This post was made after a guy stated his support for women's reproductive rights, who happened to be gay. There were other posts from other folks attacking this poor man that were removed. Good on those Ohioans who stood up against the bullying.

  1. Still trying to figure out how liking "poop butt" defines homosexuality. Is a womans butt used for something different I have missed all these years?

  2. I stopped going on next door ages ago because some idiot was detailing how to electrify a trump sign so it wouldn't get taken down by liberal fucktards or Demonrats.

  3. Has he ever posted anything about his relationships or attraction to anyone? Then he announced his sexuality

  4. So, when anyone says something like "My husband/wife and I are new to the neighborhood", and they're male and female, that's okay or still no? Or should people just say my 'partner' and leave it gender neutral so as to not provoke an attack? What are your thoughts?

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