Grandmothers do not understand a no

  1. his poop is what is terrifying. imagine seeing a neighbor take this guy for a walk and he stops in front of your home. oh no.

  2. I get that the dog is big and probably a scary thought to control when it wants to have its way, but the relative size of that chain just seems fucking cruel.

  3. There’s a rope you can see under his right arm. I think the chain is for this video— it isn’t attached to anything.

  4. What kind of sleuthing is that? Fake chains look real, pulling up a halloween decoration on amazon doesnt prove if its real or not.

  5. There's a lot of camera tricks going on here. The chain on the dogs neck is one of those huge Halloween chains.. the bowl is huge.. the lady is small.

  6. Oh shit you are right I sat here watching this for 5 minutes and didn't notice the grass. It isn't an absurdly big dog, it's just a small lady.

  7. Anyone else had teachers obsessed with this movie at the end of the day? Think I've seen it over a hundred times. Think I'll go watch Sandlot now.

  8. Weight collars are a standard way to build muscle up in working dogs. In most first world countries trainers/breeders use dedicated weighted collars, ie a collar with weight pounches you can swap in or out as the dogs get stronger, gradually building up their strength, but in poorer countries they just wrap chains around the dogs neck as it grows up, gradually getting to a weight which is heavy for the dog as it hits full maturity, to ensure that it continues to build muscle after reaching full size. In developed countries, weighted chain collars are only really used by edgy amateurs trying to look badass with their dogs because they're not very comfortable for the animal and the weight can't be easily adjusted. This is a very large dog, (but the woman is probably about 4'9"), this is a straw/white Mastiff or Cane Corso mix which is common in South America, and looks to be about 160lbs/43 inches at the shoulder at least. She's a breeder probably, building up a big male to show off for future sales.

  9. Dude holy shit that chain around his neck is ridiculous. Those things weigh a ton. I bet that chain weighs around 50 pounds.

  10. Jesus Fucking Christ that’s a short lady!! Right? She’s really freaking short!? Right??? God I hope so…

  11. "Originally these dogs were used to protect Buddhist monasteries and monks of Tibet from animals such as bears, wolves and snow leopards"

  12. this is from a biogenetic experimentation facility in Russia. They are working on shrinking humans and enlarging dogs. Once fully successful they will take over the world.

  13. My guess is the lady is about 3'4-3'6 and the breed is an English mastiff and bandogg mix. He's probably pushing 220 240. He's a unit but that lady is tiny

  14. People are such pieces of shit it’s astounding sometimes. Hope she ends up with a 200lb chain of her own, some day.

  15. Me with my dog when he’s clearly thirsty asf and hot and I’m trying to get him to drink water so he doesn’t die

  16. Let me guess? The pepper lost 2 and a half pounds and and granny got so worried she decided he needed to gain 200 more to make up for it

  17. She's like, 'Eat, eat. You want to be big and strong, don't you? ' And I'm like, big and strong?!? Lady, are looking at the same dog I am???

  18. It would be quite a sight to see that dog pulling against that massive choke chain, I wonder if he wears that everyday or if it’s just big boy bling

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