Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt for defying January 6 committee subpoena

  1. WHOA NELLY - $1000? Jesus Christo! That will stop him in his "I made millions from the fake build the wall scam" pants!

  2. So I have a question. Does anyone know what happens after he serves jail time? Say he serves 1 month, 6 months, or a full year. What happens next?

  3. Alex Jones managed to lose a ton of cases by default too. These ppl, if they or their counsel are logical actors, must believe stuff like this is preferable to answering discovery requests or subpoenas.

  4. One thing, that sounds like a good argument for the maximum sentence. For another thing, it presumably makes an appeal difficult.

  5. This feels like 'I either turn over a bunch of shit and incriminate myself or I hang out in club fed for 30 days' option so he took the latter?

  6. Literally every one of those jurors had to give up a full week of their time because they were legally bound by a summons to hear a trial of a guy who thinks he isn’t legally bound by a summons.

  7. They didn't present a defense because all the defenses they put forward were shot down by the judge as having no legal merit. There are some crimes that have no defense.

  8. "Bannon's team argued in closing that the jury had reason to doubt the case, while suggesting the government's key witness was not impartial."

  9. He knows he'll be pardoned by the next GOP president. Two years in rich guy jail is nothing. He'll fundraise off it and sell a book.

  10. In 2021 I thought a lot more people would be held accountable but it's been so few people.... Garland needs to charge Trump at some point, how much more evidence does he need.

  11. You get more jail time for stealing a piece of moldy bread than you do for defying the congress of the United States of America.

  12. They'll have to unload a truckload of benzos just to keep him alive, although I'd hazard a guess that he's no stranger to benzo abuse either

  13. Withdrawal will likely straight up kill him without medical observation. Alcohol and benzo withdrawal is no joke but luckily the prison medical ward is happy to detox him.

  14. There is a documentary (highly recommend) that followed him around. Although you never so it it was obvious this guy was serious addict.

  15. One of many Republican elites who thought people in high places would surely protect his criminal activity. No one to pardon him now, as happened previously.

  16. He can be sentenced to 30 days minimum for each offense, and the judge decides whether they be served concurrently of consecutively. The maximum sentence can be up to two years for each offense.

  17. I have no doubts that Bannon has calculated that the jail time for Contempt of Congress is way less than whatever would happen to him if he complied with the subpoena.

  18. ”Oh my stars, someone fetch me my vapours; I need a red velvet fainting couch and a mint julep, pronto!”

  19. This whole administration was basically a game of chicken. Break as many laws and steal as much money as you can. Then dare your party to do something about it.

  20. Bannon always looks like that guy sitting outside the Rite Aide with a brown bagged bottle of liquor in one hand, and a sign asking for money in the other.

  21. Bannon stated as he left the court, “ I stand with Trump and the Constitution and I will never back off of that, ever.”

  22. To this day no one has been able to adequately explain to me who Steve Bannon is and why he appeared out of nowhere as one of the biggest national security threats in modern history. Who was he before Trump came into the picture?

  23. He was a World of Warcraft gold farmer who realized the assholes in Barrens chat would vote if given a candidate deplorable enough.

  24. He was a random businessman and huckster, did a few different things that made him very successful as a businessman. But he craved power, and apparently he is one of those people who has great skill at convincing other people that he's a genius and has a brilliant plan to take over the world. The world pre-Trump presidency was quite different than today's world. Today the majority of the republican party leadership has no problem supporting the overthrow of the legitimately elected US government. But back then, they were more hesitant about it. Bannon was one of those few people who was willing to announce plans to tear it all down. There's a huge conservative universe of organizations, funding, think tanks, organizations, and dark money groups. Bannon entered that sphere and his name spread. He was able to get to be head of Breitbart News after Andrew Breitbart abruptly died. I'm not sure if it was before or after that that he attracted the attention of far-right mega donors The Mercers, but I think it was after. Bannon helped to found Breitbart. But the Mercers certainly liked him a lot and funded Breitbart and his stewardship of it. Read here for a bit more:

  25. This dude came out afterward saying something to the effect of “we may have last the battle, but we’ll win the war. I’m loyal to Trump and the constitution” … or some shit like that.

  26. The thing I keep wondering is: why aren't you more upset? What makes you think you'll still prevail? We all know this attempted power grab didn't end 01/06. So again, why so chill? Why no defense?

  27. What prison? It's 30 days and that's assuming the judge doesn't acquit or they don't delay with continuous appeals until the next Republican president Pardons him again.

  28. Bannon is a blustering blowhard in public but quiet as a mouse under oath. That tells you all you need to know about what he thinks about his own actions. He knows he's guilty, he knows he broke the law many times, he just doesn't care. Maybe now he will? Sentencing is in October and I say throw the book at him. Make them know it's not okay.

  29. Next step: He just ignores his sentence and nothing happens about it at all as the cops arrest me for an unpaid parking ticket from 1998.

  30. If the republic survives another century maybe school kids will learn of this Steve Bannon person the same way earlier generations were taught about Benedict Arnold or Aldrich Ames. Poor kids, having to look at Bannon's face on their holoscreens.. And then remember all the traitorous shit he did.. And then answer "Who else was in the Clown Car with Bannon?" on the test when it's not multiple choice and god damn it how do you spell Giuliani anyway?

  31. He will be able to vote again. He can certainly hold public office(see Marion Barry, whasginton D.C.) A nd he can be a lobbyist. Good try.

  32. Everyone realizes that he’s not going to rykers. He’s gonna be in some minimum security prison, literally a glorified visit at a country club

  33. Put me under oath. Misdemeanor from hell. Yada yada. When push comes to shove the biggest mouth is a punk like all the other democracy-hating Trump sycophant fascist wannabes.

  34. I bet he knows that anything he’d have to say on the stand would land him in jail for much longer than 60 days. So, he’s probably hiding out in a republican state that will just ignore federal court orders until the government either sends the fbi to get him, or the midterms create a republican majority.

  35. I'm not that surprised, as this is about the most open and shut case a prosecutor could ask for. Was he ordered to appear? Yes. Did he appear? No. Then he's in violation of a subpoena. Simple.

  36. HIs lawyers probably told him to not bother, I can't even think of the last time someone ignored a Congressional subpoena where congress actually turned it over to the court to prosecute. Let alone actually be sentenced to jail time over it.

  37. I guess he thought a year or two (if that) in prison for contempt is worse than snitching on Trump. He probably won't even go to a real prison or jail. Most likely a camp.

  38. Why would anyone comply with this? You get barely any jail time. If you are going to make people testify you have to have some punishment for ignoring the United States that has some teeth. This is what he wants. He get no punishment and gets to look tough to his base and trump. As usual the American people get nothing.

  39. Is there someone who can truly, with facts, explain how he is able to get away with it, while regular joes can’t?

  40. Bring him to congress. Put him right there on the dais. Tie him to a stake. Hover a torch over a pile of kindling at his feet. Ask your questions.

  41. Two years in fed isn't enough, BUT, there's not enough toilet hooch in the entire joint to keep this sorry POS from going through some pretty serious withdrawal. If they're not physically strong enough, an alcoholic can die from going cold turkey.

  42. Is that what his deal his? He looks like he drives a creepy van and snatches kids for a living to feed himself.

  43. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. He was supposed to testify for the Jan. 6 committee, which is wrapping up in September. His sentencing is in October. Isn't this a victory for him?

  44. If you get a pardon you should be on probation the rest of your life. MFer is gonna get a slap on the wrist in October and he'll have plenty of time to crowdfund for the fine

  45. I was trying to come up with a joke about dropping the soap but I don’t think this guy knows what that is.

  46. This guy needs to be dropped in a pit and left there he is the architect of the insurrection and the source of most of Americas current problems.

  47. This dude's involvement in the Cambridge Analytica situation and his moves since then indicate that he's playing a wholly different game than the rest of us and until our reality puts a hard block against his reality, he's going to think he's in control and winning at something.

  48. Why does anyone even pay any attention to this drunken Rasputin? He is just another con man making a buck at the expense of the people.

  49. He said he supports the constitution? How does defying a subpoena support the constitution? They are all such a bunch of idiots

  50. What are they hiding? Don't these "law and order" schmucks always say " if you're innocent just cooperate"? Have I missed the part that makes them special?

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