This insanely realistic looking video game!

  1. Look at the foliage at the edge of the screen. Sometimes you can see that its just a flat texture. This just shows that if the lighting is camera real it is enough to fool us to think its not CG.

  2. Uhm, just look at the trees, the cobblestone wall, just about anything that isn't the car? The car itself looks bloody amazing, but the rest is fucking awful tbh.

  3. I think it’s kinda scary how we can’t tell the difference between real or fake anymore. Makes you wonder what else is actually fake but we are told is real.

  4. The textures on the side of the road are easily noticable once you focus on them. But they did an incredible job with the lighting, car and the road. Which are in focous of the camera.

  5. I remember hearing about a News station that ended up using Arma 3 footage as their video they showed when talking about Afghanistan

  6. Deepfakes are considered a threat to national security and it's terrifying. George Orwell said, "The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history." This is why misinformation is so dangerous.

  7. Ikr, my during lockdown online racing took over for a bit on main stream tv, I once found my dad watching an Erace and he had no idea untill I mentioned it to him, he had aprently been watching for 5 min and had no idea.

  8. It's quite easy to tell that this is a videogame/pre rendered video because of the repeating textures on the banks and next to the road in the grass

  9. RTX on maximum. Games literally can't look like this without ray tracing. There's no going back now.

  10. What's cool about this is the base game was released to early access in 2013 and hasn't been updated by the devs for about five years, but is being maintained by a large content mod community and a smaller graphics/physics/audio mod community, most notably one guy in Russia who is making a living on Patreon building and merging extensions that never existed in the base game at all.

  11. I still don’t believe this is a video game and you just posted a video to fool us, but if this actually is a video game, then holy crap!!

  12. It’s assetto corsa, and even with sol and csp, two graphic enhancement mods, it doesn’t look this good while playing. You can really only achieve these graphics while using the replay mode.

  13. You just aren't observing things well. Look at the trees and grasses, they aren't realistic and how they never move just makes it look fake.

  14. Am I just a jaded gamer or does that look like it could be achieved on any AAA driving game on the current gen?

  15. Agreed. It only really "works" because your eye is drawn to the car (which admittedly looks pretty great), so the only part of the environment you're looking at is the road... which is totally flat, and it has a texture map that's just a picture of an actual road, so of course it looks pretty OK.

  16. This looks like it could be in BeamNG.Drive with some shader mods (not sure if they have any, now I have to look) and some IRL car mods. The only downside is the audio is kinda crap in Beam sometimes. Especially with mods

  17. Granted, this looks awesome. Though there are a couple of things that makes it especially separable from reality. (Those things are most likely on purpose to increase performance.)

  18. There is a driver. It’s a right hand drive vehicle. The lifelike movement of the car on the road suggests to me that this is a real car that someone has edited the footage and superimposed “bad graphics” scenery around.

  19. That’s what I’m thinking as well. The body roll and movement is too real. The car looks too real and someone placed fake graphics on the vid to make it seem like a video game.

  20. it's all about the rendering engine handling proper lighting and less about jacking up geometry

  21. Some racing games have pretty much already reached the era of photo realism. Granted, it helps that they don't have the whole uncanny valley effect to deal with.

  22. Here is the source for anyone interested. A youtuber call Play it COOL, he makes a ton of incredible video game clips, and shows off his suspension mods like in the video

  23. Check out footage of ride 4, I've ridden bikes for a few years and it did not immediately click for me that I was watching game footage.

  24. Looks like almost any grand turismo or fora. Why is the audio messed up? Cant hear the tires breaking loose in a few turns where the body roll said other wise.

  25. Looks so real I got bored of just watching this car go around a track. A game would be more interesting.

  26. bro when i first saw this i thought; "oh cool, a car video, i wonder if it'll do a drift" then i saw the title and then was like; "wait that's a GAME!"

  27. This looks like Gran Turismo on the PS2 updated to 4K resolution. Sorry, not really that realistic.

  28. That geometry for the environment is low-poly and probably textured with photographs, but it looks right because the lighting is correct. 🥰 All hail the graphics engineers.

  29. Just don’t look at the foliage. Then it just becomes unsettling… it doesn’t move…

  30. the trees kinda sold that it wasnt real because, compared to the car, the texture of the trees are not that detailed. apart from that, the lighting on the car is really impressive and would've sold it alone

  31. The foliage could do with a little bit of work, but DAMN that car looks like it’s a photo that’s been photoshopped in

  32. I was fooled for like the first 10 seconds but then I noticed none of the leaves on the bushes and trees moved. You would think a car going that speed would cause some airflow or heck even the presence of natural wind would rustle the foliage.

  33. Finally the real RTX like showcase i expect or better tbh, its always those fucking wet puddles but they mastered lighting without that bullshit, so glad :D

  34. So I looked over gameplay if this game and its a rwcing game from 2013. I would say that if BeamNG.Drive had a similiar reshade mod as this game, it would look the same if not better, and have actual destruction. I noticed this game has no vehicle destruction, or it is very simplified.

  35. Video game kinda implies people play this game, which they don’t because this isn’t an available video game

  36. Insanely realistic? Not even that, only the reflections of the car and its physics look realistic in my opinion, the rest looks like any game, seriously that vegetation looks realistic? And what about the shadows? Only the car has a kind of black piece of shadow underneath, it's like the shadow that players have underneath in Minecraft. Definitely not realistic.

  37. Shadows feel weird to me, dont watch enough cars for any other observation on the metal reflections an stuff.

  38. I first looked at it and like hmm that’s some good arse driving. Then I read the title and like that’s not a game, then I sore the trees and bushes and was like yea that’s definitely a game. But on the other hand really good looking game.

  39. Tire sounds made it pretty clear this is assetto corsa for me I need to chill with that shit lmao. Also only looks this good with mods that are so demanding you can only really use them on replays

  40. Umm, maybe I play games that's why but after 5-7 secs, it's look pretty fake to me. The Reflection of Car were clearly tooooo clear, and the physics of the car movement, I mean the reaction of road etc is highly unrealistic....

  41. I say 10 years countdown to perfect VR, aslong as we don’t get distracted by war, famine or other problems

  42. Technology is going to get to the point where people are going to be framed for crimes via CGI videos and nobody will be able to tell if it’s fake.

  43. It’s always the trees and bushes that give these things away, this is one of the better ones though.

  44. Sound could use some work but those visuals are as close to real life as I’ve ever seen in a game 👏

  45. Holy shit is that the best motoring togue course? I binged through what felt like a hundred of their videos on YT after the pandemic started. Great fun.

  46. If you aren't concentrated, yeah, it looks like a video, but putting attention to details like the grass or the asphalt and other things you would see the difference

  47. Insanely realistic?, there is no movement beyond the car, not a single iota of life in the trees or bushes, not a hint of wind. Seems as artificial as most.

  48. Key to realism apparently is to mimick the dynamic range and look of a regular consumer camera, people perceive that to be a lot more realistic

  49. Yeah everything looks real. Except the car and the trees and the grass and the road. Other than than looks super real

  50. Genuinely thought I was just watching a video till I noticed the foliage being rather lacking in the third dimension.

  51. The scenery is a bit too low poly imo, like they've spent too much resources on making the car look beautiful. The banks by the side of the road in particular are uncanny valley flat to me.

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