Nord Stream: Sweden finds new leak in Russian gas pipeline

  1. You got to wounder what there endgame is with this move. You could argue they want to charge exorbitant fees to repair it, but that’s all they could gain from this.

  2. Yeah I’m confused about motive. Seems like Russia would lose leverage, It obviously locks Europe and Russia in a bad situation too. Some are saying maybe U.S. did it to remove Russia’s leverage over Europe, but it doesn’t seem worth the fallout if they were caught. I doubt Ukraine would do it because it would really hurt the relationship with the countries that are helping them. I bet someone has a motive because of some situation we aren’t privy to.

  3. Chaos on the gas markets, rise in price is good for them. Also rise in dollar and drop in euro is extelremely good for them, the exchange rates have already been decoupling, the bombing accelerated the divergence.

  4. Show of force. Yeah their military is currently the subject of memes and everyone is laughing but Russia can take still take everyone down with it. That seems to be the endgame. They cant have the ball so just destroy it so nobody can.

  5. Chaos. They want as much shit going on as possible so they can obfuscate their real moves. This is also right before winter, it's going to strain the populace and sow more division / disruption / despair - to weaken the will of the population and sow even more disorder for whatever comes next.

  6. Whoever Russia is selling gas to right now might benefit from this situation, especially if they don't have a domestic supply of their own.

  7. Yeah. It was leverage for Russia because Western Europe needs gas which put pressure on them. No gas was going to flow unless both sides say so, so I don’t get why either would want to damage it. Maybe it was someone who wanted to remove Russia’s leverage over those countries so they are more likely to keep supporting Ukraine. I thought maybe U.S. but it doesn’t seem worth the risk of pissing off all our allies if caught. My bet is there is some situation behind the scenes we are unaware of that gave someone motive. With just the info we have, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

  8. Explain how this invasion of Ukraine is still useful to Russia. It's a state with crazy rogue leadership racing towards ruin.

  9. Ukraine was always a natural gas supply to europe play in the first place. By destroying their own pipeline, they leave russia no choice but to start serving it out of Ukraine. So maybe putin did it to make sure anyone who opposes him will be poor as a result and FORCE them to follow him down this path.

  10. I've been wondering if it could be some kind of false flag thing? Russia has bombed their own civilians and pointed their finger at the enemy they wanted everyone to be angry at before.

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