On some John Wick type stuff

  1. My dad was in the black watch, he threw his first tear grenade and it landed about 5 feet behind him, from that day on it was always "clear the area bobs about to kill us"

  2. Lol for those wondering this is a very old video. I’m not sure if it’s a training exercise or just airsoft but I know 100% it’s not Ukraine because it’s been around for over a year.

  3. I thought it to be Airsoft from the start, but the guy on the ground wearing a white arm band like Russian troops do made me question myself.

  4. Bro I might have caught it too but I would have def missed that window and prob would have just thrown it right into that guy on the ground's face. This was a lucky reaction for everyone

  5. I’m wondering if that’s why he’s a little dazed to begin with: he already got friendly fire flashbanged by Ace McGraw over there.

  6. Id like to also point out he used his left hand and is most likely right handed based on how hes holding his gun, making it extra smooth

  7. This is the most impressive part for me. If my hands had been empty, and I had been ready for it, I might have been able to catch that thing left handed slightly more than half the time, but I never would have been able to make that throw.

  8. It's a bit hard to see for me since I'm in the sun right now and for a second i thought that the gun was a thumbs up after he threw it back lmao

  9. cant even flash and pull out your weapon this fast in csgo. and this dude caught someone elses pop flash, left handed, sent it back without fucking his squad, and was back on his rifle before it popped.

  10. My dad always tells me a story of how he smoked out his tank. I don’t know much about the army and such so this might be wrong from how he told it but he said he was in the middle of gunfire and he threw a smoke out of his tank, it bounced off the hatch and back into his tank and smoked it out

  11. Had a similar thing happen in real life, some of the funniest shit I have ever seen in my military career.

  12. They're cool, depends on what the event is. People usually use the exploding grenades for outdoor fields or Milsim events. Others just use ones that will go pop and blast the room with BBs or just a little noise to make sure people know they got naded

  13. It's not like it's a real flashbang. These are extremely small charges and are designed specifically for airsoft. They are even specifically designed not to start grass fires or light anything flammable on fire. It's a tiny flash and a little pop. That's about it.

  14. Don't worry I got your six but you suck at throwing things. Remember that one time you almost flash banged us and I saved your dumbass yeah Pepperidge farms remembers too.

  15. That one team mate in pre godzilla king kong warzone bs that keeps flash banging himself and I have to come to his rescue.

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