Iran's supreme leader breaks silence on protests, blames US

  1. "Our people are now buying your blue jeans and listening to your pop music... I worry the rest of the world will fall under the influence of your culture."

  2. Am from U.S. and can confirm, I've been personally trying to undermine Iran regime via blue jeans and rock N roll lifestyle.

  3. Considering his culture is one where women get beaten to death by disgusting “morality police” for the simple act of wearing their hair slightly out, I think falling under Western cultural influence isn’t a bad thing.

  4. This is something that he and his predecessor have been preaching against since before the ‘79 revolution: “westification,” or gharb-zadegi. It’s the perfect scapegoat; nobody can disprove it and the effects can be seen everywhere.

  5. Yeah, maybe your 8th Century mysoginist culture deserves to be snuffed out. WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN. Fucking ayatollah.

  6. Just got a cultural victory 2 days ago as China of all Civs. Was super gratifying not having to worry about being attacked by a country since they were so heavily influenced lol. The friendliest game of civ ever

  7. This piece of shit. There are photos floating around of his granddaughters wearing mini dresses and sports bras, enjoying their lives in a western country drinking alcohol at nightclubs without a hijab in sight. Why do the women of Iran need to live obeying rules made 1400 years ago when the “supreme leader” enforcing them doesn’t/can’t even enforce them on his own children and grandchildren? It’s such bullshit.

  8. Oh! You see, the kids, they listen to the rap music, which gives them the brain damage... with their hippin' and the hoppin' and the bippin' and the boppin'.

  9. If we inspired these women to stand up and fight I am honored. Their laws are disgusting. A woman is worth half that of a man. If the husband dies his family gets her children. If a wife has a job and the husband wants her to quit she must. A wife is not allowed to deny sex.

  10. America won the culture victory after the Cold War ended. Now we just need to keep going one more turn…

  11. We're speedrunning toward theocracy and pushing back women's rights in the US ourselves, so even though we are in a very different situation than Iran we're not exactly beacons of women's rights compared to many other developed nations.

  12. “It’s the United States fault our misogynistic morality police beat a woman to death for not properly wearing her hijab!”

  13. "The existence and location of this dresser was a plot by the west, the Zionist regime and their employee to destabilise Iran" naturally

  14. "Damn it, stupid dresser leg sticking out and hitting my pinky toe to destroy me. It's all a ploy of the United States of..."

  15. You joke, but I know some fellows in that community who curse the U.S./Israel when something unfortunate like that happens to them. It's like clock work at this point.

  16. Oh yes of course it’s western influence and not a fucking evil regime that’s murdering its own people for not following their religious fanaticism.

  17. I'd be terrified to live there and be under this "leader". Yeah, let me go kill some innocent woman but it's the United States who started it. What kind of fuckery is this.

  18. He's right though, without the Western influence women would have no idea they could have a better life. That they weren't just cursed in this life, and hopefully do better in the next.

  19. Well, Iranian women seeing Von der Leyen, Merkel, Meloni, Le Pen, Truss, they might start to wonder if they could also be allowed anywhere near Politics and have a say of the course of their country, while Europe is already heavily influenced by its female representives.

  20. It’s not in this case. Though the historical context of the US overthrowing Mossadegh and installing the theocratic shah did not plant any seeds for women’s rights either.

  21. Maybe it is our fault. If we weren't living our fairly decent lives over here -- and I know it's not all roses and rainbows, believe me, I'm familiar with America's flaws -- but if we didn't have an (ostensible) democracy and a decent standard of living and all that, maybe people living under an oppressive regime wouldn't realize how shitty their lives were.

  22. Wow. They've got nothing. No ideas, no leadership, nothing. They don't even know when to keep their mouths shut.

  23. It’s one of those things where you’re only as powerful as the people allow, and their culture just won’t allow change. The “Supreme Leader” is propped up by the very people (men/men of faith) who need this behavior to continue. So, even if he tried to take steps towards progress, he’d likely find himself fast falling off of a roof, likely pushed by that creepy sunglasses dude in the background.

  24. God damn the amount of truth in that last sentence. Ignorance to their own incompetence seems to prevalent in todays world.

  25. Not sure why they blame the US, we just overturned abortion laws and half of the US is pro fascism/ pro religion/ pro authoritarianism and anti democracy. Half of America definitely agree with removing rights from women.

  26. Though flattering as a US citizen, I must insist the credit here truly goes to the brave Iranian women who summoned the courage to stand up and tell their leader they will not be treated like subhuman garbage... all that credit belongs to them.

  27. Dictators 101: Something goes wrong because people are sick of putting up with your dictatorial shit, you start executing people and then blame all the shit on the US.

  28. Kind of a dope nickname, we aren't some generic Satan, we are the great satan. Sounds like Satan if he performed magic tricks in vegas

  29. Iranians are pumping out memes like there’s no tomorrow. And my favorite one is the photoshopped picture of an ayatollah hugging a dinosaur… clearly this revolt is a GenZ movement.

  30. Iranians are dying to fight the oppression they then. They love Iran but hate the regime... they are fighting to make it better. Saying "Fuck Iran" includes them.

  31. Don't conflate the people of Iran and Iran's regime, the latter, yes, fuck them very hard, but not "Iran" as a people. We have to make the distinction.

  32. Trust me the conservatives blame everything you can imagine on Trudeau. Sneezed, Trudeau's fault, didn't sneeze yet, Trudeau's fault .... It gets real old after a while.

  33. Why is it every time a third world dictatorship has a protest it’s “the gosh darn CIA!” and not “maybe my population is made up of adults who hate me?”

  34. And we’re (you and me and everyone tired of reps shit) are trying to change things. Do I love everything dems are doing? No. Do I refuse to vote for the American Taliban? Yes.

  35. Blame the US because the women are sick of your sexist fuckery and oppression and using religion as an excuse?

  36. Yeah, fuckin assholes over in the US championing the right for women to… walk around in public not wrapped up in a bedsheet. What assholes we are.

  37. Classic totalitarian regime. Can never admit their own mistakes and looks to the US as the scape goat to all of their problems.

  38. Tons of animals do the same as humans. Rape, starvation, physical abuse are all VERY common in the animal kingdom. I understand your frustrations but misinformation lowers the credibility of your views. Humans are smart enough to rise above animals. It IS the fault of those in charge. This is not some cultural history in Iran this all started this generation.

  39. "It's the U.S.A.'s fault people get upset that our police beat women to death for not wearing a headscarf." is the dumbest excuse ever.

  40. The two others in the picture wearing baseball caps is just absolutely beautiful when combined with this blame the US thing.

  41. I’ll take 100% credit for calling out oppressive and archaic religious dogma that is responsible for countless innocents being murdered. Thanks, Ayatollah Assaholah.

  42. This is kind of weird, but does anyone else see an old confused man in this picture? It looks like they're straight up telling him what to do or say or look at. Maybe, just maybe, he hasn't been in control in a while?

  43. Yah know what? That's fine. If it's the United States fault that Iranian women want to be treated like humans...we'll actually take that one.

  44. It’s true. If not for the actions of the USA, the Iranian religious police would be able to kill women for even less reason than a stray wisp of hair.

  45. The irony is that in this case, the US is not to blame for the protests, but for the fact that this nut job is in power in the first place.

  46. Iran's supreme leader is a little piss boy. Can't wait for him to die so they can be that much closer to not living in the stone age

  47. Sometimes your problems are just of your own making. Handle your shit, don’t blame us for everything. Love the commitment to the hats though.

  48. For all the complaining I was going on about the US, there is a reason people flock to this country… is it perfect? Nope. Are there things going on that test our democracy, and rights? Absolutely, that’s always going to happen. But we will prevail and continue to move the world in the right direction. F all the USA haters, and F all these dictators executing women over a head dress,

  49. This whole Iran situation is a great lesson in why misogynistic religious extremists can never be allowed in power. They ruin everything, and once they're installed, getting them out makes one hell of a mess.

  50. *A Tehran-based university teacher, Shahindokht Kharazmi, said the new generation has come up with unpredictable ways to defy authorities.

  51. Everyone who is our enemy blames the US for the reactions to their people to their barbaric suppression of citizens.

  52. We're the universal scapegoat. Things going badly in your priest ridden shithole country? Blame the US . Started a war where you find yourself getting your ass kicked? Blame the US.

  53. Him, Putin, Trump and the rest of MAGA republicans have the same tactics. Point at someone to blame.

  54. "The US forced us to bash this woman's head in for barbaric religious beliefs! It wasn't our fault, and we should therefore have no repercussions!"

  55. From the dictator's handbook. When the people rise up against you, or things simply don't go as planned, immediately blame a conspiracy orchestrated by outside influence, minorities, extremists or criminals.

  56. Irony is that after 9/11 relations between Iran and US started to improve. Massive public support to US after 9/11. Iran helping US with its initial Afghanistan operations( convincing Northern Groups to work with US New government plan, capturing Al Queda memebers who escaped into Iran, back channel talks between the countries)

  57. It's surely not the decades of women being beaten, raped and murdered while being property... It's those damn Americans who actually put us in power.

  58. We could lift every sanction and cease any involvement but that wouldn't change the fact that they are a backwards and corrupt regime. Introspection isn't their strong suit and will eventually lead to their demise.

  59. No, Iranians just hate you and your puppet goons. Pretty simple really. But not surprised that you dragged out the whole "US / Israel / Satan " thing again. Always needing an outside enemy of the people when the enemy is within.

  60. Isn't the US indirectly the cause of their fanatical right-wing religious government in the first place? I'd rather accept responsibility for supporting freedom nowadays than fucking it up a few decades ago.

  61. Claiming that the US is indirectly responsible kind of takes away the agency of the Iranian people. The west backed a dictator that served their interests. The Iranian people overthrown said dictator which created a power vacuum. Then fanatical right-wing religious groups gain enough support to seize power.

  62. I would say indrectly because of our funding of terror groups all over the region. And directly in our economic sanctions that have helped push their country deeper into poverty the last few years and our back stepping on the jcpoa which keeps their energy sector way behind where it should

  63. Yeah, we couped their government and installed a king that would do business with the West on our terms. That was in response to them nationalizing their oil, and that was bc they were fed up with the British Empire treating them like crap before and during WWII.

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