Chris Rock isn't pressing charges against Will Smith for Oscars slap

  1. "I talked to Eddie Murphy about it. He told me to tell Will Smith to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up."

  2. Can't wait to hear the jokes Rock tells about this incident. Especially that look he did off stage like "So you're just gonna go on like nothing happened and I didn't get slapped?"

  3. I agree. Chris seemed genuinely confused that nobody was doing anything and that he was supposed to just take it. But Will Smith can't take a joke, but Chris Rock has to take a slap.

  4. Here's the thing: Smith was a LOCK for Best Actor and was gonna have a mic all to himself in about an hour to make an acceptance speech. He could have accepted the award, made some cutting remarks toward Rock while praising his wife and bringing awareness to her condition. Then everyone would turn on Rock, and Smith would have gained a bunch of sympathy and praise. But he chose...another way...big PR miss here.

  5. Probably why his PR person was talking to him before accepting the reward, giving him talking points for his speech to try and save himself.

  6. Even if he just heckled Chris Rock with the "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth" line. He'll still be seen as standing up for his wife and the court of public opinion would be more in his favor.

  7. Annnnd Chris rock directed Good Hair. Like all will needed to do was mention this to guilt him into the next dimension.

  8. If Will hadn't gone all hissy fit, I wouldn't have even known the Oscars were last night, let alone that Jada has alopecia.

  9. Yeah fr I care more about how Chris is doing, but this was seriously a full-blown mental breakdown Will was having…

  10. I hope he presents another award next year but he brings a wall of bodyguards to surround him on stage. You can't even see him just hear his voice.

  11. Type 'Will Smith' on Google or Youtube and the slap is the only thing that appears. And this guy just won an Oscar. His most important award will be forever linked to a childish behavior.

  12. Not only that, but 'King Richard' itself too. All the hard work that hundreds of people put into the movie will be overshadowed by this childish outburst. Also the other Oscar recipients that night as well- their biggest night was stolen from them too. Smith just licked everybody's pizza over a ten cent joke.

  13. He got in one little fight and his wife got scared, and said "you shoulda killed that guy who talked shit bout my hair."

  14. I would pay good money to hear the verbal counter Rock aaaaaalmost deployed. He swallowed a riff that would have absolutely BURRIED Smith, because he knew better to deescalate and get on with the job at hand. But that joke would have been a live execution.

  15. Nobody’s talking about the fact that Will Smith went on stage minutes later and made the same type of comment about Richard Williams. When he said that now he’ll be compared to Serena and Venus’ crazy father, he was making light of an often discussed “criticism” of Richard. It’s no different than a small joke about Jada’s hair.

  16. I was going to say , I grew up in rough places and when there an incident and the cops show up but they think you won’t be a witness . The state will still pick up charges and force everyone to go through court. Choosing to charge isn’t a thing in poor neighboorhoods

  17. This is weird to me. Where I work police have told me they had to let a patron who was being belligerent towards another patron go because the person didn't want to press charges and so there was nothing they could do? Are there situations where a victim wanting to press charges would be more relevant than other situations where it wouldn't matter?

  18. I’m sure he did some math on his own career prospects if he escalated with Will. I would be looking at the Oscars for a check. How was Will not removed from the venue? They are lucky Chris didn’t react differently, he had every right to.

  19. He handled it well. Nobody likes to see grown men fight outside of the ring, it is immature. Being unfazed by it put the onus on Will. Excepting maybe in that delusional self-important crowd, but who cares what they think. I would not have even known it was Oscars night had this story not popped.

  20. So the precedent now is if the normally offensive comedian host makes a joke you don't like you can go up and hit them?

  21. Totally. I didnt like the joke but that is pretty standard fare to take the piss a bit. Think about ricky gervais at the golden globes. This joke didnt even come close to some of the shit gervais said.

  22. Oscars: sure you can commit assault on live television and stay to receive your award. You just have to a bigger star and you’ll even get a standing ovation because… Hollywood.

  23. Oscars repeatedly award sex offenders trophies, including one that is still fugitive from prosecution in the US. Also remember that time a native woman made a comment about equality on stage and John Wayne had to be physically restrained from immediately beating the shit out of her? An open-handed slap is tame by Oscars standards.

  24. The way Uncle Phil beat and tortured Jazzy Jeff to within an inch of his life in that hour long episode showed that he was not to be fucked with.

  25. To be fair, Uncle Phil likely knew how to throw a real Stockston Slap, and would have broken Will’s orbital bone in several places.

  26. I can’t wait to see Chris Rock’s next comedy special I hope there’s an entire section fooling on Will and Jada

  27. Seriously, way to be sure a)Chris has some quality fodder to build a new set and b) people will watch it in anticipation of hearing that set. Well done, Will. 👏👏

  28. If Will thought Chris lightly ripping on Jada was bad...holy shit, he has just opened the flood gates for abuse for the next 10 years.

  29. The funny thing is that I would never have heard the joke if Will didn't be a child about it. I don't give a shit about the Oscars, but now it's all over the news.

  30. I’m amazed someone can just storm the stage like that. Like, who was running security at this thing, the Capitol Police?

  31. What I don’t get it, had Jada Smith not always have a shaved head for like thirty years? The last time I remember her with actual long hair was the Nutty Professor. Lots of famous Black women are bald and rock it confidently, and she was and is one of them. I know she officially has alopecia so its not a choice now but people are framing in on twitter like she’s on deaths door with a deadly illness.

  32. My stepmom was abusive to me and to my dad. Very frequently, she'd turn an off hand comment by me into some big ordeal and would bother my dad until he "had to do something about it." For example, I once got screamed at and grounded for six weeks for saying dinner was "pretty good," instead of "very good." I imagine something similar went down at the Smith's table. It's just a tool manipulative assholes use to make everyone around them suffer and keep themselves in control.

  33. "In fact we so strongly condemn it, we let him stay seated the rest of the night, collect his award unimpeded, and will invite him to future ceremonies."

  34. My biggest issue with this whole thing is how he sat down and was unchallenged for the rest of the evening, thats wrong. All those sycophantic celebs who offered him reassurance are complicit in my opinion.

  35. You know all the other people nominated best actor, saw them not try to remove Will and thinking to themselves, 'shit well, I lost.'

  36. Yup. The Oscars released a statement to say that they "don't condone violence" but allowed Smith to stay after the incident AND proceed to give him an award. Toss his ass out and disqualify him or revoke his Oscar if you allow the win to stand. I suspect it is all made up in order to get views and up the Oscars ratings but if real they have shown they don't give a fuck (not that they ever did).

  37. The funny thing is that if he just sat there and did nothing until after the show and talked to Rock privately, 99.9% of the people in the world wouldn't remember/know the joke. But, because he has the reactionary behaviour of emotionally unintelligent toddler with poor self-regulating skills, everyone with access to social media and the news knows the joke.

  38. I would never have heard the joke as I don't give a shit about the award show. Instead I found out 30 seconds after waking up and unlocking my phone

  39. I certainly wouldn't have known. And I wouldn't have known about the alopecia (I'd have just thought the hairstyle was her being trendy).

  40. Wow you're right. It's the Streisand effect in full force. I missed the Oscars because I was at a comedy show. So as soon as I left and looked at my phone, that joke is the only non-win of the night that I know about.

  41. For all those saying it was staged, will Smith looks really bad right now, do you really think he'd do that on purpose? Paired with that awful acceptance speech about a family man who abandoned his entire family!

  42. Man, props for Chris for taking the high road. He could have taken the next words to so many jokes about jada.

  43. Will Smith sat their the whole time laughing at jokes at other people’s expense, but don’t you dare make fun of the woman who cheated on him with an 18 year old with mental issues.

  44. Regardless... I'll never forget that they allowed someone who assaulted someone else to remain in the audience. That's some crazy elite crap there. You always make that person leave, unless you're famous I guess.

  45. Remain in the audience, awarded the most prestigious award of the night for his category, and then given a standing ovation.

  46. I don’t know if Smith was talking some Christian stuff during his awards speech or if it was Scientology, but if anyone is looking for a good example of living an ethical and powerful life, not just giving empty words, just look to Chris Rock not retaliating with hate and violence and witness the power in that versus the aggression and powerlessness of Smith.

  47. I texted last night with a couple friends who’ve worked with Will Smith on set. They described him as the most unreasonable, entitled, clueless, and difficult celebrity they’ve worked with, and they’ve worked with a few difficult ones.

  48. His particular kind of charismatic "good guy" face with a cruelly selfish interior is one of the nastiest and most dangerous personalities.

  49. Begins to say something like “man…I could…” and then stops himself. I think he was about to say “I could absolutely roast you right now” but bit his tongue.

  50. Anyone else gonna mention the fact that “King Richard” lost yesterday? This was supposed to be a big night for all people involved in that movie and it was reduced to one childish antic and a pathetic speech. Shame because it actually was a decent movie.

  51. Funny thing is: if they would have just taken this tiny little joke like the 100 people before them that got made fun of, the headlines today would read „Will Smith won best actor!!!!“ and nobody would remember the Jada joke.

  52. It's funny because Chris has been in hot water for many remarks and actions that get him shit. But of all the controversial things Rock has said, this is what gets him slapped on live TV?

  53. Rock has balls. He kept his composure and professionalism despite the childish response from Smith. Almost everyone is siding with Rock and Smith made himself look like a petulant child in comparison.

  54. Will Smith should have been escorted out of the building and the Academy should have said, "we'll mail you your Oscar."

  55. It shows the clear separation of the elite from the rest of us. A normal person would not only be ineligible for the award immediately but likely be escorted out of the building to waiting officers. But if you have money and a socially elite status they will allow you to assult someone in front on millions of people and have not repercussions.

  56. I completely agree. I saw a funny video the other day where he compared himself to Tom Cruise and attempted to do stunts and realized how great Cruise is at his job. And I thought how great and charming will smith is despite all the BS his wife and family throw at him.

  57. The weirdest take here is people making it a racial issue. “Black women are not fodder for jokes.” “The mostly white audience laughed.” Like, that’s a real issue in general, but this isn’t a good example of it.

  58. I feel like Will Smith has been pissed off for the last two decades. I don't know what it was but something in him switched and he just became noticeably angry. He's always been arrogant so it isn't that, when he was on Fresh Prince he was much more joyful and had genuine happiness. But watching him over the years he seems genuinely angry all the time and I even feel it in his movies. Like when he played the Genie, I enjoyed the movie but still felt everything he did was forced. There's just no joy there for whatever reason. He is not a happy man.

  59. A crappy joke met by a disproportionate and petulant response but dealt with by Chris Rock like a pro. Will Smith should have been escorted out of the room pronto.

  60. Smith has a lot of damage control to do for that moment, imo. There are a thousand stand-up comics now at more risk and ten thousand audience members who will think assaulting the person on stage is justified.

  61. So whats the lesson here? That anyone can assault you for a joke? Or you cant make mean jokes anymore because peoples egos are too fragile?

  62. I haven't watched the Oscars in over a decade, but saw all kinds of posts on my feed when I woke up this morning. I watched the unedited version of the incident on youtube. IMO, Chris Rock remained professional and kept his composure unlike Will Smith and his fragile ego. Sit in the front row, expect to be roasted. Smith was laughing at the joke until he turned and saw his wife's reaction. The same wife who said in the past that being roasted by comedians is just part of being in the spotlight. The fact Smith actually apologized to everyone except Rock and used the excuse, "Love will make you do some crazy things." was such a pathetic excuse. He should've been escorted from the building and been unavailable to accept his award.

  63. Not from the States. Does it matter if Rock doesn't press charges? Like if you beat your wife and there's video, and the wife declines charges the police don't do anything? Or just with slapping on TV? Any legal eagles out there? I feel like there's a lot of crimes people could get away with if this is the case...

  64. Local authorities (District Attorney) could choose to press charges against him, even if the victim doesn’t want to.

  65. No, it doesn't matter. They can still charge him even if the victim is uncooperative. But, in cases like this (minor assault) they probably won't pursue it if the victim doesn't. However, they still could.

  66. It was a Dick move by Will. They’re both in the entertainment industry, Chris is a comedian and he was doing his job. Will needs to be reminded of what a joke is and relax. You don’t slap a fellow entertainer for doing what they’re hired to do.

  67. Rock would be crazy to accept to be on their show. He did his part in the most mature way. Now just ignore them and write a new comedy bit and you're gold

  68. Rock won't go on Jada's show and he doesn't need to. He's the victor here. There's no need for him to explain himself. He's a comedian, he tells jokes. Some land, some don't. He's going to be cashing huge Netflix checks and doing legit big-time press while the Smith's are going to be left looking like jackasses.

  69. Man laughs at joke. Man sees wife feel uncomfortable with joke. Man feels bad for laughing at joke. Man feels angry at laughing at joke. Man walks up the ramp and proceeds to Assault for making him feel like that. Man gets Oscar and rest of the Hollywood pats in their back.

  70. If Ricky Gervais was still hosting, he would have been slapped 50 times. He was ruthless! Grow up, Will. It's a fucking joke.

  71. He wasn't protecting her. He was triggered by the emasculation he has felt with an open marriage that was publicly exposed a few years back. He laughed at jokes at first but then reacted to his wife's discomfort. It wasn't even close to an appropriate response if you're mentally in a good place with your wife's extramarital activities. He's obviously been emasculated and is hypersensitive to their relationships over the years after their exposure. Jada and Will are extraordinary people talent wise but as a couple and even parents, I would say they are common, and in this situation, he is classless.

  72. This is just absurd to me. Imagine going to a comedy show, sitting in the front row, the comedian rips on you about your appearance, racial stereotype or something else (totally normal thing that happens in 99% of comedy shows), you get offended and walk up on stage and punch the comedian.

  73. Imagine having your wife talk about her affairs on national tv then simping for her like that, all while your kids with her are out making nutty ass tweets and insulting random people.

  74. I always though Smith was one of the better Hollywood actors, someone to respect. Well, just lost all my respect. That's the kind of example he wants to show to young people looking up to him? It's cool to assault a person if you can't take a fucking joke? It wasn't even that bad, she has no hair boohoo. I know people dying of cancer who joke about that shit, how fucking small person dp you have to be to get offended by a joke about your wives hair?

  75. In all of this, Rock looked like the grownup comedian who forgot he was surrounded by entitled actors that wouldn't know real laughter if it sat on their face. Loved the joke...Will Smith was just the punchline

  76. Will Smith has some mental issues going on. I doubt this is a single isolated incident. This is really sad to see.

  77. Instead of yelling "Keep my wifes name out of your fucking mouth!", something like "She's beautiful, though!" would have been hell of an interjection that would have won everyone in the audience over. That would have been so disarming and there would have been nothing bad anyone could have said about them.

  78. Yeah he didn’t directly apologize to Chris for the slap either lol, I’ve always been a fan of him but I’m pretty disappointed by how he handled this.

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