Teen girl denied medication refill under AZ’s new abortion law

  1. Treatment for ectopic pregnancy is also pretty damn time-sensitive, as far as I know, so any delay caused by red tape could be deadly.

  2. It's literally a medical emergency. Most ectopics implant in the fallopian tubes. Those are highly vascularized, as are the surrounding structures. The risk of bleeding out is incredibly high. In fact, the moment someone with a uterus comes in with severe abdominal pain, ESPECIALLY unilateral and with bleeding, an OR is immediately put on hold until we confirm that it ISN'T an ectopic. No ORs available and you can't make one available? To the helipad you go.

  3. If you frame it as just putting women in the place and punishing them for daring to be equals the gop policy makes much more sense. I can't find anything outside of cruelty to explain what they do

  4. I'm pretty sure it was a lawmaker from Ohio who introduced a bill to make it so doctors had to remove ectopic pregnancies and reimplant them into the woman's uterus a while back.

  5. These are people who base their whole politics around punishing “abortion for funsies” women who are “trying to skirt taking responsibility for a newborn’s life through murder.” Of course they’ll absolutely assume some women will get their “gullible, evil doctors” to write a script for abortion for a fake ectopic diagnosis. What about the actual cases? “Who knows, don’t care, worth it, God will make things right.”

  6. Why are Americans not protesting this shit? People here (and I assume the majority of Reddit users are from the US) are so quick to jump on Russians for not protesting their murderous regime, while Americans have much, much safer conditions for any kind of public gatherings, have several recent unpopular laws and do nothing about it. What am I missing here?

  7. Recently I was telling my sister that this is the kind of shit I'm worried about for myself. I am not sexually active and I'm probably never going to have a need for an abortion. But I do take medication for cancer treatment that pregnant women are warned not to take.

  8. This is already happening. Ohio, but a woman was forced to stop her cancer treatment due to a pregnancy she couldn’t legally end in her state.

  9. I take birth control because PMS does not play well with my chronic condition and turns me into a non-functional lump for 10 days a month. That's a third of my life, mind you. I legitimately cannot hold a job without it. I tried all sorts of things before birth control, but nothing could control the symptoms consistently. Fuck anyone who tries to take it from me.

  10. Frankly a lot of medication “could” cause an abortion or pregnancy issues, so I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say a lot of women just won’t be allowed to have any medication…..

  11. As horrible as it is, I really do hope that cases like this actually surge and escalate in a short amount of time this year. These people aren't going to understand the damage they've done until their wives or daughters can't get basic medication anymore. To put it morbidly, the only thing they understand is pain, and they're too self-centered to care about anyone else's but their own.

  12. Oh it’s already happening. I had an argument about my meds because it could prevent pregnancy. Bitches, I’m in the start on menopause.

  13. My wife is understandably worried about this. She has endometriosis and if she’s not on birth control she spends most of her time in debilitating, can’t get out of bed agony.

  14. The young girl’s physician, Dr. Deborah Jane Power said “this was the first pediatric patient that had been denied her medication.”

  15. Based on stories I've heard from doctors, the insurance companies and pharmacies are afraid of legal consequences for violating these stupid policies.

  16. They’re more worried about the legal ramifications of not acquiescing to stupid policies, I’d wager. All these laws with ‘exceptions for the life of the mother’ suffer from the same problem - there’s no way to go ‘well, is your life really in danger yet? To the point I can justify myself in court for sure?’ without severely compromising care for women.

  17. The problem being the GOP has spent decades passing laws with bad outcomes like this. However, they were stopped from having any real-world consequence by the Constitution, but they were rewarded for it by their voters. But the more horrible the better they did. Now they have control of the court so they don't have any stops on real world consequences. It remains to be seen if voters are going to hold them responsible in November.

  18. Nope they aren’t. They packed the federal courts and Supreme Court under Trump so they will just appeal till they get a judge they placed that will roll over. The “party of freedom” is just about telling you what freedoms they think you should have. That’s why they rally around abortion and say they speak for the unborn, the only group that can’t tell them they are wrong.

  19. That's a pretty common medication for RA. I took it for psoriasis. It's beyond fucked up that she can't get her meds because republicans can't stay out of people's business.

  20. I have RA and have taken it for 7 years. It really helps a lot. Fortunately I live in a state that supports a woman’s right to choose. My heart goes out to this young woman and those in the same predicament.

  21. Pretty much ALL meds for autoimmune illnesses are bad for pregnancy or will cause miscarriages. And women are far more likely to have autoimmune illnesses.

  22. I was going to say, as someone who’s a suspected RA case, I’ve learned a bit about the drug, and more importantly, how much good it can do. As others have said, it’s a common treatment for RA and psoriasis, and, don’t quote me on this because as I’m not 100%, but I think it still might be used for chemo

  23. It's also used as chemotherapy for leukemia and a couple other types of cancer. I hope no one ever gets denied that kind of care but I'm terrified we're going to hear about a case like that any day now.

  24. Currently taking it myself for auto immune disease. It's basically saved my quality of life. What's even more fucked is once she misses a dose or two it can take months to get back to "normal" after resuming.

  25. Fortunately, it looks like she got it, but her and her family were keot completely in the dark for 24 hours as to whether or not she was going to need to switch to a different medication which might not even work for her. It's completely unacceptable that these things are happening to more than this girl who happened to have the spotlight shown upon her and Arizona (and all of the other Conservative states cosplaying as The Handmaid's Tale, including my own) can take its draconian abortion laws and shove it right up their ass. Conservatives need to keep their fucking business out of other people's treatments, unless they're offering to lighten the load in terms of cost (which they never will).

  26. It's super common. It also made me violently sick and vomit my guts out. But I've seen (and experienced) what out of control RA from a young age can do and these people are destroying this girl's body and future.

  27. Don't stop posting these stories as more and more come out. We need to continuously remind people that it is not ok to let these become normal or part of everyday life.

  28. Imagine studying for a decade to learn a vocation, only to have politicians who have no knowledge of said subject dictating what you can do because of their religious beliefs. It’s beyond insanity.

  29. This is why their end goal is to gut voting rights and install their guys on the judiciary to ensure that it doesn’t matter what the majority thinks. It already doesn’t to a large extent

  30. I have hated republicans since Bush, but I was willing to at least interact and try and find common ground. The longer I did this, the more I see that they see me doing so makes me weaker and them stronger. The ACA debacle where they added the poison pill amendments after promising to vote for it then reneging sealed it. You can’t trust the word of a Republican. They don’t want to compromise or work with you or anyone else. They are like a child and want their way.

  31. I'm a Gen Xer and used to vote Republican sometimes. Never again because as you said, I absolutely hate the Republican Party.

  32. Next time someone tells you that the anti-choice crowd "genuinely cares about saving lives", just remember that the people who passed this legislation give absolutely zero fucks about people like this.

  33. This is pro-suffering, not pro-life. Nowhere in this article did they say this girl was pregnant. You can't get an abortion if you are not pregnant, right? Denying anti inflammatory medication to someone with an inflammatory condition, even when the doctor prescribed it...someone is about to be sued for medical malpractice, I gather?

  34. Putting potential life over actual life is as hateful as your could ever be. Telling women their life is not as important as a potential one is saying they're lower on the rung.

  35. You mean like how in Ohio they want to make it so you have to reimplant it? Which of course, isn't a thing that can be done.

  36. This is insane to me. “I’m pro-life, pro woman dying in a preventable way because we can’t end the life inside her. Life that absolutely will not survive when the woman dies from her condition.” So stupid.

  37. Abortion is a term that is used to describe natural miscarriage too and it is technically correct. The word isn't the problem. It's stigmatized by idiots. Abortions are often life-saving treatment.

  38. I'm personally disgusted by this. I've been battling autoimmune disease for over twenty years. I know exactly how fucked up your life can be without access to these medications. My story is different from hers because I spent 7 years being misdiagnosed by various doctors since it's extremely uncommon to present with my disease so young. I was never denied medication; they just didn't know to give it to me in the first place. So I lived a large portion of my life in unrelenting pain.

  39. I've seen multiple news stories of situations like this now and as a pharmacist myself it just makes me wish these people would get the hell out of our profession so we can actually give patients the care they need. Everyone was already tired of jumping through the same old hoops with insurance and now they want to up the ante with all this nonsense of what women are and aren't allowed to take it drives me insane

  40. "Yeah, but like, what about inflation?" - every person ready to vote away their rights and their loved ones' rights

  41. Inflation, gas prices, and student loans will destroy us all. Not by being themselves, but because they’re excuses selfish people use to not vote Democrat.

  42. What next? Are they going bar all fertile girls and women from taking medication that could cause birth defects in a hypothetical fetus?

  43. It’s looking like doctors are going to stop prescribing them and pharmacists will stop filling the Rx’s in an attempt to cover their asses in the eyes of the incredibly vague laws.

  44. Are we supposed to be surprised by the repercussions of overturning roe v wade? Because we are not surprised that dystopian ass country is crumbling.

  45. TIL Republicans are now reinstating laws restricting women's medical rights that were written back in 1864 before it was even known/believed important for doctors to wash their hands before surgery...

  46. Everyone should check to see if they are registered to vote this November. I am not sure the deadline, but I imagine it's coming up fast.

  47. The GQP wants this for all of us in every state. Vote this fall like your life depends on it (or the life of your mothers, sisters, partners, daughters) - because they literally do.

  48. Great so we are denying medication to women even if the medication is not being used in this particular case for an abortion. What the fuck, it was specifically used in this case for debilitating arthritis, in a teen who was not pregnant. We are allowing the government to interfere entirely to much.

  49. Denying medication to children that enables them to live with less pain and attend school... because they prefer to protect the hypthetical life of a rapist's zygote.

  50. Here's the scary thing - women need this drug for ectopic pregnancies too. An ectopic pregnancy, if not treated, means death for the mother. The fetus is 100% already going to die; saving the mother is the only priority in that case. Some young woman is going to die from this idiocy.

  51. My sister can no longer get the only migraine preventative that’s ever worked for her because of similar abortion restrictions (this is Texas). Its inhumane and ridiculous

  52. Because conservatism is zero-sum. It's always a ratio: Them over You. No matter how much more they gain (and there's limits since yacht #9 won't feel much better than yacht #4) the only acceptable value to a fascist is a Div/0 error... and as long as you don't have 0 in that aspect of your life, they don't have that.

  53. Because they need to cultivate single issue voters so the gullible conservatives will be too busy fighting the wrong side of a manufactured controversy to notice that the Republicans' oligarch buddies are picking their pockets.

  54. Your daily reminder that the GOP hates children. They don't give a fuck if they live or die - only that they're born.

  55. Let's not forget this is also sexist. If a boy her age with her condition needed this drug, he would be able to get it.

  56. Everyone, make sure to vote for this upcoming mid-term election. We have to remind our representatives of the consequences for voting against the general public's will

  57. The conservative ‘christians’ are not pro life in any way. Pro birth. With no safety nets for pregnant people. The already born can just die, as long as the prospective unborn are protected. But boner pills are no problemo. Anywhere in this sharia religious right who want to rule the country and keep plenty of poor desperate people around to do the lowest paying jobs …

  58. Is it just me or are Republicans doing exactly what they claimed Obama Care (ACA) would do: making healthcare a government issue instead of between the patient and one's doctor.

  59. Yes. In Louisiana there recently was a woman who would have been forced to deliver a skull-less baby if she had not fled the state

  60. I knew the Republicans wanted to take women back to the 50's, just didn't realize they meant the 1850's.

  61. That is absolutely insane. My wife has an autoimmune condition that’s under the arthritis umbrella and takes Meloxicam to help with inflammation/pain. If she doesn’t take she will pass out from pain and is essentially disabled.

  62. Friendly reminder that the people claiming “not all Christians” are doing absolutely nothing to condone or stop this. Christians and their ilk are the enemies of freedom and progress.

  63. This is why despite my religious beliefs for life, I will vote against Republicans strictly because I don’t believe old clueless white men should tell a woman what she should do. Trying to sell the idea (like Greg Abbott does) that adoptions & the state will help provide for the infants needs is utter bull shit. Talk to me once all the existing kids that aren’t adopted get a forever home, then maybe I’ll be willing to entertain their lies.

  64. Hopefully stuff like this drives people to vote. This would never happen if so many Christian Nationalist Trash wasn't in power in our country. Dems and independents out weight republicans by huge numbers... There is no reason why any of them should be in office.

  65. Can we all take a moment to soak in that, the only type of pregnancy that this medication can be used to abort is an ectopic pregnancy, which is 100% non-viable and when not aborted that pregnancy has a high likelihood of killing the mother...

  66. So wait, sorry, why did they deny a frickin cancer medication to a child, again? To, like, avoid her accidentally aborting some holy ghost’s spawn? I am appalled, this is beyond ridiculous and I hope you living the US can finally start overturning this madness real soon 😩 Poor girl, I can’t even think of people being ok in creating laws that cause stuff like that.

  67. Some dumb ass republican I know here in California keeps bitching and moaning about this house he is building, saying California doesn’t let you build a house for yourself, you have to build it for the next guy. They require all these rules and regulations on what you can and can’t do with your house, etc. so he seems pretty irritated that California has a rule for everything.

  68. Friend of mine who has lupus lost access in Indiana do to all of this. There are so many “force birth’s people just don’t get how people lost access to life saving medicine when they and I quote two old coworkers: “but it was about saving babies why are they killing people who aren’t even pregnant.” Proving why so many people fear about Roe being overturned or why many “thought” it never would.

  69. Fuck the republicunts for making it more difficult for women to get basic healthcare under the auspice of abortion. Unbelievable….

  70. If the drug can be outlawed because it “could be used” to do an abortion , can bullets be outlawed because they could be used for murder?

  71. What a pathetic joke. If you voted for people who made this shit possible, fuck off. Absolutely despicable something like this can happen.

  72. A boy in her exact situation would be given access to his arthritis and osteoporosis medications, just because he lacks the potential to get pregnant.

  73. Fuck Republicans. Fuck you if you vote for these disgusting ghouls. They don't care about the life of a child, it's entirely about control. Fuck Republicans.

  74. “A 14-year-old Tucson girl was denied a refill of a life-saving prescription drug she had been taking for years” A simple search of her medication history (which the pharmacy should have, assuming she went to her regular pharmacy to get it filled) would have established that she wasn’t using it as an abortive medication! Oh, wait! It doesn’t matter . .

  75. Guys remember how Republicans are "pro life"? If a women has a problem before her child is born and the only solution is an abortion, congrats you just killed an innocent woman! Congrats on killing innocent people because you won't give them life saving medicine because it could be used as an abortion.

  76. They still allow my 17 MG a week but I had a hysterectomy 30 years ago. I am on this medication for psoriatic arthritis and have been for 9 years now.

  77. Absolutely shameful that these so called "representative" want to control woman's bodies. Bunch of evil idiots that simply hate woman.

  78. None of those fuckers are Religious even if they pretend to be. They worship corporations, power and money. They all deserve to be blankety blank blank blanked!

  79. The pro-cruelty agenda will take its toll. The right doesn’t care how cruel their laws are as long as this one issue sucks in the prolife voters. Because save the babies.

  80. Did they really think a young girl was having an abortion every month for years? What has happened to common sense? All the pharmacy needed to do was look at records. 🤬

  81. “except we all told you this would happen; that you weren’t thinking about this, and you 100% did not care…”

  82. One of my friends needed to be on hormonal birth control continuously or they would bleed so heavily and be in such severe pain that it made them physically unable to stand. They had to crawl around the house. If they were denied access to their medication, they would be bedridden for a quarter of their life until menopause. The birth control then caused a host of side effects that needed other meds that caused other side effects and after a half decade of searching they found a gynecologist who took out the whole uterus (before that's made illegal too).

  83. This is pretty fucked up. My daughter was on Mtx for awhile when she was 12 to treat Crohn’s. It’s not entirely uncommon.

  84. I'm sickened by this. That poor girl. She was finally able to have a normal life then this crap happens. These laws are harmful and disgusting.

  85. I was going to say something about unintended consequences, but I'm cynical enough to think it was exactly what the legislators intended.

  86. This is insane. Denying access to a medication, just because it can be used for abortions, is like banning bleach because can be used to make toxic gas. It’s so fucking illogical.

  87. So these barbarians want no medical intervention during an ectopic pregnancy?!?!? If so, I hope courts allow the parents of dead women to file civil lawsuits against the mongoloids that passed such a bill.

  88. She’s denied a drug that ends ectopic = non viable, life threatening pregnancies. This drug is viral in regular usage and off label usage.

  89. This abortion ban is a perfect example of why church and state are meant to be kept separate. No religion should be able to force is beliefs on an entire nation

  90. We cannot stand for the GOP's anti-women pro-rape agenda. Keep in mind Republicans want to force 10-year-olds to birth their rapist’s baby and are still attacking the doctor who saved that child’s life.

  91. You can really tell when they’re discussing rape victims who are children being denied abortion care. They constantly call them “young women” instead of children because even little girls are potential breeders to them. It’s a way of dehumanizing girls.

  92. Quite frankly there is no excuse for voting Republican after this kind of shit keeps happening. If you do, you're just a fucked up individual who clearly does not understand the consequences your actions have on other people. I don't give a shit if you're not liberal in general. Just find other people to support who aren't Republicans if you have any decency.

  93. Literally big government interfering with your basic healthcare. A doctor prescribed medicine and the state says no.

  94. Walgreens relying on “Trigger laws in various states require additional steps for dispensing certain prescriptions and apply to all pharmacies, including Walgreens”

  95. Wow, if by some chance this girl was discovered to have these problems in utero, then they’d want her to be born. Now that she’s born, they’ll let her suffer.. these are not pro-life legislations, I don’t even know what to call it.

  96. My mood stabilizer causes birth defects. I was suicidal without it. It is a lifeline I’ve had for 7 years. It I can’t take it eventually, I’m afraid I will die.

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