Man runs martial arts clinic for boys without fathers

  1. I would cry at every session. I don’t even know that I’m interested in the martial arts, I just wanna go see this guy create strong men.

  2. I joined the Army in 2000, a week after highschool. I was brought up to believe that men, real men, do not cry. I wasn't abused or anything just brought up a certain way, work hard, I should be able to raise a family on one income, that kind of thing.

  3. I take martial arts. I'm an adult but I attend the children's class and the instructors are truly like a second father to the children. Some of the kindest people you'll ever meet.

  4. I know boys need this. But I'm a woman and I needed this too. (I typed "girl" first I think because my inner child reacted to this video so hard) I was never taught persistence and my emotions were always too much and I should just be happy. When I sucked at something, my dad just gave up on doing that thing with me. Now I'm terrified of failure and judge myself too harshly for mistakes. This doesn't make me pursue perfection. This makes me not keep working at something when i see I'm not good at it right away. And I certainly didn't have the emotional support growing up to have any clue what to do with my emotions now.

  5. Look into DBT and CBT therapy, online has free worksheets you can look at. There are also videos you can watch online. Learning to handle your emotions is possible, no matter what age you are

  6. I quit a LOT of things as a kid when I was around 10-12 years old and even now I could use some lessons in persistence. I can't stand to let anyone see me struggle. I wish a few adults had actually tried to talk to me about why I was quitting and tried to build me up.

  7. Points to the little man for knowing specifically what he wants. Robotics engineer! If you asked me what I want to be I would have said Batman or something.

  8. Why do you think this martial arts facility was founded solely for 'boys without fathers'? Is it because all of the children are black kids? Even if you didn't mean it that way, you may want to unpack why your brain went directly there....

  9. Although def wasn't needed to dub him a racist for being completely wrong, the dude is an idiot for out of nowhere coming to that conclusion. This video was posted here a year ago, the dojo welcomes all kids not just fatherless ones.

  10. was looking for something like this, found it too wierd that there wasn't even one white kid there if it was for fatherless individuals

  11. For anyone that doesn’t know the teacher’s name is Jason Wilson and he has a book called Battle Cry. It’s a really good read.

  12. If I was in his area, I'd be interested in signing up my kid for his classes. I feel like I'd learn something in every class on how to be a good father or just a good person.

  13. This dojo isn't just for boys without fathers. Seen this posted a year ago, like others, it welcomes all kids. No idea how OP came to that conclusion, just saying, not truthful info.

  14. Having a great mentor is seriously priceless. Sets you up for life. You can see it in people too, whether they had one.

  15. The whole without fathers is bullshit, in fact, there is a video from his dojo where one of these kids gets on the father's back and the master tells the guy to do pushups. There is no need to embellish stories like these at all, they are amazing on their own, and doing so just casts doubt over the whole thing.

  16. There was another video of him going around a while ago, same kind of video. He was giving a life lesson to one of the students too. Dang near made me cry on that one. Wish I could find it again.

  17. I bet that guy is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. What a gem for a community to have such a dude around for these kids

  18. 100% - acknowledging my emotions let’s me decide if I want to feel them fully or suppress them in the name of a higher priority. It took a lot of years of therapy to figure that out.

  19. That. Is. Amazing. Sensei actually teaching just more than movement and technique. Sensei is someone who we look up to. He is it.

  20. What a beautiful moment of clarity. Men are emotional creatures and we need to learn how to develop brotherhood between all men instead of being viewed always as competition or the enemy.

  21. I’ve seen many videos from this guy and they’re all very heartwarming he seems like a very hard working man who wants to make the world a better place.

  22. I hope my son meets someone like this, as his father I’m being denied to have anything to do with him by his mother.

  23. I've seen a lot of this guys videos and I like every one of them. He is out here teaching children mental and physical discipline and I genuinely like the messages he is spreading.

  24. I’m telling all of you now if you have kids please when they are 4-6yo enroll them in jiu jitsu. And just watch the confidence soar. Then respect follows right after.

  25. Speechless. Absolutely beautiful. This man is a hero to these boys. I know how it feels to keep your emotions in. It's hard as a man to express your thoughts and feelings. In society, we aren't supposed to show emotion, just work provide and reproduce. This man is indeed the GOAT!

  26. I had a similar experience in Karate as a kid. My sensei, a 75 year old Japanese man, Shingo Ohgami, said once "turn your anxiety and insecurities to anger, then turn your anger into aggressiveness. Now, learn to control and direct your aggressiveness"

  27. Who is this guy bcus his lessons are too good. He is firm with these kids but always helps them deal and learn to cope.

  28. My reverse ETF got even for at least two times but I didn’t cash out. I don’t know what to do now. If the bear market ends, I will regret

  29. This is actually brilliant, raising true men, wish I had something like this growing up because God knows I needed it

  30. He’s more a hero than these idiots we have in Hollywood trying to preach shit to us while they violate every rule

  31. This is soooo good! Our society says it's not okay for boys and men to express their feelings and emotions and what this man is doing is soo important because we need to let these young boys and young men know that it is okay to cry it's not something to be ashamed of it's just a feeling just like happiness is and it's okay to feel and maybe more importantly learn to understand our emotions so that we can express them in the correct ways so that we don't act out on pent up frustrations or fear or some other emotions. This hopefully for this little boy is a lesson that he will remember for the rest of his life and hopefully continue to work on and teach his own kids and others too. Really makes me feel good knowing that there are people out there that are making a difference in the lives of children and adults too!

  32. This man and his dojo are the subjects of an amazing documentary called THE CAVE OF ADULLAM and it just won Best Doc at the Tribeca Film Festival

  33. I was very interested in this type of stuff. I follow the man Jason on social media. He seems like a good guy. I'm not one for seeing all these intimate moments filmed and put on display for views. And telling men to be more sensitive. That's just me. But he seems like maybe his heart is in the right place.

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