Coolio, rapper known for 'Gangsta's Paradise,' dies at 59, TMZ reports

  1. Just saw him at Riot Fest in Chicago 10 days ago. He sounded a little rough, but he put on a great show and had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

  2. That's what I was just thinking too, like didn't I see this dude was still on the Sunday lineup? Holy shit. Glad he was still doing his thing to the end

  3. My brother transported all the equipment for him, Vanilla Ice, and all of those other 90s rappers for the I love the 90s tour this year.He was telling me that a stage hand asked Coolio if he was in a band or something, and Coolio replied “ I’m Coolio bitch.” Edit: typo

  4. I love how in a later episode of Hot Ones that Sean Evans revealed that Coolio went and passed out on their green room couch for a few hours after his insane lathering of The Last Dab. LOL

  5. I just saw the new Nick documentary that reminded me he was on All That. He said it was a green day and couldn't remember it. Lol he was a pretty cool guy. RIP 🙏

  6. I met him in a red light district bar near an American airbase in Seoul, South Korea in the spring of 2001. He was partying with US soldiers after a USO show that weekend. Drinking, shaking hands, and parting with ppl. Dude was really cool. One of my few celebrity encounters. . RIP, sir.

  7. I still remember Michelle Pfeiffer slamming a chair down and sitting in it with emphasis A.C. Slater style as she glared into Coolio’s soul and kept it real..

  8. I mean, a lot of them were actual from the bottom now there here and/or actual gang members and not just gang affiliated. Living rough catches up with you.

  9. Was that uploaded upon the news of his passing? The title is giving me a feel that this was a planned for posthumous release.

  10. Damn, that’s sad. He was still not that old. He came to Lansing years back and I got to hang out with him after the show and smoke weed in the basement of the venue and then continued to hang out with him, his cousin (not sure if it was a real cousin lol), and a couple other girls. We went and got McDonald’s haha. Crazy memory I’ll never forget, still feels nuts that it happened. Edit: completely forgot that I first got pulled up on stage during the show which is how I ended up hanging out with them in the first place. My pandemic brain forgot that part lol.

  11. I met him once at the California music awards, we were in an elevator together. He was really chill but friendly.

  12. The way things were going... On a side note, he was much older than 23 when he did that song. I guess that was probably common knowledge, but 14-year-old me thought it was true at the time.

  13. I had a white Labrador named Coolio. Great dog. Can you tell what rapper I was into? This was the early to mid 90’s. This sucks. 59 is relatively young. RIP

  14. I mean... Weird Al really didn't do anything wrong. He asked for permission, his only "mistake" was trusting that Coolio's people were honest when they told him that Coolio had listened to the song and loved it, when neither was true.

  15. Met him at a NAMM show. Truly one of the nicest and most authentic "stars" I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was awesome to every fan who approached him. The people who loved him will miss him.

  16. Jebediah feeds the chickens and Jacob plows... fool And I've been milkin' and plowin' so long that Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone

  17. Coolio's biggest hit was "Gangsta's Paradise", a song which was a direct sample of Stevie Wonder's song "Pastime Paradise" from his famous album Songs in the Key Life.

  18. What a legend. Seemed very humble for a guy who could have just been larger than life as a schtick and people wouldn't have faulted him for it.

  19. One Saturday night years ago Coolio played at a festival in my small town. After the show he was hitting on my wife while I was talking their picture and he invited her back to his hotel room.

  20. He walked into my wife at a horror movie convention and spilt her beer. He was a proper gentleman and even offered to buy her a new drink. He shall be missed by us.

  21. He did great at Riot Fest. Cut his set like 15 minutes early. I thought it was cause he played all his hits in the first five songs and after GP there was an exodus of people to their next stage destinations. Now I assume it’s cause dude was not feelin well. It was hot as fuck on Sunday too. Hope he was in a good place in his finals weeks. Thanks Mr. Coolio.

  22. He's the kinda G the little homies wanna be like On their knees this night, sayin' prayers in the streetlight.

  23. Wow, this is a bit of a shock. Even thought it was released in 1995, it seems like yesterday that the song Gangsta's Paradise came out. RIP Coolio.

  24. I remember my music teacher in eighth grade dissecting the song and going over the meaning of the lyrics. I think it was my first real exposure to rap music.

  25. Black men experience sudden cardiac arrest at twice the per-capita rate of white men. Happened to my Mother-in-law’s boyfriend too. Sucks because the guy was a former panther and was full of insight you don’t get from a normal ‘racial education’ — like he told me to read up on Stokely more than Malcolm X or MLK. Sorry, weird tangent, but it’s got me thinking about how this ethnic disparity in disease contributes to a loss of culture.

  26. Just saw him perform 2 months ago. It was awesome. He nailed a bunch of tunes I would have never thought he’d play, and had some real Talent behind him. RIP coolio, you’re a whole big chunk of my middleschool nostalgia and I’ve been loving skiing to your first album for s couple years now. 🤍🤍

  27. I recently introduced my toddler to episodes of Nick classics like Keenan & Kel. Man, the show is cheesy, but she sure loved the opening number by Coolio and demanded it play on repeat for a while. Made me happy. RIP.

  28. We will never see hair like that again. That was the thing that really stuck with me about Coolio, even more than Gangsta’s Paradise. Even in his older age, he got his hats customized so his hair sticks out. ICONIC.

  29. The guy marked his spot in culture with some good music. Rest easy, Coolio. Just a shame he won't be back with a Kenan and Kel feature.

  30. Ok story time. I am working at this Branch in Las Vegas last year in 2021 at a Mediterranean restaurant called Bok Bok. I'm cleaning the tables bored, sneaking out my phone (such a boring job) I wasn't paying any attention to anyone. Then Coolio walks in with a friend, I stare at him blankly in the eyes for a split second then go on with my business then hear a manager start flaunting about how she found out that Coolio walked in. Man, I missed out.

  31. Damn, man, he walking through the valley of the shadow of death now. RIP Coolio. You will be missed but you will also be remembered.

  32. Death ain't nothin' but a heartbeat away I'm livin' life, do or die, what can I say I'm 23 now, but will I live to see 24? Yes you will but not 60 RIP.

  33. I’m not gonna lie i’ve never been a big fan of him, but even then, gangsters paradise is just one of those legendary songs that everyone just likes and can vibe to

  34. I had the random urge to search 90s on spotify then went to the all out 90s playlist and for some reason listened to the preview for gangster's paradise like 4 times. it wasn't a coincidence. the universe was telling me something. rest in peace coolio.

  35. I remember as a kid listening to gangsta's paradise when it came out with my friend. Must've been like 8 or 9 but its one of my two first memories of really listening to music. RIP. Also I've had fantastic voyage in my head since last night.

  36. Fucking fuck 2022 to all hell. This hurts me. I wasn't a particular fan but I remember my older siblings blasting Gangsters Paradise to death. Even my parents liked the aong. RIP to a legend.

  37. First DMX now Coolio. Who’s gonna compete the trifecta? Better not be Busta, he’s just about the only shred of my youth left

  38. This hits home, I’m 36 and had a younger mother… knew about rap and hip hop from early on and heard all kinds of NWA, Biggie, PAC… but Coolio broke a glass ceiling. RIP big guy in gangsta’s paradise

  39. 100%. This is just done lazy-ass journalistic theft. We're a supposed news outlet and we're just going to report what another news outlet wrote while we keep the ad revenue associated with the article.

  40. I was at Big Bear Mountain and Coolio was talking to staff but it took him like 15 min before they comped his ticket. Anyway the dude made it down Showtime run just fine and I feel a lot older and sad that he is gone. RIP buddy will probably see you soon.

  41. Sad to hear this news. I saw him quite literally crying off-stage at viva phoenix because he hadn't yet acquired his drugs and was having a meltdown. It took like 2 hours past his set time for him to perform. I can't remember how many years ago now, but it wasn't that long ago. Maybe 2015-2017.

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