Guy puts Dodge Charger in his living room to protect it from Hurricane Ian

  1. Well, it depends how high their deductible is, if they have gap coverage, if they want to deal with the hassle of having to get it repaired, and if they actually have insurance or not.

  2. Huh. Up here in Michigan when we are worried about inclement weather we just put it in the garage. Meth lab must be taking up to much space.

  3. The insurance company thanks you. Now they don't have to worry about your car. Wait, this is what a person without insurance or late on their car payments would do. lol

  4. Dodges (other than Ram) are pieces of shit. He’s better off leaving it out there and collecting the insurance money.

  5. Extremely stupid move cause water can fill up anyways, any attempt at breaking down a door or a wall to get that thing in probably made the house more susceptible to be completely flooded if not increase the speed at how fast it happens.

  6. It looks like there are sliding glass doors out to the yard. If he removed those then there would be enough space to drive through.

  7. Still gonna get flooded when the water enters the house. What’s he gonna do, tell the water to not flood the living room?

  8. Did NO ONE tell him I’d be easier to get concrete blocks and take the tires off instead. Cause that ain’t gonna hold up once the living room floods. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. I'm impressed he got the damn thing in there, even. Damn. Wonder if the car made it alright... And the people, of course.

  10. When you can’t afford anything to happen to your car cuz your credit score is the same number as the engine displacement.

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