The man climbed out of his eighth floor apartment window to catch the helpless three-year-old girl.

  1. Maybe they're installed upside down? Here they open on the upper side instead of below..

  2. Well when it's an emergency to save you need to take risks the little child is scared, the guy did what he had to!

  3. My thoughts exactly. I'm an architect and as far as I know, windows that open at floor level like this would be illegal in the US, Canada, and pretty much anywhere else! Unless of course the kid stacked furniture on the inside and claimed up and out of the window...

  4. The four year old son of Eric Clapton fell out of an open window on the 53rd floor, if I'm not mistaken. I always wonder why there are windows on the 53rd floor that can open in the first place, let alone one where a four year old can fall out of.

  5. Whoever the architect is that placed those windows in the design should lose their architecture license. PERIOD.

  6. Don't apologize, keep them ball jokes coming. Haters gonna hate, let them go on hating classic jokes and such.

  7. I love how everyone is freaking out about you making a massive balls joke when this is maybe the second time I've seen it. Though I'm fairly certain it's the first.

  8. lmao why are so many people heated over this comment? 1 or 2 people having a bad day I could understand, but there's like 10 +

  9. Even the biggest of human balls aren’t going to weigh more than say 50g each. I think that window frame can easily support 100g. In all sincerity I’m more concerned with the force applied by catching the falling child. A child is going to weigh as much 2-300 testes.

  10. Honestly I’m less mad at the parent and more at the designer of this window. It looks easy enough for a kid to push open even if it was shut.

  11. Staaaahhhp!!! Just stop. Toddlers are Wiley little creatures. You turn your head for 2 seconds and BOOM! They’ve backed a car into the neighbors house. It happened. My youngest brother. Who had 4 older sibs and 2 parents watching.

  12. One question I have is how did the guy downstairs hear the kid but the parents didn't? It's not like he could see the kid out his window, he had to open his window and look up.

  13. Tbh, I’d blame the designer over the parent. You can turn around for literally 5 seconds and a toddler can get into something dangerous. It’s amazing how we all survived after being a toddler.

  14. Something easily could have happened doesn't mean that they are stupid imo. But then again my kid tried to eat hand sanitizer I had to call poison control so what do I know

  15. You have no idea how quickly an infant/toddler/child can move if you take your eye off them. I had an infant nephew fall out of a 2nd story window, he’s okay now thank goodness but at the time it was extremely scary for the parents, and they’re not the stupid ass “parents” you’re imagining, it could happen to anyone

  16. I'm curious as to what the reception is to acts of heroism like this where this took place (my first assumption was Kazakhstan but I don't have much to go on).

  17. The windows should be suicide/child-proof. Wherever this is has poor regulations or enforcement.

  18. Guaranteed these windows at one point had window limiters. You can regulate all you want during construction but impossible to regulate what someone does in their own home.

  19. Architect here, residential windows that are less than 75 feet from the ground are required to open enough so you can be rescued in the event of a fire.

  20. For a lot of places around the world, these types of windows are normal. Only in the U.S. and Canada primarily do we see that every single window has a screen paired to it.

  21. People who don’t have kids don’t get this. I can barely even watch movies where kids are in danger anymore. And it happened on the exact day my daughter was born. I remember thinking that I would tear apart with my bare hands anyone that tried to hurt her, and I’m not normally a violent, macho kind of guy. It’s been 10 years now and it’s a little less overwhelming but man… those parental instincts.

  22. I am in tears watching this - I don’t know what i would do in this situation. I’m frozen with my fear of heights and I don’t know how I’d react even with my own kids. I’d love to think I’d do the same, but a part of me fears I couldn’t move my feet to even take the first step.

  23. I would like to think that I would have done attempted the same, but I have my doubts. On the other had how could you live with yourself if you didn't? Grateful that I've never had this kind of opportunity.

  24. i'm literally sitting thinking what i could have done. There is no way i would be able to climb out of the window like that man, I dont have the arm strength and i'm terribly afraid of heights...

  25. I guess I would have attempted, might go as far as hanging out the window but reaching the kids legs and catching I would be too nervous and scared. Much more likely hang from window until someone pulls the kid up but you never know when actual situation arise.

  26. I would have wanted to, but I'm not sure I would have known how. I'm really not sure how that guy was able to do that.

  27. The only reason I can say with confidence that I would have done the same is because husband and I own climbing equipment and could literally belay each other out the window, so it'd be safe, lol.

  28. I'll be real with you, I wouldn't even try, because even if I had the courage to do it (which I hope to never find out), I would not have a clue to how to actually accomplish that. It's a miracle that I can walk with my sense of balance.

  29. To be fair most people should not attempt this. Worst case scenario, the would be hero falls and the girl falls and they both die.

  30. Living in the US, I doubt half our population could even physically do this. And I'm probably being generous with that number.

  31. Honestly I’d probably die for a stranger but I don’t think you could get me to balance on a window that high up. I’d rather be shot then even attempt it

  32. Last ditch effort in case plan A failed, I guess. It isn’t inconceivable that a small enough child could have their impact decreased enough enough by such an attempt to survive. There are YouTube videos out there of similar things happening. But yeah, the person doing it usually ends up with broken arms.

  33. Thank you! Wondering if someone else noticed. In no way would that bag have done anything helpful. But A for effort…

  34. Had to scroll down too far to find this comment, which I was going to do in case no one else had. Glad you did the duty.

  35. I mean if I saw this going down on the street and there was no one else helping I’d probably stand below the window because I could break the child’s fall and maybe save their life if worse came to worst. I’m not going to stand underneath anything much bigger than a toddler though, no point in us both definitely dying.

  36. Likely hoping he could catch the kid in the bag to help break the fall. Would still be very dangerous for the kid, but if he can break any of the fall then its better than just hitting the ground.

  37. I almost laughed when it panned down to show the guy. good intentions but my guy what are you thinking. your gonna catch her in a trash bag?

  38. You every try to wrestle with a baby to lay down so you can put a diaper or some clothes on them? They get crazy strong at the weirdest moments.

  39. What kind of dumbass mom leaves her 3 year old home by themselves? Holy shit she's so lucky this dude was there to save her kid.

  40. Thanks, raises my questions of how the neighbor noticed and had time to climb out the window to heroically save the child before the parents, who are apparently at home, had time to go pick her up from inside

  41. Go break down the door of the fucking apartment she is hanging out of and pull her back in why go Spider-Man on the outside I don’t understand

  42. You would be surprised how tough it is to break down a door without the right tools. Also, imagine making that decision, leaving the window to go upstairs and find you didn’t make it in time.

  43. Yea I don't understand this either. Why not go into the apartment this is happening in and pull her back in. Also was no one in the same apartment when it happen?

  44. Absolute legend. I passed out 3 times while watching the video due to the height. No idea how he managed to not make any mistake.

  45. Also he managed not to clip his fingers on top side, able to maintain balance anticipating the falling girl's weight landing on his other arm all while not closing the window. Definitely angels and physics gods watching that guy.

  46. I have been told that children between 1-5 are just constantly trying to find new ways to kill themselves.

  47. She just had two options to quit or just stick around to save herself the girl got the courage as well.

  48. I remember seeing this video once before, it happened in Kazakhstan. the parent had stepped out of the house to go shopping or something. The man on the window was a passerby heading to work who saw a crowd watching the toddler climbing out and ran upstairs to save her.

  49. For real, the true hero here is the engineer who designed the fixings on the window! Of course, ideally you wouldn't be able to climb out of an 8th storey window...

  50. Give all the money in the world to that guy , what a legend. Life saver. That kid will probably never remeber this, I hope she will always be safe and be able to thank that hero someday when someone show the kid this video (which she will probably never see - it won't be the "parents" showing it for sure)

  51. Where the hell is the parent/guardian responsible for watching the 3-year-old dangling outside of an 8-story window? Couldn't they have lifted the child back inside from the apartment? What the fuck.

  52. In the UK I guess we have safety regulations prohibiting these kind of windows in high rise flats. We just clad our flats in highly flammable material instead.

  53. What a Fucken hero! But honestly does that guy at the end of the video in the bottom of the building really think he would’ve caught the baby with that towel he’s holding?

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