man slaps bear in face, while defending dogs and gf.

  1. I wish this comment and all like it would go away forever. I’ve heard it so many times it makes me want to vomit. Funny once, maybe twice, not one quadrillion times

  2. How does this shitty fucking comment posted on every single fucking Reddit post consistently get 7,000+ upvotes? How is this still amusing to you people?

  3. shut up, re edit the message the the original text, nobody wants to see a fuckin low effort yt channel

  4. Oh my god did you come up with this joke all by yourself, or did you see it on every other fucking Reddit post of this genre. Jesus fucking Christ - and 12,000 likes - seriously people

  5. That was much larger than a cub, most likely a yearling or even young adult - Both of which I wouldn't want to fuck with. It would be like slapping a full grown rottweiler in the face.

  6. This man is literally my best friend. He sent the video to me after it happened. He said there was a cub caught in the chicken coop, which is why momma was there, and not running off. She charged him and the dogs, and after the punch, she retreated a little ways away from the coops, but hung around until the cub managed to get out. They didn’t want to try getting the cub out, in case she got defensive and charged them again.

  7. That looked like a black bear cub. The cub was likely more curious than dangerous. The poor thing must have been terrified.

  8. Good thing it ran into a human without a gun this time. It’s better for the animal if it learns to stay away from humans for that very reason. Next time it may not be so lucky.

  9. Yes, and that's better. It will most likely not think of going back there. Better for the people, better for the bear.

  10. so do you think the guy should've welcomed it into his home and bought it some toys and warm milk? it's a bear, it needs to gtfo and learn to stay away from humans for everyone's sake, including its own.

  11. "Was more than likely curious than dangerous". Yeah, the guy definitely should have assumed the bear was just curious and definitely had no intention of attacking.

  12. Only on Reddit / social media would people respond like, “oh it’s only a young bear or a cub, he wouldn’t do that to a grizzly.” Who gives a shit, dude went primal and defended his dogs and gf. People responding like that would’ve fed their dogs to the bear and hid behind their gf.

  13. Pfft people here talking about grizzlies. What about hybrid hippo great white white sharks. Definitely wouldn't get away with it with one of those. Would bite his fucking head off.

  14. Fuck that, I'm feeding my gf to the bear and hiding behind the dogs. If I fed the dogs to the bear I'd have something much worse than a bear waiting for me.

  15. Honestly he probably would do that to a full grown grizzly. People don’t understand in these situations you’re adrenaline is fucking insane. You’re seeing red and your family is at risk

  16. I mean for anyone here who's been around black bears, it's not that weird to say that this wasn't that big of a deal. I know people who have black bears dunpster diving on them on a regular basis. They tend to be nuisances way more than threats. I think it's easy to say that an encounter with a baby black bear actually isn't that big of a deal if you know anything about black bears.

  17. I have a dog like this. She's a great dog, very protective if she notices aggression, and I'm always afraid she'll buck up at the wrong animal one day...

  18. Ill 100% be a freak no questions asked if a dude fuckin slapped a bear for me, Idc it's a cub it coulda been an angry wasp and I'd be thankful

  19. Reminds me of the time I was sleeping about 10 ft from my front door when it opened at 2am and my very loud alarm went off. I just ran up completely nude screaming with my arms out like a giant gorilla until I woke up enough to realize it wasn't locked and the wind blew it open. It was just pure animal instinct and fear. If it was a break-in I'm sure they would have shit themselves and ran off.

  20. This is my best friend. I can tell you that he loves his dog more than anything in this world, he’s had him for 10 years, and he would’ve held that bear’s jaws open with his bare hands if it came to it.

  21. The guy in the bar later that evening with his group of friends: "When the black bear charged us I came face to face with the wild animal and my natural instinct just took over, I told her to take the dogs and run. I stood steadfast as a wall between the monster and my family as I used all the breath I had in me to scare the predator off. When it came too close I hit it in the face with my bare fist and it backed off as soon as it realized it had no chance against my will to save my loved ones!"

  22. Every here acting like that huge ass cub couldn’t have seriously hurt her or them or something. Lol it’s still a bear.

  23. Maybe he shouldn't be raising food animals (whatever he's keeping in that pen) in bear country. I grew up in a rural coastal canyon in SoCal. There were mountain lions, bobcats, and coyotes in the area. Right up against Cleveland National Forest; one of the last places in Orange County where they lived in the wild. This jackass moved up there and decided he wanted some goats. Naturally a mountain lion started picking off his goats. He called County Wildlife officials and demanded they hunt and kill the local puma. Thankfully they told him to kick rocks and get another hobby.

  24. kangaroos getting punched in the face, bears getting slapped in the faces, sucks to be a wild animal

  25. Good work, but the man that squared up to a full grown kangaroo and punched him in the face still takes the win in this category.

  26. I had to scare off a black bear once. Yelling, waving my pack and hiking poles above my head weren't doing anything, the bear wasn't budging. Was taking the safety off my bear bomb when it finally started backing off. My wife was standing directly behind me the entire time. I definitely needed new underwear afterwards.

  27. Yea I feel like all these people saying it’s just a little one have never unexpectedly happened upon a bear and had to react. This dude’s reflexes are impressive, in addition to his massive balls.

  28. Holy fuck this guy has some balls. It did work but it wasn’t probably the wisest of decisions

  29. You can see the moment his mind decided between flight and started as flight....then quickly turned to GET OVER HERE MOTHER FUCKER

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