Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs bill that bans close recording of law enforcement

  1. "Excuse me Ma'am you're not allowed to film us beating the shit outta this guy that's not resisting", precedes to beat the shit outta him

  2. I wonder how this will affect camera drones, like if a cop is acting up and there's a drone hovering at 50-100 ft, what are they gonna do ban the sky?

  3. Derek Chauvin would almost certainly be a free man if the cell phone video we all saw was considered illegal and forcibly deleted.

  4. All a police officer has to do is move closer to you to make what you are doing magically transform from legal to illegal, empowering them to stop you and arrest you.

  5. Hey if it makes them get the fuck away from the neck of a man dying, I'll go to jail. This is going to have some very interesting unintended consequences. The cop has to I shoot this person/jam them up over dumb shit/stop and frisk or get close enough to this rando to avoid being recorded?

  6. Ahh I remember the good old days when unconstitutional laws would get struck down by the Supreme court. Good times. Too bad those days are gone.

  7. Did the federal precedent confirming the right of people to record the police and setting the minimum distance from officers at ten feet stop existing?

  8. I feel like this is one of those things that they want someone to challenge in court so that they can kick it up to SCOTUS and just dispense with even more rights from the bench.

  9. Not really. Cops getting even more legal power to be abusive is no laughing matter. People will continue to have their lives ruined by rogue law enforcement and now they have even less recourse thanks to this fuckshit new rule.

  10. This is shady. If they wanted to create a law to prevent people from interfering with police work it should have stated that people cannot intentionally enter an officer’s personal space for the purpose of recording;distance of X feet. The way the law is described would make recording your own traffic stop illegal, as well as recording if an officer comes within 8 feet of you.

  11. People need to be able to film police whenever we want without exception. They're the armed wing of the state. If you are recording an officer, you might need to get close enough to identify a badge number.

  12. So basically, a blatantly unconstitutional law to get this taken to the supreme court so those morons can say "well akshully, it doesnt say 'cameras' in the constitution therefore the Founding Fathers didn't like them (checkmate libs) therefore they don't count under the first amendment. No, of course we can't change the constitution to update it to a modern standard, jesus himself wrote it with george Washington and thomas Jefferson and it was perfect the first time."

  13. Next up - because news websites aren't literally printed on printing presses, "freedom of the press" does not apply to online newspapers.

  14. Probably violates the 4th or 5th as well. IANAL and I'm Canadian but it seems like this could be so easily abused that it has to violate one of those two

  15. Arizona has a long way to go to compete. I mean are they really even on the list until they make it illegal to give voters waiting in hours long lines food and water?

  16. Keep an eye on Louisiana, if the next governor is a Republican, this state will look at Texas and Florida, crack a smile, and say “hold my beer”.

  17. Has anyone from this administration mentioned any compelling reason as to WHY this was pushed through with so much urgency?

  18. "They're trying to build a prison, they're trying to build a prison, they're trying to build a prison, for you and me to live in." -System of a down.

  19. This is to protect the police from being held accountable for violating rights of citizens. Search “Direct D” on YouTube

  20. For a group of people who claim to love the Constitution, Republicans sure do spend a lot of time attacking the rights it guarantees.

  21. Like most of their claims, their claims of loving freedom is bullshit when it comes to people outside their "in" group.

  22. This totally violates the sixth amendment right for a criminal defendant: “to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor”.

  23. When a convicted rapist, after being imprison in Virginia for many years, was able to obtain DNA evidence that not only did not match his own DNA but also matched a convicted sex offender, then Chief Justice William Rehnquist, in refusing to review the convict's plea of "actual innocence", declared that the constitution guarantees you "a fair trial, not a fair outcome". Since Virginia at the time required that all appeals be made within 6 months of conviction and yet DNA technology was not developed enough at that time, the convict had no other legal recourse to get out of prison.

  24. AND make sure they are on and working. Too many times seen “no footage available because the camera wasn’t turned on” or “no footage available as the camera malfunctioned”

  25. Unwilling to place restrictions on guns because of the second amendment but happy to place restrictions on recording, a right protected by the first amendment. Shows you exactly everything you need to know about the way Republicans govern.

  26. Arizona, along with other states, is simply showing their loyalty to the coming authoritarian government under the triple threat of McConnell's Senate, DeSantis as president, and Roberts' life-long partisan court.

  27. Everyone should record every cop they see. Everywhere. Starbucks. Traffic lights. Grocery store. Always 3-4 or more cameras pointed at them at all times. Fuck Ducey signing this knowing its unconstitutional and now willfully going to waste taxpayers dollars defending it in court. All to remove transparency. How fucking transparent.

  28. Holy shit... every day the USA gets more and more unsafe. It is honestly not surprising to see that ANOTHER stupid law has been passed that protects the wrong people.

  29. Seems to be a 1st and 4th amendment issue here. A cop's bodycam is there for the officer as much as for a citizen. A camera recording will show a judge and jury impartially whether there was probable cause and whether procedure is followed.

  30. They're itching to make abortion even more illegal now that they can, as well. Guess they don't want my family's tourism dollars.

  31. Literally the only thing I could possibly think this could be for is so the police could be shady. How do these thing keep being allowed to happen?

  32. Look I don't even dislike police as most of Reddit, but you should be allowed to record any and every interaction you have with law enforcement regardless of distance

  33. Uh oh, looks like conservatives figured out that Big Brother could be the general public recording them and demanding accountability and now they're going to do everything they can to use Big Government to stop us from filming their abuses.

  34. Watch this get challenged up to the Supreme Court, who will uphold it because video recording technology wasn’t mentioned in the Constitution. heavy sigh

  35. Not too far from secret police, combine this with DeSantis’s personal police force and you’ve got the potential for political dissidents “disappearing”.

  36. What the fuck? Just open the door for more tyranny……... Arizona is getting pretty good at covering up murders by police. Police have been known to make it to where the body cam footage isn’t admissible as well. You do not want to run into law-enforcement or the jails in Arizona, they are terrible.

  37. With a more unbiased Judiciary, no way that bill doesn’t get ruled unconstitutional. With the way things currently are though….

  38. I recommend (for those who can, obviously) filming with a drone. Those are handled by the FAA, and local/state law enforcement will have DOJ all over their ass if they interfere with an aircraft or aircraft operator.

  39. Is there even a good reason for this bill to pass or is it just they don’t want to get caught for the dumb shit they do?

  40. So, if I’m recording an officer questioning a guy, and he gets close to me, and starts questioning why I’m recording, I’m now protected by this law that says I can record police who are questioning me?

  41. What happens if you have a dash cam running and happen to video a 3rd party police incident? Can evidence against police be thrown out because it was collected “illegally”? Highly concerning.

  42. Man, America is so free right now. Can't believe half the nation lost their shit a little while back when some took the knee during the anthem

  43. Make no mistake about it. There is only ONE reason this was passed and signed into law. Bribes. Police union contributions made this happen. None of these politicians had an ethical or ideological reason to craft and pass this law. Except perhaps if the ideology in question is the love of money.

  44. I don't understand how y'all are not rioting right now. No lie I'd be preparing myself for some v for vendetta shit if I were living in Arizona or anywhere in america.

  45. Dude I live in America and I agree with you and I am totally ashamed to be an American right now. This far right conservative bullshit going on is ruining our country. I am seriously thinking of moving to another country if it continues.

  46. You know there will be 100s of arrests for violating this when they weren't because the cop doesn't know what is 8ft is. They will say you are closer than 8ft no matter the distance and the court will believe them because they almost always believe cops. Additionally, they will probably move into the 8ft buffer solely to make sure you can be arrested. This law leaves all kinds of room for abuse on the cop's end.

  47. Just so we're all clear, government is still more interested in pretending the police are a protect class than enacting long overdue

  48. Non American here, when do Americans start acting like many police is some sort of gestapo and actually rising up these corrupt politicians protecting them sound ms terrifying

  49. If an officer is recorded by CCTV close enough, can they enforce that? Need autonomous drones watching my property, person, and vehicle now.

  50. Time for surreptitious recordings. Accountability only seems to happen when a someone is recording and sharing their findings. Why should police work in the shadows without any accountability?

  51. So, it's a bad thing that cops can't get away with murder? That's exactly what would have happened with George Floyd if there weren't bystanders performing 'close recordings'.

  52. I've made a handy guide on which parts of the USA to avoid because of it's terrifying laws and atrocities. I hope it helps people..

  53. This is really bad for people trying to record themselves getting stopped. This isn't about onlookers, it's about silencing the victims of cops

  54. When we started hearing whispers about this type of thing happening my spouse and I discussed proposed punishments and decided it was a small price to pay to keep another person safe.

  55. so the party that wants guns to protect them from the government doesn’t want laws to protect them from the government they actually want the opposite??

  56. Probably already planned for it to be appealed, go to the supreme court, get upheld by the Trump Bunch, and poof goes another American freedom.

  57. So the cops can now rush someone to stop them from legally recording the abuse of power they are committing. Cause they are totally decent good guys, as long as your proof of them being decent and good guys is them saying so while making it illegal to record otherwise.

  58. I just don’t see a way out of the extremism that conservatives in this country keep peddling. I’ve always been against secession, but now… Pacific States of America, here we come!

  59. Not like the police doesnt abuse the power anyway....ohh wait. Get ready for a new America in the next few years with the way things are getting passed and such.

  60. How do Republicans defend this bullshit? Or reconcile it with their pretend obsession with "freedom"? Less accountability for authority always means more abuses of power

  61. Between recent laws in Florida and Arizona I'm seriously wanting to know how old white snowbirds aren't considered selfish locusts anywhere they go.

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