UK mum stabs paedophile to death after he abused her kids |

  1. According to the BBC 'During the court case it emerged that Pleasted had changed his name from Robin Moult and was a convicted paedophile. He had 24 previous convictions for sex offending spanning three decades. His crimes had carried jail terms. But nobody in the area, including the local council that housed him, knew about his past.'

  2. Unfortuantely, sex offenders who are reintroduced to the community are rarely, if ever declared. The CPS has learned that disclosing this information typically (and understandably) results in the paedophile being harassed/beaten/bullied and nearly always results in a rehoming procedure, which costs money and resources, which the CPS has neither.

  3. Yeah. I don't agree with what she did but I totally get why she did it. Hell in a similar situation, many of us may have done the same thing. Doesn't make it right, but totally understandable.

  4. There was a case in Texas about 10 years ago where a rancher caught one of his ranch hands molesting his 4 year old daughter in the most vile way. The rancher beat the ranch hand to death. He was arrested but the prosecutor refused to charge him because he knew that no jury would convict a father under the circumstances.

  5. I think he actually wasn't even arrested. He had called 911 for an ambulance once he came back to himself and realized how badly he'd beaten the guy. Killing someone to stop a rape is allowed under Texas law and they investigated to make sure that was actually what happened, but did not arrest the father in the meantime. Between the 911 tape and the forensic evidence on the daughter, it was clear what had happened and the grand jury refused to indict on the grounds that the level of force was authorized.

  6. Fuckin 24 convictions and still not only out and about to commit another crime for which he was awaiting trial but also allowed bail? 24 times. Jfc.

  7. Mad, you see numbers like that and you have to question whether the judges hes been infront of are utterly incompetent or the system simply doesn't allow for them to declare them a danger to society and keep them away.

  8. I wonder how people like this live in prison? Are other prisoners and guards understanding? I would think this person automatically gets the lightest duty ever.

  9. Speaking as someone who was pedophile’d, I wish someone had stepped in like this but I don’t wish them years in prison for defending her children. Seems heavy. She should not be doing time. Probation for seven years is fine with me.

  10. John Grisham wrote a novel about a horrific story like this. But it had a nice ending. Would recommend if you don’t mind getting through the initial trauma of the tale

  11. If only there SOME kind of clue or red flag that we could have known that would tell us that this person would abuse a kid.

  12. A person I knew very well, grew up in an impoverished country, and the only running water and showers were communal. My friend was raped as a young boy by a man in the communal shower. He was able to escape, ran home and told his mother. The mother grabbed a knife from the kitchen, ran out into the neighborhood and found the pedophile. Without hesitation, she plunged the knife into his abdomen and walked away. None of the witnesses named her and she was never charged. This was 50 years ago.

  13. For real tho I don’t know why any judge or jury would put someone away for this many years for getting rid of a monster like that she did the world a favor those kind of people never change once they get outta prison they end up doing the same shit again

  14. I understand why this mother did what she did, but this could set a terrible precedent. This man was not found guilty, hence the bail. In this case I think this mother had enough evidence and this man had enough history to justify this course of action. However, imagine if a kid didn't like their parents new significant other and, being a kid and not understanding the consequences, falsely accused the SO of sexual abuse.

  15. Fuck the court, if they're willing to look the other way when someone's kids are raped or molested then they should also look the other way when when someone decides to handle that shit

  16. The pedophile was also someone the police and courts could have handled. It's not like she caught him in the act and snapped.

  17. Yeah she also killed him on the say so of her 11 year old child though... the justice system exists for a reason.

  18. 24 offenses?! I got summoned to court when "council" decides that me, a student, owe them taxes. FFS.

  19. I’m sorry I know people don’t like capital punishment but reoffenders like this with 24 counts just won’t and have shown they cannot be rehabilitated nor fit into society and so it’s either death or life long incarceration.

  20. Would be fucking wild if you could just murder people and get away with it if the judge liked your reason

  21. I mean as morally right as she may be, she still murdered someone. There’s no law that it the person you murder is a baddie you get a lesser sentence unless it’s in self defence etc

  22. So, all people need to do in order to get away with murder is say "I killed him, but he was a pedo so...I get a medal instead, right?"

  23. Based on how many times this happened he would've done this again for sure. The justice system failed horribly to protect these children so she took matters into her own hands.

  24. I hate to see that she is doing time. This is the fault of the system that allowed a convicted sex offender to live in site of a school with a clean record. Nobody knew who he was, she should sue.

  25. Sometimes the justice system fails and people have to take matters into their own hands. I'm not condoning vigilantism but at the same time i'd look the other way and forgot I saw anything if someone deservedly got punished

  26. I feel you but "deservedly" is a dangerous slippery slope. Because this guy is a pedophile spanning decades of abuse and changed his name, yet he was free to abuse again makes it seem clear he deserved it.

  27. Jail time can be life ruining but knowing that mofo is dead af, priceless. My kid although a victim will not have to fear that a hole again

  28. So yeah, so, it's based as fuck to defend your children. Maybe don't kill people, but no tears here. The problem here is, I'm scared that the narrative will be, "Yeah! It's cool to kill pedophiles!" Unfortunately, a solid 15% of America alone believes all LGBTQ people are intrinsically attracted to children.

  29. Seriously what's the problem? She did a public service. The judge that let that pedo change his name should be locked up with the rapists and molesters.

  30. I feel like finding out someone molested your kids could potentially qualify someone as not being in a sound state of mind so attacking the perpetrator shouldn't count against them in a lot of cases.

  31. I'd like to hear all the evidence against the mom first obviously but you better believe it better be compelling or I'd vote to let her go.

  32. I keep thinking there's typos in the headline but then remember that UK English spells words differently than American English

  33. If I was on a jury and the evidence of who this guy was is a matter of record in the trial I would have fought for acquittal in the jury room and forced a hung jury if they didn't agree.

  34. A sex offender that changed his name to conceal his past then continued his vile crimes against children was stabbed to death? Oh no!

  35. We keep criminals in prison to protect society. How is she a threat to anyone? She and her kids are victims. The law makes no sense. This dead pedophile gets more protection under the law than innocent children.

  36. The mother was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison and this story is only just coming out now since she's now released. I wouldn't call that uplifting news.

  37. I personally as a father don't think that a pedophile with 24 convictions deserves to be alive. However, I can understand that certain people feel otherwise so I'd accept life in prison as an alternative. But how this guy makes it out of prison to live next to a family is absolute insanity. Fuck pedos and fuck the justice system. Victims of these crimes deserve the security and peace of mind of knowing that their assailants will never be able to harm them or anyone else again.

  38. This why it's illegal to change your name in Canada if you have sexual or violent criminal record, unless you get a pardon.

  39. This woman did what most would do in a situation like this it’s fucked up that she had to do 7 and a half years of prison time

  40. Random thought: You always hear about how child abusers are given a ”tough time” by fellow inmates… would she be treated like royalty in prison?

  41. They took the children's mother away from them when they needed her most after the system failed the family by allowing that monster to live free and undiscovered.

  42. I... Can't blame her, really. I mean, I do get that it was premeditated murder which is bad, but I can understand. I might have done the same if I was her. I don't know.

  43. Well of course they would put her in prison as an example, else someone would go stab Andrew and the rest of the gang right away.

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