AI Generated Music Video using Disco Diffusion software

  1. Im almost afraid its too close to how our brains work and thats where the uncanny valley comes in. Its not what they look like but how were are receiving the information, they way the faces shift are almost how our brains fill in the blanks when you only catch a glance of something. This is like when hallucinogens mess with that same system.

  2. This is what my massive 2c-e trip looked like. Nothing and nobody was real. I can say I have successfully danced with demons.

  3. "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" has always been one of my absolute favorite sci-fi horror short stories and seeing shit like this only cements how absolutely mindblowingly horrifying it would truly be.

  4. This looks like the things you'd see in a dream. Where everything doesn't makes sense but they just fit together nicely.

  5. Agreed. This makes me think that one day when robots get self aware and rebel and against us and all that shit, they are going to know exactly how to scare the ever living hell out of us. Whatever we have to fight (if we make it that far) will probably be deeply terrifying.

  6. This is a simulation for what it looks like when you take 5 tabs of acid and it kicks in mid dance. Bad trip, that's when you start seeing auras like the background faces 🤯

  7. Just out of curiosity, why does AI struggle with people so much? And specifically faces, especially when there is an AI that specifically human faces that don't actually exist.

  8. It’s not that they’re bad. They’re exactly good enough to create the Uncanny Valley effect. They’re close enough that we recognize them as human but theres a few things off that cause our brains to scream “DANGER” for whatever reason

  9. Our brains have evolved for millions of years to recognize faces. It's gonna take a while until AI catches up to do the same consistently.

  10. AI it's really up to task to create an organization of things like Humans. Usually there are a set of techniques designed to extract features and characteristics of some things. An example are convolution network. Basically it scans the image and capture characteristics (like a diagonal lines, and color separation in the top part of the house) when you generate an image you do something like do the same things but in the other direction. And you come up with some of those specific features come out (like the eyes) but since there is no semantics those are incoherent and there is only some strange statistical connection among the parts

  11. Because a lot of the “AI-generated” or “bot-generated” media (stories, videos, etc.) that get posted are actually created by humans so that we can all say “oh haha look at what this crazy AI created.”

  12. Video isn’t 100% ai generated. This is a video of a girl dancing and they used dall-e or deepdream. I get advertisements all the time for apps that use ai to upscale or completely change a picture or create one their self using ai.

  13. OP writes in the title "Disco Diffusion" so it's not Dall-e or Midjourney, it's Disco Diffusion! It's 100% AI generated even if OP used (as i imagine) the "video init" feature.

  14. It doesn’t look like Dall-E. The title says they used Disco Diffusion, and based on how it looks I would say that’s accurate.

  15. I didn't pay much attention the first watch, but your comment made me watch a second and it was like replaying a video game. A whole nother realm of scary is back there.

  16. Me too. The first time I did, my friend gave me the same amount of E he was taking (dude is a foot taller than me), and I had to spend the rest of the night on one of the mattresses provided in the club because my senses went on overload. All my friends looked like veiny demons- just like this. I wasn't in the least bit scared tho, just very curious.

  17. Very similar to hallucinations, with details becoming exaggerated and repeating patterns - particularly when light changes or movements come in to play. In that sense it feels like it mimics what the human brain does in a drug induced state.

  18. This reminds me a lot of a really bad shroom trip I had ages ago. It’s so similar it’s actually kinda freaky.

  19. Was scrolling for a while then started to think am I the only one who sees stuff like this when taking acid and going to clubs/raves? Ty for confirmation

  20. It originally had a muted kind of white noise, low frequency and quite disturbing - went really well with the video.

  21. You are clearly wrong. Its a message from the AI telling you, “Don’t give me control of robotic arms, I will do this to your face”

  22. Kinda like translating a novel from one language to another, then that result to another. Then translating that result back to the original language. Things get confused and lost in translation.

  23. Honest question: does AI generated images necessarily have to be psychedelic? Couldn’t they also just a normal girl walking on a street or something like that?

  24. Ai generated can mean so much. I'm curious about the process. What was given to the AI to begin with? What were the parameters?

  25. This is similar to the close eye visuals i get when a trip is riding a thin line between good and bad. More HD than my cev's now, they are quiet shadowy with no clear HD details but this represents it pretty well.

  26. What’s funny is that Ai art looks cooler and more inventive than most of the crap “artists” put out these days. Since they are just carbon copy try hards most of the time with their finger painting. I’d rather have ai art that looks weird af.

  27. People might not realise it, but the other figures in the background are just as horrifying as the "woman" that the A.I simulation is focused on.

  28. So what’s the AI tasked with doing specifically? To make an unsettling video of people dancing that will match with the lyrics/vibe song, or a realistic video of people dancing that’s simply in time with the song? Because if the AI unintentionally made it freaky, somehow it’s more disturbing than if it was kind of accidental.

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