Has AGS expressed any interest in implementing loadouts/build swapping?

  1. Praise be! This is my only gripe so far with the game. I have so much gear I want to use but swapping everything , let alone managing it is a pain in the ahole

  2. Yes, huge oversight not to have a much better gear management system. Honestly, it could be the real reason I do not play much any more. Every time I think about switching class, or sort through my gear, I find it easier to just find something else to play.

  3. I’ve only been playing a couple months, and yes, we’ve found more than a few things that could be better but nothing that has genuinely irked me like not having spec loadouts in a game that encourages having multiple builds on one character.

  4. I swear, i feel like people look at the dev blog, see a upcoming feature they talk about working on then come on reddit and ask "hey is this feature coming"

  5. There is thousands of returning players who just came back to the game cause they saw the hype from RTA and fresh start servers. You can't expect 100% of them to stay up to date with all that changed or should changed soon ^

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