Elon Musk to provide Florida with Starlink satellites in response to Hurricane Ian

  1. This picture is of matlacha FL,I live there, I’ve been going by boat back and forth to the barrier islands. We have heard nothing about this

  2. The National Guard is already using satellites for communication is Florida…are these for private citizens then?

  3. I'm watching the massive fight in Ft Myers where the MAGA sheriff pushed for years against levee improvements and this morning the levee failed and tens of thousands of homes were destroyed days after the hurricane.

  4. If only this had happened in the past, people could have learned from this kind of flawed logic and not let it happen again. /s

  5. I read the levee in Sarasota failed this afternoon— and it effected 70 houses, another failed today in Ft Myers?! That’s extra dangerous with the current infrastructure. These poor people.

  6. I feel like you're getting some bad information. The levee hasn't broke yet and if it does the last report I looked at said it threatens about 70 homes. I have no doubt there were 10,000 homes of damage from the hurricane but nothing of that magnitude happened this morning. So far, nothing has happened the levee is still holding, but there's concern that it won't.

  7. So they never made a better wall...... Again.... First they can't build an immigration wall... Now they don't build water walls... I bet that maga guy gonna be demanding water walls be built now. Fucking idiots. I feel sorry for the couple sane people left in Florida.

  8. Ironically, if the feds didn't fund all of their flood insurance, the MAGAs wouldn't be able to afford rebuilding and living in their ex-swamp paradise where they rail against the feds and the basic idea of helping each other.

  9. Can you explain!? Links? Anything? I'm trying to find an article but I can't find anything. I'm from Fort myers and haven't been able to contact some people yet.

  10. That's par for the course. They'll rebuild it to the same exact specs that failed and say it's all good. This is just Florida being Florida.

  11. Sounds a lot like history repeating itself. You would think Republicans would learn after their initial folly.

  12. I don't get it. Are they going to send starlink recievers to homes? What do you mean point satellites at Florida? Aren't they supposed to be covering them anyway?

  13. I know someone right by where they eye landed. Aside from the damage and lack of electricity they need to go quite some distance to communicate in any manner when trying to sort through all these problems. I’m sure any way to ease that will really help

  14. I am hoping phone services like T-Mobile, atnt and Verizon are still active after the hurricane but starlink is a sure fire way to receive internet/Wi-Fi. It does sound like a publicity stunt but no other company can provide internet reliably like starlink can

  15. Probably just a thing to bandage up the mess the Governor is causing by voting against federal aid. Rich billionaires will solve everything and want nothing required in return*.

  16. If it's like in the past, it's not charity. It is provided to the government, paid for by the government. It's just a company doing business.

  17. Bruh are you lost? Sounds like your confusion stems from your lack of understanding and education. Seems like personal problem to me. 🤷🏾 “I DoNt GeT iT” 🤦🏾‍♂️ like you not knowing sh!t somehow made a point 😂

  18. What about service for Puerto Rico? They could use a hand as well, and they’re part of the US…

  19. All the comments in here are by ignorant folks who don't understand how critical reliable internet access can be in assisting with disaster recovery.

  20. Especially in this case. People still haven’t heard from loved ones on these islands since there’s currently no service and no way to access the island by car because the one access bridge is knocked out

  21. So a few years ago Musk was idolized by Reddit to an uncomfortable degree. It seems that the new trend is to shit on literally everything the man does. It’s as if people on this site don’t understand that people are complicated and can be more than one thing at one time.

  22. It’s only great if he actually follows through. He says shit like this every time there’s a disaster of some sort and either doesn’t follow through or the tech doesn’t work.

  23. I think we assume that FEMA and other response teams already have that sorted out, and were not waiting for Elon Musk to save everyone. If they were, that's a huge problem.

  24. Starlink user here - it's changed my life beyond words. Hughes net 1.5mbs 600+ ping -> 200mbps 60+ ping. Literally didn't have zoom, Netflix, YouTube, Xbox live etc. till this year. Shame on the US government for folding to telecom lobbiest and enabling the horrible internet infrastructure we have in the states.

  25. I have to say, just because it works really well for you doesn't mean it's the best solution or the best technology if it can't scale up. It's a supplemental tech for certain use cases, not a core tech.

  26. Yeah but there are other providers that provide service like this. Also, starlink is LITERALLY a danger to humanity because of Kessler syndrome (or at least will be when the build out is complete). Sure that low orbit satellite will give you low ping but that will be accomplished with cellular and landline internet.

  27. If spacex was caught doing something illegal/bad I’d bet you’d be the first person to post an article saying it’s all Elon musks fault

  28. Those people are also requiring dealership employees in those communities to come and clear out debris when most of them are trying to rescue neighbors, have no gas or power to their homes, and have no business doing that kind of hazardous work at a point retail pay scale.

  29. Your 10000% right that the Chief Executive of the company probably had no say/effort in getting Floridians this vital service.

  30. I’m no fan of Musk but ultimately whose decision was it to provide aid here? You can hate someone and still give them credit for positive actions. Fuckin hell. Reddit is something else.

  31. I’m pretty sure it’s a decision made by Elon. You might hate the guy but he has a track record of deploying Starlink when desperately needed. Credit where credit is due.

  32. Yeah, because Musk had nothing to do with creating the vision for SpaceX and should be given zero credit for its successes.

  33. Why are people so blinded by their hatred for a billionaire that they are so quick to write off assistance as not helpful? Can someone explain?

  34. Elon is a piss baby who does nothing for free or to help. Remember how much your weird emerald mine/slave owning god "helped" when those kids were trapped in a cave?

  35. The other post tries to say Musk is not an engineer. The hatred is so strong it makes them blind and pick random topics to criticise musk.

  36. I can explain... Starlink is literally a grave danger to modern life as we know it if we continue to allow them to put up their planned number of satellites. Kessler syndrome will put us back decades.

  37. They especially hate Elon because he was the star of the progressive side till he got tired of the covid lock downs and went more right wing moving to Texas. They don't hate billionaire's as long as they represent what they want. Many of the people they idolize are very rich

  38. Because most likely he didn't do it out of charity and is most likely taking the credit for the govt paying him for it. This is what happened in ukraine.

  39. I don’t think you guys realize how helpful this is going to be. There is spotty at best cell service throughout southwest Florida right now. The barrier islands that got decimated by this storm still have residents in need of rescue with no way to call for help. Every local Facebook page has person after person posting about loved ones they haven’t been in contact with since the beginning of the storm. There are Facebook groups set up for these communities to alert stuck residents where evacuation points are, food drop offs, updates on certain times water will be turned on. Maybe this is a publicity opportunity for Elon but this is a very needed service for communities that are wrecked right now

  40. Don't they need the starlink receiver for it to be helpful though? If they have no way to call for help are they still getting post? Do they have power to run it?

  41. They’re the only American company that currently can, and has launched astronauts to space. Along with hundreds of satellites

  42. Man the average Reddit comment section is disgusting. Everything is simply an opportunity to push your opinion on others? Yikes.

  43. What I don’t get is why there are so many anti Elon posts, where everyone spews hatred on him. But when there’s a post like this, there is barely any praise. It’s okay to say, good job buddy, we see you trying to help. Thanks Elon, I for one don’t mind your weird autism mannerisms, and trolling the media.

  44. Same way Obama still getting blamed for 9/11, a tragedy that happened 8 years before he went into office. Vast majority of people are fucking idiots and don't deserve to breed let alone vote. Yet we're the monsters for pointing it out.

  45. But republicans don't like handouts or people who need help. We should just let them pull up their boot straps according to them.

  46. I have Starlink in Massachusetts and it is pretty great. Expensive to get the equipment, but the monthly fee is way better than when I had Viasat. It sometimes goes out during storms, but not always. I can also set the dish to marm up if it is snowing to keep ice from forming on it.

  47. So that one chunk of Florida will have better internet than most of Florida that hasn’t even got touched by a hurricane, funny.

  48. The capsule was never tested, but after watching 13 lives on amazon, I really thought the kids were lucky. The rescuers sedated the kids and package them to ship under water. I think elon's capsule could be safer for the kids. They could have at least try it out by sending the capsule inside.

  49. What is "Florida" supposed to do with Starlink satellites? Should the Floridians try throwing them really hard in hopes of getting them into orbit?

  50. I can’t stand Elon or DeSantis but this article headline sucks. The satellites are in orbit and have been, they’re not going to launch new Florida satellites.

  51. The satellites have pointing algorithms. They may be commanding a few that would otherwise point at elsewhere (say the Dry Tortugas or maybe Miami) during the part of their orbit over Florida to prioritize pointing at affected areas to increase the available bandwidth.

  52. I would rather Elon Musk just paid an appropriate amount of Taxes. These folks lives are wiped out. "The Elite want to Change the World, just so much as it does not Change their World. Real Change requires Pain, Sacrifice, and the Loss of Power, and the Elite are aware of that" Anand Giridhardas.

  53. "i don't have phone service because towers are down and the ones that aren't are overloaded and won't connect.. can't figure out if my grandma is alive three hours south where they got hit worse. good thing i have internet to connect with her.."

  54. "My new starlink not only transmits the internet faster than anyone known connection and defies the laws of physics but it can also feed a family of 5 for an entire month and provides them shelter, clothing and a safety raft in case of flooding."

  55. Don’t forget Starlink’s cheapest plan for 50mbps should cost about one year’s worth of money for a month of service at $110 a month plus the $599 one time hardware cost.

  56. I don't think you understand what they're doing here. This isn't them providing this to people's homes for a fee.

  57. I was paying $105 a month for shitty Centurylink 3mbps service and lucky to get it, as I was at the far end of the 3 mile twisted pair service.

  58. I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say. First, there are no speed tiers nor are there any data caps. All Starlink options are just Starlink. RV and Best effort residential are lower priority based on how many other users are in the area. There's no such thing as a 50Mb/s plan. The best effort ones can go 300+ Mb/s just like the home tier can go 10Mb/s when in heavily congested areas.

  59. An inmarsat terminal costs $4k and gives you "broadband speeds up to 464kbps" oh and lookup what the service costs it's around $600/month for 1.5GB.

  60. Yes, here they’ll provide communication fast enough to make hostspots for locals, but more generally they’ve been helping people without access to anything faster than dial up get online with internet capable of streaming 4k netflix.

  61. What is Florida going to do with satellites?? Wouldn't giving them the actual antennas be much more useful as it allows access to the internet?

  62. I heard he wanted to provide fancy speedboats to the coastguard but ended up calling one of them a pedophile when they refused.

  63. Having been in multiple hurricanes, this IS exactly what they need right now. Communication especially a day or two after the storm is the most important thing to have access to.

  64. I mean, they can use base stations to connect to mobile cell towers to restore cell service in affected areas?

  65. Letting loved ones know you’re still alive or getting ahold of a parent you haven’t heard from since the storm hit last week to get confirmation they’re still alive is exactly what they need.

  66. Elon Musk is a right wing grifter and these acts he’s doing does not justify what he’s done to threaten the safety of americas democracy

  67. They’re going to have to rely on socialist programs like FEMA to get back on their feet or will they reject the help on principal because it’s Biden’s socialism? The politicians in that state have been ignoring the infrastructure just like Abbot, too expensive. They will get the help they need but boy I remember them voting against help for Sandy victims in the NE. Good thing we’re not vindictive like trump and republicans were when we needed the help.

  68. Guarantee the US government will pay and Elon will take credit, just like Ukraine. That was 4 million taxpayers money. I’m glad he did, but come on, stop lying.

  69. Wasn’t there just a big deal about how he promised to send Starlink to Iran, didn’t, and cashed in on the public good will anyway…?

  70. I really dislike a lot of the things this guy says and does, but honestly he's been amazing for Pakistan, Ukraine and now FL. he's a bad guy but he is doing good things, So for that I will give praise where its due.

  71. provide my ass, i'm sure de santis is paying this idiot an exorbitant amount of money for satellite use.

  72. Probably won't happen. Also people are without electricity there, how would they be able to access it without battery power on their phones.

  73. Because it costs money to do so? Donating 120 terminals for good PR is a sustainable thing to do. Donating 500,000 terminals? Not so much.

  74. Elon using this as an excuse to force his bullshit on to everyone. I'd rather deal with shit at&t forever than use his garage even once.

  75. Publish these stories after equipment is on the ground, distributed and proven working. Elon’s word is meaningless.

  76. Article reads as though Starlink gave them to the state/county/city not individuals. Elon again milking the government as someone has to pay for the service plans

  77. Quite honestly why doesn't he send actual emergency help like idk water food etc, just seems like a publicity stunt

  78. Musk's work is heavily subsidised by the government and relies on publicly funded research. Starlink and tech like it should already be in everyone's hands, this is him using a disaster for publicity, like he did with those Thai kids and Puerto Rico last time. It's good for people to have internet access in a crisis, but people like Musk abuse patent law to make sure they don't in the first place, then gives it back for money or publicity. Don't get duped into celebrating this ghoul

  79. What I dont understand about this is when i looked into getting the starlink shit you had to buy the equipment for your house to receive it so how does this help Floridians or like when he did this in Ukraine

  80. Yeah, that's kind of the point. He's sending them for FREE to Florida. Just as he did for Ukraine and other disaster areas. Providing 100% free internet service and Dishy kits (which cost about $1500 to manufacture and are already sold at a loss mind you. At least the round ones cost them that much. I have one of each. All you need to do is plug it in to power. Doesn't matter if it's from a generator, solar, battery a car, etc.

  81. I wonder if Ron understands how low earth orbit works? Does he think satellites are like blimps hovering in space?

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