Russia abandons Ukrainian bastion, Putin ally suggests nuclear response

  1. These fucking idiots think that nuking places is like the best idea ever, nevermind the nuclear fallout from the explosion that literally going to be affecting the home cities, including Moscow. The political fallout is going to be just as awful. Why the fuck open your mouth?

  2. ISW did a fantastic breakdown on why using nukes wouldn't be advantageous to the RU forces at all. Sure, they could take out a lot of Ukrainians, but the RU army is disheveled and poorly supplied as is, and the fallout will largely drift east into RU-controlled territory. If RU troops are struggling to properly arm and coordinate as it stands, actually recapturing irradiated land, contending with EMP blackouts from an already strained communications system, and finally having to deal with the global backlash and reprisals would negate any sort of advantage the deployment of tactical nukes would give them.

  3. When the fallout drifts into Russia, they'll just say it proves Ukraine has nuclear weapons and used them. Now they must retaliate and use more nukes!

  4. Don't worry, I don't believe Russia will follow through. I think the US and NATO's response to nuclear threat is a very stern warning. As in, if Putin moves his missile launchers into position to fire on Ukraine, the US will likely wipe them off the map. And maybe take out the Black Sea Fleet while they're at it.

  5. I think it's all talk. I mean.... Russia has really been punching itself in the face for a while now, but using Nukes to invade a country... Russia will cease to exist in any meaningful way for the next 100 years.

  6. If they do go absolutely insane, more than they already have, and use a nuke it will most likely be a small tactical nuke delivered via short range missile or fighter-bomber. Those have smaller yields than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs and would most likely be air burst so the irradiated dust cloud would be minimal.

  7. putin is dying of cancer, so he really doesn't care. We care because we'll have to live or die in the aftermath. If we retaliate we really need to find his place in Sochi. Kick putin.

  8. Read another article that Ukrainian forces surrounded a city if they nuked anywhere it would be where the highest concentration of forces are.

  9. Russian Government just bought $86k of potassium iodine to protect people from radiation poisoning, and is requiring all of it to be delivered within 4 days. In today’s news…

  10. "big brother did it to place across world when they provoked him, maybe i's seen as same if we do the same to our closest cousins that we kept poking until they knocked us out? Nobody hate them in long run, nobody hate us! same thing."

  11. I'm concerned about nukes being used and starting down the path of making them an option in more conflicts but the fallout isn't that big a deal. There were a heck of a lot of above ground tests up until 1960 or so and tourists used to come to Las Vegas to see the blasts.

  12. Its been too long since one has been used in anger that we've collectively forgotten the absolute horror that they are. I guess we'll need a reminder, I just hope we all survive as a species.

  13. Because they want to scare western countries into sitting at a negotiation table to look like they won something and feel special

  14. I'm not trying to advocate nukes or anything. But I want to correct one misconception here. Nuclear weapons will only cause fallout if done so intentionally. Fallout is caused either by detonating to close to the ground which launches radioactive debris into the air (dirt, dust, etc). Or by using a dirty bomb which doesn't consume all the nuclear fuel in the explosion and instead scatters the remains as fallout.

  15. As much as I don't want to see any nuclear weapons used, it does make you wonder what the worldwide reaction would be. For non nuclear countries it'd lead to an arms race to get your own nukes, because this is what happens eventually if you don't have them. Another country with nukes can just do what the fuck they want to you.

  16. Just curious on how the events would unfold if Russia choses to use nuclear weapons. I guess US would step fully into as the only reason the US army had not yet put an end to this freak show is because Russia has such weapons….

  17. They are already heavily sanctioned and the nuke bluster works. The only reason why they have been allowed to invade Ukraine in the first place is because they have nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war is keeping people form providing too much support. This is another reminder for NATO nations to stay out of it.

  18. In our age, we should be able to take down any leader who threatens to use nuclear weapons. People should take it upon themselves to protect ourselves and our planet

  19. Use of nuclear weapons in this little war would be the ultimate act of cowardice and a complete admission that the vaunted Russian military is utter crap.

  20. Based on what we've seen so far from his military, it's possible the nuke's exhaust gives out half way and it drops in Moscow on it's way to Ukraine lol

  21. Also known as Russian Military Tradition. The Russians were famous for engaging in a scorched earth strategy every time they were invaded or had to retest.

  22. It's never been about land. Russia has all the land they need. It's about genocide and eradicating Ukraine as we know it.

  23. Probably one of the ones that spring open an umbrella of swords like a GI Joe toy. It really underscores how sloppy Russia is that they need to consider lobbing nukes like grenades behind them as they retreat when the opposition can arm a missile with a sword and send it into someone's house to assassinate them.

  24. With people sending and paying for their message on a shell or missile, there is a possibility that it's gonna be literally signed by some shitposter from

  25. Hey now that's going too far. Trash was, in general at one time, worth something. Putin has been worthless from the start.

  26. Someone else said it here but the "Doomsday Clock" is at 100 seconds to midnight as of January 20th, 2022. 1962, Cuban Missile crisis was at 7 minutes. That was January so after this slow drumbeat of using tactical nukes along with the threatening of nuclear plants...60 seconds?

  27. anyone saying we’re closer is just lying to themselves and fearmongering, the Cuban missile crisis was as close as it gets without actually going through with it

  28. I’m very curious how well maintained Russia’s nukes are. Seeing their army, logistics, chain of command, public relations, and everything else is just a steaming pile of shit. I wonder if they could even launch a nuke, or if they have people capable of launching them.

  29. I cannot imagine a scenario in which Russia has been properly funding their nuke program. Those things need a lot of maintenance and do not last very long without it. I'm sure they can launch some, but I would expect a majority of them to fail.

  30. I'd take slow and agonizing over swift, personally. Take a page from those Russian pieces of shit who tortured all those Ukrainian POWs to death.

  31. Knowing how “effective and ready” Russia‘s forces are …one can expect a rapid and decisive response against Russia on a global level. There are those close to Putin that don’t want to die or see Russia destroyed and would act on their own should Putin give such an order.

  32. i think putin is sick and dying. Hes like the russian billionaire from that movie tenet. Guy finds out hes dying and wants to take the world down with him. If he cant live no one can

  33. NATO will 100% intervene if Russia start using nukes. China is watching how the US would respond if they go after Taiwan.

  34. doubt it. low grade nukes do not cause large fallout when detonated in the air. its the reason the Japanese can still live in the two bombed cities. NATO will weigh the risk of a response depending on the type of nuclear assault. not just any nuclear assault. IMHO

  35. The perceived willingness of using battlefield nukes is going to cause the Russian army to fall back and beg for it to happen with hopes that it ends the failing effort.

  36. Sadly never, They have Nukes and because of that, you want them at least at the table to discuss. Stupid, I know, but that’s why.

  37. That would be extremely stupid. I'm almost certain they are seriously considering it, and I hope to God logic and a desire to live will win out with these psychopaths.

  38. For all the bothsiders out there, compare to the USA’s retreat from Afghanistan: no nukes, no threats of nukes, just egg on the face and moving on.

  39. Putin is literally just the boy who cried wolf but with nukes and probably without him ever actually telling the truth about it in the end.

  40. where do they want to drop nuke at? Ukraine? Ukraine has nuke protection deal with China, so they want to embarrass their auger daddy? Nuke the so called new annexed territory? Do they want to embarrass themselves?

  41. The world will not allow any country to start shooting nukes off willy nilly and continue to exist. It's a threat to everyone's national security.

  42. Agreed. The thing is, if Putin only gets a slap on the wrist after launching one nuke, now he knows he can continue to use nukes. He'll launch one after another.

  43. No way to work towards world peace unless all major combatants have a seat at the table, no matter how psychotic they are acting. They need a place to talk.

  44. The problem is Russia only wants to take time out to "negotiate" when their military needs time to reorganize and resupply. Once they're ready, they start up again. You can't trust them to negotiate in good faith, not under Putin anyway.

  45. Speaking of fucking idiots, which President wanted to consider nuking a hurricane? Go ahead…I’ll wai….wow! That was fast!

  46. What,? I'm sure as long as there aren't any strong winds it'll be FiNE! What's the worst that can happen? It's probably safe.

  47. I normally don’t like when people appear to defend or normalize Putin, but I’ll make an exception if that is what this is….

  48. This is so insane. Ukraine, being the aggressor for having been invaded without provocation, retakes areas from occupying Russian forces, causing Putin and his allies to take great umbrage for this outrageous and unjustified atrocity, threatens nuclear weapons, as if Ukrainian defending their national borders represents an existential threat to Russia, not just Putin’s ego.

  49. Part of me wonders whether the Nordstream 1 was sabotaged to prevent Putin from loading a nuke on an inspection trolley and sending it straight to Europe.

  50. Smart....especially after Putler sworn to protect the newly "annexed" region. Nothing says "I love you" like dropping a nuclear bomb on a city by leveling it and making it unhabitable.

  51. The first wish (no more nuklear wespons at all) going unfulfilled, I wish at least there was a minimum IQ and sanity requirement for possessing them.

  52. I think the US and allies should consider boots on the ground to speed up the retaking of Ukraine back to the internationally recognized borders. If Putin had planned a nuclear armageddon fight with NATO, he would have started with it and not wasted his time with an invasion. You don’t mobilize to increase a field army just in time to nuke your own army along with your enemy. These man-child sociopaths have no idea what they are doing, just fighting and sacrificing for the sake of bloodlust.

  53. As an American I feel like I paid for a big boom ! Where’s the big boom I was promised? Lame 😒 I want our money back

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