This is what the women's world record for speed climbing looks like. Less than 7 seconds.

  1. Don't know why, but in my head it started playing the cartoon song theme "spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies, look out, here comes the Spider-Maaan"...

  2. Imagine finishing second, you work really hard and spend ages learning how to climb quickly and you basically get destroyed in the competition.

  3. When she started gyrating with excitement I smiled from ear to ear. She knew she’d be a legend and we all felt that.

  4. What I love is that even though I don’t climb, I can totally relate to the feeling of knowing that you’ve had a perfect run, that everything has gone right, that you’ve honestly and truly done your best. Such an awesome feeling. But to do it when it counts the most? Unbelievable.

  5. I would imagine given the laws of physics, that your ass would fall somewhat faster than hers, were it as fat as you say.

  6. This world record is from three years ago, it has been lowered to 6.53 now but lasted for more than a year, which is a lot for such a "New" sport.

  7. Her name Aries Susanti Rahayu, an Indonesian climber. Here we don't care if she wore jilbab or doing it naked, Indonesian is Indonesian

  8. Are the holds on these walls always the same? Or does each wall have its own configuration? I would guess that some configurations favor certain climbers.

  9. All the climbing events at the Olympics were really fun and interesting, it’s an awesome sport to watch even as a neophyte

  10. I mean yes, men are on average stronger than women... That's why they don't compete against each other in physical sports.

  11. by the time her kids finish screaming "quick, mom's home" after messing up the house, she'd already be by the doorstep to give them the good old slipper discipline...

  12. Honestly looks like she's propelling herself up using the flat metal sheeting half the time! Absolutely insane talent.

  13. And if i recall, she had hand and finger injuries at this point while doing this run, so even more kudos to her for powering through even while hampered like that.

  14. imagine practicing every single day non stop for this day and fucking up in first second, i wouldnt be the same after that

  15. The actual record holder is Polish Aleksandra Mirosław with over half a second less than this. The video is even more amazing

  16. On the subject of more bodyweight: while men are generally heavier they can have a better ratio of strength to the weight they have compared to women.

  17. There's a lot of big moves but generally a very easy route because the holds are huge and angle not very over hung. It's considered a 5.10c/d in the normal rock climbing rating system, which would be an intermediate route. A strong novice could do it, but you'd likely need to train a bit if you're right off the street (climbing uses a lot of muscles and tendons that aren't stressed in day to day life).

  18. It's not a very hard route. It's rated 5.10c if that means anything to you. If not, it means a normal person could expect to climb after a couple months. But not nearly that fast, obviously

  19. Shes essentially cheating, any climber knows what she just did. 100% relied on the automatic catch mechanism she was basically just pulling upward on the wall. Watch her feet.

  20. I tried it, took me more than a minute and didn’t finish the last move. That’s a pretty hard wall you really need to work on each move

  21. Do they use the same climbing wall set up for every race? It would be difficult to have a record if the set up changes

  22. Man, the girl on the left must have some amazing finger grip strength !!! (I don't know exactly what it's called). I feel bad for the one on the right though with the rope getting tangled.

  23. The US nationals are held at my climbing gym for this, it's crazy to watch. Sometimes competitors practice in there too. I'm a decent rock climber but I can barely even climb the speed route at all, much less throw myself up it like these gals

  24. Early pandemic 2020 my wife and I stumbled upon the 2019 competition for women's rock climbing (that they thought would go into 2020 olympics). It was way way more fun and interesting than I thought. There's speed climbing, but there's also a 3 minute "see how high you can get" type of climb where they carefully plan out a VERY difficult climb. It's cool seeing the different strategies and points of approach they all had. Seriously, well worth your time to watch if this sounds interesting.

  25. This just made me think of the lady who got the record but didn’t hit the button…and then cried on the way down :(

  26. It's so fast, that it looks like the safety harness rope, is actually pulling her up. This is incredible. The strength to push off of the small surface on the rocks and leap upward is amazing.

  27. When I was in Singapore at a local school, I has a senior that did this in less than 9 seconds... It was fucking awesome.

  28. Wow, they make this look like an over head cam and they are crawling like a monkey. I am not sure I can believe that is a vertical wall.

  29. My toxic trait is i think i can do it at same time even though im sitting on my fatass and have never done any sort of climbing in over 10 years 🤣

  30. I used to be a competitive speed climber and this is the dream sequence. Amazing route. Everything came together!

  31. For those wondering: her name is Aries Susanti Rahayu from Indonesia (and she is wearing a hijab). The record has since been broken by Aleksandra Mirosław

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