Officials: Mississippi Unprepared For 5,000 More Babies Born Due to Dobbs Ruling

  1. Seriously - they're not 'unprepared' at all. They knew those kids were all going to be fucked from the minute they exited the womb, and they're looking forward to it. How else do you get cheap, controllable labor if you close the border?

  2. There are communities in Mississippi without sanitation infrastructure. Their sewage literally runs from their houses, through pvc pipes, and into open ditches. Parts of Mississippi are straight up 3rd world

  3. My sister is one of these folks that think every conception must come to term. She always says that churches have programs to help and that there is always adoption options. The irony of her position is that she pretends to hate socialism without realizing that churches distribute other peoples money, and that flooding the maternity ward with babies is a recipe for economic disaster. She thinks I am a bad person for supporting choice, but my position is simply that couples should be educated and prepared to raise their children all the way to adulthood. It is unfair to the child to bring them into this world with little plan to help them thrive.

  4. Churches demonstrably distribute charitable funds less efficiently than the government. Before social security and the rapid decline of religiosity of America, 3/4 of seniors died in poverty, now only 10% do.

  5. Close.. She believes everybody else's conception must come to term.. See, she's different. She took all the precautions and unlike those other woman, this is just a big misunderstanding..

  6. Their policies will false their citizens to suffer, then beg the fed for some of that sweet blue state money then the citizens will continue to vote in the people who caused this shit

  7. The whole state needs to be overhauled. Their CPS is a perpetual failure and now they’re forcing more people to have kids they don’t want so CPS is screwed even harder and so are the children.

  8. MS is 38% black so you are definitely right that all adverse results of this, and there will be many, will be blamed on the largest and most visible minority group.

  9. The rest of us will save them, right? Social programs? It won’t be Jesus. Jesus is just used to make others feel better about praying and doing absolutely nothing for the poor.

  10. I’m sure they’ll figure it out, because the lives of those babies are so very important to them.

  11. I wonder where they're getting that 5,000 from. I won't be surprised if the number of babies born increases far less but the number of dead & imprisoned mothers skyrockets...

  12. I mean, Mississippi is roughly 40% black, and about 20% of all Mississippians live in poverty. So that's a lot of poor people having unwanted babies, a lot of black people having unwanted babies, and a lot of poor black people having unwanted babies. The state's republican lawmakers are getting exactly what they want: more cannon fodder for their religions and wars and more scapegoats to take the blame of why Mississippi is stuck in the stone age.

  13. Mississippi unprepared for a consequence of their own actions? I never would have expected such a thing.

  14. Good ole Mississipi repblicans shooting their state in the foot with tHeOlOgy and not living in the real world. Guess who is goin to pay? Blue states. Hail Satan!

  15. Mississippi. They are seriously proving over and over why they keep getting ranked as the worst state.

  16. Some people can't learn by example. They lack the empathy needed to extrapolate how the lessons of the past or from other cultures might apply more universally to others, or specifically to themselves, because the idea of other peoples' experiences being equally as real and valid just doesn't compute. Sometimes the only way for those types of people to learn is through direct in-their-face horror.

  17. Oh no! Now they're going to have to grow up poor and desperate! Now, their only choices in life will be to fall into crime to get ahead, where they'll end up a slave in the penal system. Or they could end up a slave in the military. Or...Well I guess they could go to college if they borrow an obscene amount of money...therefore becoming a slave to the money lenders... Hmmm.

  18. Enslave women to babies and men to women with babies. The women and children suffer horribly in these dynamics. We need laws that force non-choice states to provide for these unwanted pregnancies.

  19. I mean, Mississippi is really just unprepared. For anything. There’s so much embezzlement & corruption that if they went to war, you would be able to tell the difference between them & the Russian army.

  20. If Communist Romania is any indication, in about 20 years, these “extra babies” will overthrow the government that forced them to be born .

  21. Our govt should make them renounce their views in order to get aid. I know it would never work, and I don't think the citizens deserve to be punished for their shit leaders.

  22. More meat for the meat grinder (prison system, the military, and workers for the overall economy). There need to be organizations funding the voluntary sterilization of women with physicians who will perform the procedure for people who either cannot afford it, do not have the insurance necessary to do so, or are unable to find a willing in network provider. It is not safe for women to become pregnant in red states anymore. If a woman is done having children or does not want any at all, then the safest thing for them is to get fixed.

  23. Considering that the alternative is likely being born to a single unemployed and uneducated mother with no actual means to support her child, no father in the picture and possibly no family to help out, you are plain and simple a moron.

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