Army officers appear on Burkina Faso TV, declare new coup

  1. Polymatter on YouTube has a really good video explaining why countries that have coups have them all the time. TLDW is that apathy of the people and a lack of legitimacy causes a coup, but a government established through a coup is inherently illegitimate so the cycle repeats

  2. See, this is why when you have a coup, revolution, or other serious change in power, you're supposed to purge everyone who might be a threat to your new power. Hopefully that doesn't mean mass execution, but hey you already overthrew the government once, so who knows.

  3. Im starting to think these guys might not actually care about islamic terrorism and actually just want power…

  4. "We're here to announce our exciting new collaborative experience with the people of Burkina Faso. We want to invite you all to participate -as the curfew is mandatory - beginning tonight at 5 pm. Welcome to Coup 2022 II."

  5. Dude in a crash helmet and guy in a skull mask overthrow the government. I’d laugh but I’m American.

  6. In other news, Israel holds new elections, Argentina defaults on its debts, Italy’s government collapses, and China issues a final warning regarding Taiwan.

  7. American intelligence analysts busy googling Where Burkina Faso is, what their oil reserves are and what are the possibilities it was “us”?

  8. Burkino Faso was a peaceful village in a documentary that showed American oil company contractors coming there because oil was discovered. They said many countries had representatives there because of the coming oil boom. Now there is war there because people are fighting over who will control the oil.

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