Sperm Counts Drop by 62% Worldwide

  1. Isn’t the historical accuracy of sperm count rather wishy washy? I remember reading somewhere that the confidence in past numbers isn’t very high.

  2. Well and as we're at it, population is still booming so technically humanity has more sperm count than ever even though slighlty less per capita!

  3. Also the confidence in these numbers aren't that high. They are asking men not to jerk off before the test and lets face it, they can't. We have men that religiously try and follow No Nut November and fail.

  4. Not if I can help it. Yes, it is I: the prodigious preeminent cum guzzler who is stealthily stealing the world's sperm. And I won't stop until I get it all.

  5. Stargate Aschen have infiltrated Earth covertly. At least in the show they brought some cool shit with them.

  6. Not to say that isn’t a problem, but the study being referenced has a huge flaw in their study design, so it may not be as severe as claimed.

  7. I forgot where I saw this but there was an analysis somewhere talking about trace amounts of pesticides/other food/agriculture additives in many US people. This very well may to be a part of this imo.

  8. More likely it's due to the raise in obesity/overweight. Excessive weight is closely correlated with lowering sperm count.

  9. They list smoking as the first reason. A higher percentage of people smoked in 1973 than in 2018 by a longshot.

  10. My college advisor was a leading researcher here in the Great Lakes studying the effects of plastic nurdles on fish populations.

  11. Microplastics or Teflon. This isn't new information either. There's a researcher who has been trying to get this info out for a while that nearly at a rate of 1% a year the sperm count has been dropping

  12. Endocrine disrupting compounds. Also lots of chemicals used in industry are never thoroughly tested because the company just says its safe enough.

  13. Our parents generation were the smokers. It would make sense their offspring would be impacted by that. This is a statistic that has lagging indicators.

  14. Microplastics obviously do cause a ton of harm and they're a huge problem and we 1000% should put our weight behind any effort to reduce them.... but I think that might be too easy of a scapegoat and we have a broader array of issues unfortunately. We use a million different types of chemicals from our foods to gasoline to clothing to materials in our houses (think lead paint). Most of these really do give us actual benefits that are hard to get anywhere else, but some of them inevitably will cause issues and it's so hard to pinpoint which chemicals it is because we introduce so many to so many people at around the same time

  15. They need to check the sperm count in animals, to see if there is any drop in other species. If there is then that would be a strong indicator of environmental (eg contaminants) as the causal factor.

  16. It probably is more likely a combo of sedentary lifestyles, weight gain, and diet. We already know these things have this effect on sperm count. Chemical exposure varies way too much.

  17. They started putting chemicals in can liners decades ago that cause heart disease. Now people are having heart attacks in their 20s which was a thing that just did not fucking happen 40 - 50 years ago.

  18. ye literally fuck these motherfuckers .. i cringe at all the time I swallowed Teflon flakes from my nonstick pans , handled receipts, ate microwave popcorn etc etc ... they intentionally kept me and so many others In the dark for so long .. and now even if uk what's up you're still fucked bc the shit is everywhere .. in the deepest trench there are plastic bags .. n in every blade of grass there are microplastics .. God help us all ....

  19. I've never cared for the "mother nature" stuff. Earth doesn't have some overarching power and will to sustain itself by any means necessary and will remove whatever is fucking it up so it can continue to provide life. It's a rock in space with some weird stuff going on, that's it. Saying 'mother nature' as some external force that has a role in literally anything shifts the focus from where it should be. Earth doesn't 'care' if it becomes a lifeless rock.

  20. The quantity of waves makes a difference too. If you have half as many swimmers per wave then double the waves. Basically, just ejaculated twice. I'm on drugs that increase my libido and reduce my refractory period. I can go twice in about 10 minutes with only minimal decrease in volume. The 3rd takes a little while longer but it's not impossible.

  21. Don’t we like… need this to happen lol I swear I read everyday either people shitting themselves because no one is having babies or shitting themselves because we just hit 8 bil and are headed for a catastrophe due to lack of food and such. Like, which one?

  22. I feel like too many horrible movies are becoming true. Idiocracy proven correct by derpy and malicious Trumpism, Interstellar realities from food sources dying off like the ice crab populations plummeting several thousand percent due in part to climate change, and now we get Children of Men. What is next, Solyent Green, Logan’s Run? Sigh....

  23. Over the past 60 or 70 years. And we don't know for sure what's causing it. On top of that, people aren't having much difficulty getting pregnant; birth rates haven't decreased to match. While we should find out what's causing this, we shouldn't interpret it as an omen of the apocalypse.

  24. And we don't even know if older data was even all that reliable, or that sperm count is directly correlated with reproductive capability.

  25. Birth rates might not be declining but it would be interesting to compare length of time to achieve pregnancy. Lower sperm counts don’t automatically send someone to fertility treatments, but can certainly decrease month over month odds.

  26. Polyester clothing is way worse than glitter. I make a point of not putting anything with polyester in the dryer, but they shed some microplastics in the washer, too.

  27. You think glitter is the problem? Try receipt paper, styrofoam (good god, the styrofoam), fiberglass, plastic packaging on literally everything ever...

  28. Can we PLEASE stop posting shit from The Greek Reporter??? There's a reason NO ONE ELSE is reporting on the topics they post their garbage stories about.

  29. I typed it worldwide sperm counts into Google and got a bunch of other places reporting it. The article basically just quoted the study

  30. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the count methodology is wildly different today vs decades ago. Machines are significantly better now than they were even a couple decades ago and actual manual counting of sperm is fucking awful unless there aren't many there and they are moving much.

  31. I'm more curious about the why. The article just mentions "drop in men's health" which is pretty vague.

  32. D. All of the above, but it's microplastics and other similar chemicals that are most worrisome; microplastic particles are even found in the Mariana trench and some are mistakenly eaten as food by creatures living there. Literally everywhere and on everything

  33. Maybe our balls are just exhausted with the overabundance of Internet porn catering to every preference and fetish available on demand 24/7 in 4K HDR and Dolby surround sound. And free.

  34. "Associated with low sperm count, the sixty-two percent drop refers to the number of sperm present in an average ejaculation, as published in the journal Human Reproduction Update on Tuesday."

  35. So are you saying, the amount of times that men ejaculate may have an impact on these stats? Seems interesting given our access to porn. Not to discount the study at all because obviously some shit is fucked up.

  36. Excellent the human depopulation plan is coming along nicely. And to think they willingly purchased and ingested the contraceptive.

  37. It is fuel for conspiracy theories because it is a real problem we need to understand. Maybe it is because of something serious (chemicals, microplastics, lifestyles, other factors)

  38. It really does. The one thing we think we can manipulate but it will annihilate us in the end just like everything before us.

  39. Could be a counting thing. Maybe in the past they counted very liberaly and today with modern technology the counting is more precise and therefore more conservative

  40. Just curious - How much does the obesity epidemic contribute to this? I read somewhere that fat produces estrogen which will probably mess up your hormones.

  41. Annoying that the article here doesn't even link to the original source. Just several tangentially related links their own articles

  42. Well, i'ant a fan of Humans and it allows Mother Nature to recover at least a bit, so a win win in my books.

  43. In the future only the rich will reproduce, the peasants will have to save all their life to afford the expensive treatments, or participate in some sort of hunger games to win the honor to reproduce.

  44. Is there any bad news, because the human race is just cancer on earth. If we die out naturally the rest of earths creatures will celebrate!

  45. This study’s data is very skewed. People with healthy count or don’t plan to have kids are not in the data set; Most of the people testing sperm count are either having fertility issues or post vasectomy, so there’s a bias in the sample demographic.

  46. They use it to ripen wheat. It kills the vegetation hastening the ripening of the seed bc the plant tries to reproduce as a last ditch effort. We eat it in every loaf of bread, pastry, noodle.

  47. yep, a study found most people’s urine samples today contain pesticides, it’s in most processed food and everywhere now and Monsanto is evil for putting these pesticides everywhere when they are very harmful and carcinogenic.

  48. Who would have guessed that poisoning literally every fucking bit of food and breathe of air we ingest would have negative effects on our health?

  49. I don't see this as a completely bad thing. When I was born in 1968 the world population was 3.5 billion and it's 8 billion today. Reductions to our runaway global population may help ensure there is a sustainable planet for the future.

  50. Thoughts on diabetic meds that target GLP receptors and affect sugar digestion/absorption like Mounjaro that are showing crazy 15-30% weight loss in individuals without diabetes?

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