Army misses recruiting goal by 15,000 soldiers

  1. Not just vets. Many aspects of military life are unattractive to say the least. The country is also doing a shit job of preparing kids to be adults that are mentally and physically fit for service.

  2. Roe v Wade was such a big thing for this that I saw firsthand. I got out already, but all the women that I knew when I was in were posting on social media that they would/did not reenlist for a country that doesn't care about them. The military said that they would ensure that women had access to abortion no matter where they're stationed (of course they would, babies affect their ability to deploy) but I don't think there's a whole lot of trust there. Especially since most of us have been sexually harassed or assaulted and nobody cared. Why would they suddenly care about our bodily autonomy? Very bittersweet feeling for sure. Yeah I got my college paid for and a disability check, but would I do it again? Nope, and I tell every young woman I meet that wants to join that it's not worth it. So I hope I'm doing my part in keeping those numbers low.

  3. I think the British military is also facing the same problems. Why fight for a government and country that consistently abuses the working class and is continuing to make everyday life an absolute nightmare and celebrates the gradual and brutal public asset stripping campaign? Some of the services offer excellent post-service career opportunities. Lots of engineering companies love ex-forces people because of their work ethics and they know what kind of training and experience they will get out of the military. But “basic” infantry and frontline forces have very little to bring to the private sector outside of the forces.

  4. Before now, I never considered how much wage suppression plays into military costs. If workers can make more in the free market it would drive up military wages/costs significantly.

  5. DON'T FORGET HEALTHCARE! The government doesn't want to do its job and actually provide services for its citizens so that the military can do it in exchange for using citizens as cannon fodder (and ruining their lives).

  6. But that’s also part of the deal. I have tons of friends that went the military route. The military basically paid for this one dude to get his PhD, and in return the guy had to serve x years.

  7. There's a reason the abortion ban had become stickier than expected after giving states their rights back. More poor people = more soldiers

  8. I knew so many friends in high school that went to the army because there were no jobs in the shithole economically depressed region called the Rio Grande Valley. Everyone joined because there is no future down there aside working at McDonalds. The better jobs and almost all government/public jobs are gotten through family/friends connections. It's similar in a lot of border towns.

  9. We have family friends where all 4 kids went into the military. Oldest enlisted right before 9/11 and has horrible ptsd from Afghanistan. Second kid lucked out and never deployed and now has a good career as a mechanic from what he learned. Oldest daughter was in the Navy and was raped. Literally nothing happened to the guy that did it. And their youngest daughter suffered a severe head injury right out of basic due to the negligence of the commanding officer at the time. She’s on full disability and now lives with her parents because she can’t live alone.

  10. My BIL is special ops in the AF. When my son(10 at the time) expressed interest in the military he told him in no uncertain terms not to. Then went on about a 10 minute speech as to why and what better career goals he should have. My BIL has actually had a decent experience, he just knows way too much and has seen things that has happened to others.

  11. Conservatives pretend that the issue is “woke” military generals, yet so many systemic issues exist and are seemingly never addressed.

  12. "If you or a loved one was in the military and served at Fort Shithole, and they now suffer from a severe medical condition, you may be entitled to financial compensation!"

  13. The people who are coming of military age have seen the military be nothing but a complete shitshow their entire lives. If your whole life the only conflicts you saw were Afghanistan and Iraq, and you grew up seeing how we behaved there and how our soldiers were treated by the military and government, why on god’s green earth would you ever consider signing up?

  14. Well said. I've never been in the military, but from what I've read from ex-military and stories such as what you mentioned (e.g. burn pits) and I'd add to that a history of that sort of issue (agent orange), my take is that once you sign up for the military, you're the property of the US government. They don't care about you, but what you (as property), can do to advance the cause of the US military. That's it.

  15. Seriously, if you are a woman the odds of you being assaulted and receiving no support from on high is absurd. It’s literally fucking hazardous. Maybe they should do more to make the job not even more life threatening than it needs to be for 50% of the population if they want to hit those recruitment targets.

  16. I’ve never been in the military, but man the shit the recruiters would say and lie about was ridiculous. When I was getting harassed (I was at a continuation school at the time) to join, I just laughed and said no thanks, don’t do well with authority.

  17. My time in the Navy was pretty good, but understandably it's not so for everyone. That said, like many of my peers I joined largely for financial reasons, and for those goals it proved to be the right choice for me at a time with little money and fewer prospects in an economically depressed town on a long downturn.

  18. My dad was in Vietnam. The military will expose you to harsh chemicals and then deny that they cause health problems and birth defects. One day when half of the vets are gone they’ll start feeding up to some stuff. My dad could’ve been on 100% disability but no. They’re happy to pay for the war but not the aftermath. Both my brother and I have neurological birth defects. My dad died at 60.

  19. This is the real problem IMHO as someone who worked alongside enlisted military for 7+ years. You got to love the blaming of society i.e. "too many fat people", etc.

  20. Not wanting to get involved in the next Iraq and Afghanistan probably had more than a little something. Those were long drawn out wars not needed with plenty of war wounded. Similar lack of interest happened after Vietnam which was a royal mess with LOTS of returning veterans royally screwed up in multiple ways. The potential mess in Ukraine and in a lesser way Syria probably didn't help perception wise either. Going to war to protect your country is part of why many who want to be soldiers consider the service. None of the above, save Afghanistan but only very early on, we're in that wheelhouse.

  21. Maybe the word is also out about how the GOP doesn't want to pay for injuries/conditions sustained during service and doesn't give a flying rat's ass about veterans.

  22. Yeah, if you bring up boot camp or basic to anyone, they’ll all share stories about how it’s essentially torture. It’s not a great reputation for wanting people to sign up.

  23. I mean, every younger vet I’ve talked to has told me to stay away. Maybe it’s just not (more likely never was) a great institution to be a part of.

  24. I suppose things have changed since I was in. Did my four in the early oughts purely for financial reasons, and I achieved all of those goals. Got out, used my MGIB, and don't regret it at all. But if pay didn't keep up with cost-of-living, I can see why it is harder on the younger vets.

  25. I was forced to be a recruiter, I will say the advice I gave everyone I talked to. Do it because you want, but go in with a plan. The army does not care but you can take advantage of that.

  26. I recently got out of the military and am a substitute teacher and always have a heart to heart with kids in my class who want to join the military.

  27. Vet here. The current retirement system (BRS) does not offer even one thing that many many companies in the United States will offer. There is zero reason to risk your life and join the military. It pays pretty well. It's not worth it. Money you can't spend is money you don't have. Working 12 hours a day, 5 (sometimes more) days a week is not a healthy lifestyle you can maintain for 20 years.

  28. To each their own. Military service definitely wasn't for me but my brother just made Chief in the Navy. He's going to have a pretty sweet life when he retires in a while, as he'll be getting 40% of his base pay at the ripe old age of 40 something.

  29. I was a warrant officer in a highly demanded field and very few of us around that could actually do that job. 18 years in and started developing an issue with my leg. Made it impossible to run but I could still do my main job and was very knowledgeable in my field. Was discharged for medical reasons less than 2 years from being able to collect retirement. If I was “medically discharged “ I would have been able to collect retirement anyways without the 20 year minimum.

  30. Correction no one wants to work for the Army. The army has always had a problem with recruiting every other branch is doing ok

  31. Get used to it. They’ll be no more quota met. Recruiting in any branch of service is only going to get more difficult. The US Congress has broken the faith of volunteers too many times. Can’t even get appropriate post-service health care!! Incentives? Won’t be enough.

  32. Exactly: would-be-recruits know that half of congress is salivating at the chance to end those incentives and benefits... and what little of the other half even wants to stop the GQP never does more than temporarily stave off the embezzlement and abuses.

  33. People are finally waking up to realising that the government doesn't actually give a shit about your life and when you come back form overseas missing a leg and with PTSD you'll get shat on even more.

  34. People don't enjoy potentially getting shipped all over the world to potentially get killed, who knew?

  35. when you sign a check to include your life you expect your government to keep its end of the bargain. when your run the military like a company people know what is up. there is a sacred contract that the US government has constantly tried to lawyer its way out of. fix that problem and recruitment will solve itself.

  36. If the US Military gave 10% of what they promise, recruitment would improve. There are a bunch of service men and women who are deep in student debt because the military weaseled their way out of paying for it. Even more paying for their own medical bills for injuries they sustained while in service. The trust isn't there.

  37. There's less and less young too. People can't afford to have kids. The age demographics inversion is absolutely underway now. We are heading for a Japan economic scenario.

  38. Some days it’s hard not to wonder whether any of this is worth saving. I know that’s bleak, and overly simplistic. But I don’t think I’m the only one.

  39. Pay sucks, the housing is infested with mold, you've got no privacy, and your quality of life sucks.

  40. That’s no joke either. When I was pregnant I was too sick to work, I had a miserable time. My husband was an E-2 then and we qualified for assistance. My husband was an active duty soldier and I was using WIC checks.

  41. Maybe some more briefs by a staff sergeant that blows through the PowerPoint and just needs a signature to keep all the goes green will help.

  42. Could be that more and more kids are reading/watching the history of our pointless wars and refuse to be cannon fodder for corporate profits. There is a lot more well-researched criticism and proof available than there used to be.

  43. If the FDA would frame obesity as a national security concern they could probably quadruple their budget overnight

  44. That's pretty much what JFK did with his national fitness program and it's the reason for school lunch programs with minimum nutrition standards. "These kids won't be able to fight commies if they're weak" made a pretty convincing argument back in the day.

  45. Those poor kids don’t know what they are getting themselves into. I wish them luck. The article linked to a secondary article stating they are offering $50,000 sign-on bonuses. PTSD isn’t worth 50k. They gave me a 7k enlistment bonus and I thought I was rich. Young and dumb.

  46. Maybe one factor is they don't want to get sent off to some 20-yr quagmire to do 4, 5, 6 tours in a war that achieves nothing, then have to battle the VA & the fed. gov. as a whole to get decent care.

  47. I went to an Air Force Recruiter to express my interest in joining a few weeks ago. I scored above average on the practice ASVAB and the recruiter was actually surprised I wasn’t an idiot, so I decided I should apply myself more and went back to school lmao.

  48. What’s not being talked about is the ridiculous recruiting standards that have always been in place, but were waived during the height of the wars.

  49. It's not just the wars dying down as the article indicates: Those soldiers who WENT to those wars and hunting those terrorists? Those the army wants to recruit grew up seeing how that goes.

  50. Because the Army (and US Military in general) fucking sucks. The pay sucks. The job sucks. The transition back to civilian life sucks. Even the benefits of free school, healthcare, cheap insurance, VA comps/loans etc. aren't all their cracked up to be. They fight against you every step of the way while you try to make them keep their end of the deal. Oh, and of course, they can send you off to be killed in some shithole country that definitely hates you. They're just pissy that the younger generation is savvy to their "poor people's desperation move" model.

  51. Joining the Army in any form is not really worth it. Weird to say that now because that's all I ever wanted to do with my life. Even though I was only National Guard, it still had a negative effect on me.

  52. I heard that the army etc has a serious problem with overweight recruits. A lotta people can’t just lose 10-15 lbs anymore and be fine. It’s more like 50-75+, which is gonna be more than basic training.

  53. The problem with phys ed is it basically never works to help kids want to get active, it’s just forcing kids to run the mile and play dodgeball, then berating them in front of their peers if they’re bad at it. In fact, i bet phys ed did more to STOP kids from being active than anything else. Phys ed needs a nationwide overhaul if it’s going to do anything positive.

  54. They're cutting cola cost in Hawaii because prices on the main land have caught up. But tell me when milk is $7.50 on the main land or a ducking happy meal is over $6.

  55. They are. I work in high education and there’s something called the 2025 Cliff where the amount of traditional aged college students (18-22) plummets and probably will never recover. There’s going to be a lot of colleges closing in the next 5-10 years.

  56. “At the same time, the patriotism that fueled the rush to military service in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks has dimmed. Some may look around and see no more wars and terrorists to fight so they look elsewhere. “…. Or they saw through the bullshit reasons for your corporate theft of tax money via bull shit conflict (wmd comes yo mind) and noped the fuck outta that. Ill fight for my country but fuck haliburton, Dutch oil, British Texas Petroleum co. and weapons manufacturers in particular. I’m not fighting for their profits.

  57. I think it’s more about the fact that people are starting to be more aware of how much the government actually sucks and how much the rich try to get normal people to fight and die for their causes and profit..I was approached by a Navy dude while at work and he made it sound super attractive but knowing things like “VA being trash, burn pits, disregard for veterans by government, military industrial complex constantly wanting war for profit, the declining state of patriotism” made it a whole lot easier to say “nah, I’m good” even though I’ve considered it before.

  58. Maybe if the Army was a job, instead of a lifetime commitment of your body and soul that the military can use for anything it wants during the duration of your employment at the whim of any idiot that people elect, more people and better people would be willing to join.

  59. Whoa, who doesn't want depression, to destroy their body physically, work 12+ hours daily often times more away from their family for minimal wage, a decent risk of sexual assault/harassment, and to be forced into hours of mandatory training that changes nothing? Sign right here please

  60. The drinking fountains at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh were contaminated with the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's disease and were poisoning veterans. Administration knew there was a problem but dragged its feet about fixing it. In one case, a veteran died from LD and the VA sent a technician to the veteran's home to collect a water sample, implying to his widow that the water in his home was to blame.

  61. Join the army...get abandoned by your nation when yiu get injured...join the masses of veterans on skid Row. We all pretend that we treat our veterans well but we see vets everyday on the streets and walk past them. We ignore the PTSD until they end up in jail. Go fight in pointless wars for corporate interests. Get paid a pittance. Yeah..I can't think why they missed the recruitment target.

  62. retired military here. I joined the navy in 99 because i did not know what to do in life and I came from poverty and was working min wage jobs. it gave me skills, career, I got to travel the world and they paid for my college. I am also now fully disabled, mentally and physically, thanks to my deployments and what comes with being a female sailor. I loved my time while I was in and had fun... not sure if I would do it again BUT it did do what I wanted it to do and it did get my out of poverty and increased my financial quality of life.

  63. I think you’d put the thoughts of those who join the military as a last resort; it got you out of a bad place but not necessarily got you into a kinder place.

  64. While I sympathize for your post, this should not be the cost of an otherwise normal life in the richest nation on the planet. Like obviously it worked for you, me, and others but It's an insane ask to provide what is minimum for everyone in other first world nations.

  65. Wait are you saying the navy caused you to become fully disabled but you don't regret joining, or is it just confusing wording?

  66. Am I correct that military wages for enlisted folks have not kept pace with either increasing pay in private jobs (with really low unemployment) or in respect to inflation? I think the incentives to join are falling.

  67. No. The % eligible to join has been downward for awhile now. Here’s a Ted talk from a 3-star general from 2012 talking about obesity and recruiting issues.

  68. Good maybe the government will spend less on the military budget. Hahaha omg I almost made myself spit take my soda.

  69. Finally some positive news. Hope this becomes a wider phenomenon, America might eventually run out of people to bomb weddings and hospitals with

  70. Almost like those not in military hear from those in military how shitty of an experience it is, how it is not worth it, and how a certain political party will grandstand for them and then immediately turn around to slash VA benefits which u'll need to use either because of physical injuries sustained or from the PTSD if u experience combat.

  71. Maybe more people would fight for their country if they believed more positively in it's ideals. Problem is, we've violated our own ideals for financial and/or political gain dozens of times both domestically and abroad, which leads to a building feeling of distrust, and ultimately distain, for our military and institutions.

  72. It’s a 24/7/365 job but they only pay you for 20 hours a week, shitty benefits, and promise you a pension only if you do 20 years no less. And while you are in, you don’t get promoted by job performance but rather how well you kiss ass. But if you are fat, not a PT stud and can’t shoot worth shit, you are going no where fast!

  73. Every military tiktok is either young kids regretting signing in the work place, women feeling betrayed by the country their serving, and just kids getting by. Older people are shown to have a just given into it mentality.

  74. Gotta provide more pay and perks to get fucked up for life as a corporate mercenary at best if not a dollop of sexual assault on top to go with it.

  75. I wonder if it has anything to do with me and my generation (X) fighting that stupid fucking war for 20 years and are now telling their kids that there is no fucking way they are joining the military. At least that’s what I told my four.

  76. Joining the military helped me pay for my second Bachelor's so I could change careers and is helping a bit with grad school. I have some good memories, but for the most part I gave up 5 years of my life to not get steamrolled by debt. Recruiting is definitely dependent on keeping a large proportion of the population in a poor financial situation so that they can meet their recruiting targets.

  77. The military is hemorrhaging talent as well next year recruiting AND retention will be terrible. People with the skills and clearances are getting out. With my certs and training I can easily get a job on the outside making much more. They are not offering anything to people staying in but will throw 30K at a new person to sign up. There isn’t going to be qualified leaders to train the specialty jobs anymore. They are all getting out. This is going to be a much bigger issue this time next year.

  78. Army Recruiting SC here, the list of reasons why we fell short is extensive and most likely not what most people even knew was a problem.

  79. I see this as a good sign. Who in their right mind wants to die for some corporate invasion to steal another country's resources in the name of spreading "freedom"?

  80. Gee, can’t imagine why. Women are sexually assaulted and the perpetrators are protected. Burn pits. PTSD for everyone. Completely jacked up VA healthcare. Risking your life and not fully sure why, other than “protecting the country”. All for 10% off on Veterans Day and a GI bill that hopefully will get you a degree that can help you earn a living.

  81. Americans in general are getting fatter and unhealthier which is part of the problem. Aside from that, fewer people are interested in joining the military.

  82. Man look at the stats on diabetes and pre-diabetes in the US. I remember reading about the childhood obesity in Texas like 15 years ago, needless to say it’s still astounding.

  83. Most people at-large in the US are overweight to obese. Very few people are lean. It is a product of corn syrups and high oleic fatty acids in garbage food. Foods fried or made with canola, sunflower, vegetable, soybean, peanut oil - very reactive and have never been in the human diet at such high concentrations EVER.

  84. It’s almost like people are sick of getting sent away to fight unnecessary pointless wars that line the pockets of political elites before coming home to be completely unsupported by the government that sent them into the shit in the first place… weird.

  85. Other than the money and benefits it's a raw deal. You get exposed to carcinogens and all kinds of other risks and a government that doesn't respect you. They send you to a war that lasts 20 years then abandon the mission and the people you were trying to help...

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