Lidl ordered to destroy its Lindt-like chocolate bunnies by Swiss court

  1. The headline is misleading, they don't have to be wasted, just melted down and molded into a shape thats not trademarked.

  2. Essentially, they were ordered to destroy the bunnies, but not the chocolate itself. All that stock can be shipped back to the factory, melted down into new molds, and reused. Whether they can do that in a sanitary manner is another story.

  3. I would love for the response to be a picture with the CEO having chocolate all over their face, looking like they ate way too much, with just a "k..."

  4. Not surprised really, Lidl and Aldi regularly sail close to trademark infringement. I'm just left with visions on them melting them all down like in a film, pouring that molten chocolate into new moulds, probably Santa Claus shaped, whilst wearing thick gloves and with a lick of sweat rolling down their foreheads.

  5. Man I used to like the hollow ones as a kid. I would bite off the top of the ear and pour milk in and chomp - sip - chomp - sip lol

  6. You can also butter some bread, smash the bunny, and lay the chocolate on it. It's a cheap way of recreating

  7. I'm just here to say Lidl's Sour Jelly Beans are the GOAT jelly beans. I NEED them but they haven't had them for months :(

  8. I think Lidl should do a chocolate depiction of a Nazi being shot whilst stealing Jewish gold with a burning Swiss flag in the background.

  9. Of all the shite happening in the world Let’s go after the bunnies. Lets not even mention that several Swiss companies like Nestle are using their profits to fund war by investing in Israeli black ops and Wagner groups but by all means let’s talk about bunny infringement first

  10. Instead of destroying, wouldn’t it be better to have them donated to food banks? It was wrong for them to copy, but tremendously wasteful to have them tossed / reprocessed

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