Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was '100% real'

  1. I don’t understand at all how this is ok? Is it just because he’s rich? I know poor people wouldn’t get away with lying like this. Or does he have some weird “in” that gives him a break you and I wouldn’t be afforded?

  2. I hope his lawyer broke the code and sent the phone data to the prosecutor on purpose because his client is a piece of shit.

  3. I’ll never forget listening to a This American Life story where a reporter visited the place Alex Jones grew up. He was known in the town for being a pathological liar that no one could stand. Then at the end of the story the people the reporter talked to admitted to believing his Lies about President Obama and other anti-Democrat stuff, despite KNOWING that the guy is incapable of telling the truth, because they were all Republicans.

  4. This is something that amazes me. A lot of people can plainly see that Trump is a pathological liar, but they think somehow he's telling the truth when he says things they like. Anyone with the slightest shred of introspection would say "wait a minute..." but they're comfortable believing something whole heartedly without giving it even a little bit of thought.

  5. I hope this judge knocked some sense into his head. I can’t fathom how narcissistic a person has to be to attack grieving parents. Insanity.

  6. Holy shit. She is the first person I've seen stand up to him, ever. Thank you for commenting and quoting the judge, because I wasn't going to watch the footage until I saw your post. I am so glad I did. My friends and I are only in our early 30's, and two of them are hard-core Alex Jones fans. I still call them friends because I love them, but we don't speak anymore. It is very sad. Alex Jones single-handedly stole their souls.

  7. Like when trump had to admit to charity fraud in court and immediately sang a different tune when out on the street

  8. guy in my town rides a motorcycle around with an info wars flag and wearing a vest with info wars patches..

  9. “LATER TONIGHT, on infowars: Hear how the Deep State coerced Alex Jones to attempt to file for bankruptcy. Multiple times.”

  10. 100% real quote from jones today: "The media still ran with lies that I was saying that it wasn't real on air yesterday. It's incredible. They won't let me take it back. They just want to keep me in the position of being the Sandy Hook man"

  11. Where does the right wing find every single bad lawyer in the country? The level of incompetence is quite astonishing.

  12. Technically that would be very relevant information and information that SHOULD have been turned over (I would assume that the lawyers for the plaintiff subpoenaed every text involving any reference to or about Sandy Hook) so that would be a case of his lawyers accidentally obeying the law.

  13. Wow... Can't imagine losing something you love so much and having to continue living life. Better tug on those boot straps.

  14. 'He also complained that he’s been “typecast as someone that runs around talking about Sandy Hook, makes money off Sandy Hook, is obsessed by Sandy Hook.'

  15. 'Why are they so fixated on this incredibly damaging and insane conspiracy theory? Just because it horrifically messed up their lives? I have dozens of insanely damaging and moronic conspiracy theories, why doesn't anyone talk about those?'

  16. He always knew Sandy Hook was real but his schtick is conspiracy and controversy to make money. He deserves everything he gets.

  17. Typecast is the word used for actors and Actresses with the get stuck assigned to reoccurring roles. What he meant to say is being Stereotyped. The fact that he made this mixup as someone who is himself a crisis actor himself is a bit of Freudian slip.

  18. If you polled 100 Americans and asked them to give you names of people who are associated with this event, I would bet that Alex Jones is mentioned more than anyone else. The moron did it to himself.

  19. This won't stop any conspiracy theorists from further saying its a hoax. His damage is already done, and he's set the trend for others just like him to question every "false flag" school shooting.

  20. I love that he informed the jury that anything more than $2mil would sink his business. Gives the jury an excellent absolute minimum to give the family. He literally sunk them when they were already at their lowest, and deserves a taste of that. Fingers crossed for the full $150mil

  21. I hope Jones ends up living under a bridge and can't even afford a newspaper to cover his face so people won't recognize him and throw rotten fruit at him.

  22. If the reporting is to be believed, he's really pissing off the judge, so I wouldn't be surprised, I'd even welcome it, if the judge basically looks at the maximum fine she can impose (or is this one of the cases where the jury determines the fine?)

  23. He deserves everything he gets, but unfortunately his admission of lying won't change a thing with the morons out there who can't handle reality so they make up bullshit.

  24. Holy shit. Those people are irredeemably disgusting. I know I’m saying this on a post about AJ but it is seriously fucking unreal to read those comments in real time

  25. That needs to be shut down. These imbeciles need to go back to ranting on the street corner while everyone ignores them. Allowing them to congregate from across the world and feed each other increasingly outrageous lies minute by minute is indisputably damaging society.

  26. It's absolutely baffling to me how anyone can be so dense as to believe this. If mass shootings were something that benefited the government, wouldn't it be a lot easier to actually do the shootings or just foster the circumstances that allow them to happen? Like the fake moon landing conspiracy theory this one makes no sense because faking it would require substantially more effort than just doing it.

  27. I was watching the livestream yesterday. Alex Jones was coughing a lot and the mother who is suing him handed him a bottle of water after everyone was dismissed, and Alex thanked her and her husband, shook hands with both of them, and said what sounded like a sincere apology.

  28. First half of your comment: Wow, sounds like Alex Jones re-connected with reality and is remorseful about his conduct.

  29. I'm a lawyer and one of the questions I frequently come back to over the past years is "are these people special bad?" There certainly are people out there who are a special kind of evil and the bad things they do kind of catch society by surprise and strain systems that were not designed to handle them. But to me the more interesting problem are the regular bad people who run into badly designed systems and exploit them. If it wasn't Mr. X, then it would have been Mr. Y a few weeks later, or Ms. Z a few months later still, and so on and so forth.

  30. I might have felt a little empathy towards the guy if he would have kept his yap shut after the apology. Admitting you're wrong and apologizing for it is the first step towards trying to make amends for one's wrongdoings. Once you start making excuses though, it makes everything else disingenuous.

  31. If I'm not mistaken he said something about the dad being on the autism spectrum and when he was confronted with that his response was pretty much "bro, I'm autistic too"

  32. Oh, but didn't you hear? He's not worth anything anymore. The money's gone. Somehow it just left when things started going south and there's nothing for them to take.

  33. He needs to be financially eviscerated. People like him should face consequences of such magnitude and frequency that people learn the loud-liar model isn't profitable.

  34. While Alex has been trying to make this about his freedom of speech, just in case anyone wasn't aware: this is not a case about freedom of speech, this is a case about contempt of court due to Alex Jones ignoring requests for information and evidence.

  35. The parents had the worst thing imaginable happen. What does Alex Jones do to them? Makes their situation even worse. This guy needs to lose everything.

  36. As a non-American I never managed to wrap my head around that “parents that lost their toddlers in a mass shooting getting harassed by conspiracy theorist” situation. It just seems like pure and almost purposefully symbolic evil, like in greek mythology and stuff. Like a fable that intends to tell you there is no limit in suffering and evil. How can the US society let that happen, and how it takes some much time and effort to shut Alex Jones down, is completely beyond absurd.

  37. I can't wait to see the jury questions for Jones. The jury has already made their disdain of other infowars employees evident in previous witness questions. And now we have Bankston showing the jury the video of Jones calling the members of the jury "blue collar" people who "don't know what planet they are on".

  38. I’d award them a billion with a B. The judge should also give him as long of a prison sentence as permitted for each one of his lies under oath.

  39. yeah but the hope is that this sends a message to other scumbags like Newsmax, OAN, Fox, Daily Wire, Breitbarf, etc that drumming up hate with lies actually carries a financial consequence.

  40. My dad shrugs off every mass shooting ever single time something happens, his excuse? "Oh they say x went in and killed ppl but how do we know what his motives were or if it even happened?"

  41. Free speech means the government can't impose limits what you say, or how you say it. It doesn't make you immune to the consequences associated with what you say.

  42. As a Connecticut resident that lives one town over from Sandy Hook, fuck this loser. He deserves to be left penniless, living in his own filth for the remainder of his worthless life.

  43. I lived one town over too. Driving through that town with all of the stars with the kid's names on the telephone poles right after to get to work every day? Fuuuuuck. Unbearable. I'd sometimes reroute to avoid it. What a monster.

  44. Graduated high school with one of the teachers who was killed. My wife's friend was also killed. Fuck Jones. Financial destitution is not a strong enough punishment.

  45. The look on the faces of my coworkers running out of my office to head to Sandy Hook where their kids were in school will never leave me. They’ve said it was the longest drive of their lives.

  46. Wasn't that nutbag just talking shit yesterday? I didn't hear what it said but I had the news on at work and the headline said aomwthing about "Alex Jones takes shot at sandy hook parents."

  47. If Alex "Theseus" Jones is slowly replaced piece by piece with literal shit, would anyone notice? He'd probably smell better right?

  48. He also complained that he’s been “typecast as someone that runs around talking about Sandy Hook, makes money off Sandy Hook, is obsessed by Sandy Hook.”

  49. I heard a clip on the news just now where the attorney for the plaintiffs asked Jones if he had linked the trial judge to pedophilia and Jones replied that he had not

  50. well that’s nice. now cough up the money you earned by lying about these innocent ppl who had their babies murdered. fake news deserves real consequences.

  51. Dude is mentally unstable, hateful and unfit to be airing his so called “facts” to the public. He’s now crying about how the amount he is being sued for will “sink” his business. Any business dealing in “hate” and “insanity” needs to be sunk.

  52. This whole thing infuriates me. It has the same energy as Holocaust deniers. There is a cruel energy behind trying to gaslight people into believing an atrocity never happened. There was no reason to turn such an ugly event into a goddamn conspiracy theory.

  53. Will Alex Jones be required to personally reach out to all his listeners and explain that he lied about this? It seems fitting.

  54. The thing that really really really bothers me about this is that the audience that this man has built doesn't fucking care. Even if we assume they'll see this as meaningful, there's a 99.99% chance they'll just invent a new conspiracy theory to buttress the previous one(s) that Jones has now disavowed.

  55. And that’s huge BS from them too. They went over the financials. Alex made 70 mill last year. Someone gave him 8 million in bitcoin earlier this year. 2 wouldn’t be anything that actually hurt them.

  56. but of course he's gonna go back to his crowd and say "well, they made me say it." no winning with these folks

  57. Just in case none of you have seen this: the moment Alex Jones learns his lawyers accidentally gave the opposing attorneys all the information they were supposed to hide

  58. Alex Jones is one of a very select few people that exist that i would just punch in the face. I'm not particularly tough but his existence is an affront to everything I fundamentally hate and hes a bitch so i know I could Tyson him 🤷‍♂️

  59. What a meaningless statement. The point of the trial is not to get him to admit it’s real, it’s to punish him for harassing these families for years.

  60. This is what needs to be done. These "false conspiracy theory messiahs" need to beheld accountable for their falsehoods.

  61. Every single time there's a school shooting families have two tragedies to deal with at the same time. One, their children getting shot. Two, a bunch of fucking crazies coming after them thinking they are part of some deep state conspiracy to take their god damn guns away. And Alex Jones is a huge part of that.

  62. Part of his sentence should be to go on his show and any other place he’s speaking publicly and be required to state this repeatedly using specific language ‘I alex Jones admit that I knowingly lied to you for profit and that the sandy hook attack was 100% real as reported by the legitimate news media’.

  63. Amazing how when you’re MAKING money off bullshit lies, you have no problem being a soulless prick but once it starts COSTING you money, suddenly the truth comes out.

  64. He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

  65. And the second he goes back onto his show he will say that he was lying and that it is all fake, just like all of the other times he has admitted that it is real

  66. this MFer needs to be left in utter RUINS for what he did to those parents. He should have to loudly proclaim to his listeners how he LIED right before they take all his ill-gotten gains and send him to prison

  67. He attacked and created so much harm and unnecessary heartache for those families. He is a scumbag lowlife traitor doing anything for self promotion, fame and money. Lock him up and take everything!

  68. Not on air though just under oath! He does this constantly! He’ll be on air within an hour claiming he was forced to say that and doesn’t believe it!

  69. Need to stop talking about money (that families will never see) and throw this guy in jail for a couple decades.

  70. I'm assuming now that he's admitted this in court that if he goes back on the air and continues to claim that it is fake, that he'll get sued again and again. And lose every time.

  71. The dude was literally arguing with the parents about this in the courtroom yesterday after the judge left, still claiming that it was fake. He's lying. They should add perjury to his charges.

  72. Ugh freakin piece of trash. I hope he is never allowed a days peace after what he did to those poor families.

  73. Too late now, douche - the damage is already done. Hopefully, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage.

  74. Yeah no shit you scumbag. Spend the rest of your life broke and in jail, motherfucker.

  75. They're already falling over eachother to claim that the Deep State has replaced him with Bigfoot in a suit while he was at their moon base built by nazi aliens.

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