomly even from no cloud cover , balcony definitely a bad idea go inside

  10. We had a tree in front of our house that was hit by 3 different storms until finally destroyed. Much better example :)

  11. Damn, now that guys gonna come back as Vanilla Ice's son, and walk around the rest of his life spit on and kicked and hit with shit every time he sings.

  12. This is a legend. After the leader makes contact with the Earth, there are several discharges, and an ionic channel forms in the air...during several minutes the probability of another lightning hitting the same place or near is very high. On top of mountains, this happens every time. You can even see people's hair raising: a sure sign that lightning will strike. If you see this run for your life.

  13. Unless it’s a lightening rod or something that acts like one. A tall metal pole on a flat plain will absolutely get hit more than twice

  14. I get this saying for like ideas and stuff but it never made sense to me if lightning strikes a thing it's likely because the bolt is taking a path of least resistance.....why would it not take that path as many times as possible lol

  15. Actually, multiple strikes are very common. They take the easiest path which can be down the line of ionised air left by the strike a fraction of a second ago.

  16. first. the sync of that “something’s on fire” second. that’s zeus saying fuck this guy, man, fuck his family

  17. Idk of I'm more impressed by the lightning or the duet announcing "somethings on fire!"

  18. A lightning can strike the same Place multiple time if the discharge point Is favorable. For exemple a tall metal pole Is a favorable discharge point.

  19. Imagine surviving the first strike and for that split second being like "damn I'm a God ! You know what fuck you Zeus !" ZAAAMM , now barely alive "you know what ok but I'm still.." ZZZAAACK.

  20. Am I the only one going to comment on the fact these two said the same thing in a split second moment like this? Or I’m I too dumb to see that was staged? Ok..

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