Swastikas displayed at Canadian protests against vaccination mandates

  1. When I read the headline my first thought was "but aren't they claiming the government mandates are Nazi tactics?" How are you with a group of people waving Nazi flags while decrying something as being "Nazi"?

  2. I have seen more pictures of swastikas from around the world in the past 2 years than in the 10 years before.

  3. We've finally hit the point where almost everyone who saw what happened under that symbol is dead. Time for a good ol' round of cyclical history!

  4. Because excessively rich bastards keep stirring the pot with the inbred yokels and making sure they keep angry at 'lesser races', or vaccines, or red starbucks cups or whatever else so they're distracted and don't wise up and direct that anger at those aforementioned rich bastards.

  5. Right? You would think that if people in the protest you were a part of were flying nazi flags you'd reevaluate you life choices. Lol, who am I kidding. None of them care.

  6. Disinformation via social media is doing a number on our society. Wondering how white supremacy is getting all wrapped up with anti-vaccine and Covid information? These morons can’t tell right from wrong regardless of the category and are being targeted specifically.

  7. This is bizarre. The actual Nazis in Germany were extremely authoritarian in terms of federal governments. They were in fact a "totalitarian" state.

  8. I'll hazard a guess that the dipshit waving a swastika cares little about vaccine stuff in any context and would very much just like to start some shit.

  9. The same kind of people will put a star on their jackets resembling “Jew stars” , as they were mandated during Hitlers regime, with the words “unvaccinated”. It is horrific and tasteless in so many ways. I really hope these people get punished

  10. I love in Canada and know some people that went to this…. You’re not exactly dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed

  11. Trumpers think the government of Canada is planting fake Nazis to discredit the movement and stir up shit.

  12. They just like the racist part of Nazism. Or that part where the freedom to attack minorities that they don't like.

  13. They're supposedly protesting covid mandates so I assumed that they were accusing the government of being nazis but I have no idea. It's probably the "own the libs" mentality more than anything else.

  14. "Historians have a word for Germans who joined the Nazi party, not because they hated Jews, but out of a hope for a restored patriotism, or a sense of economic anxiety, or a hope to preserve their religious values, or dislike of their opponents, or raw political opportunism, or convenience, or ignorance, or greed."

  15. Something people forget about the Nazi party is it didn't start as a campaign against Jewish people *explicitly. Hitler's first targets were communists and socialists. It escalated to genocide as targets were needed and as his influence grew (and antisemitism became publicly normalized) but Hitler's very first public enemies were the socialists--something to keep in mind during what seems like a new wave of fascist thought. I am however seeing an alarming use of the word "globalist" lately though which usually doesn't take too long to get to antisemitism.

  16. Correct. It doesn't matter why you got in the pool... you are in. Whatever happens in there you are a part of. You saw who was in it, you saw what they were about... you jumped in anyways.

  17. If the Nazis were still around the brown shirts would be going door to door and forcibly vaccinating anyone who resisted.

  18. Wait..so it’s like the Holocaust to be forced to wear a mask…say the Nazis at the antivax protest? I’m so confused

  19. Nazis are forever worried that they'll be at the recieving end of a slaughter at any given opportunity, because that's what they would do if given a smidge of power.

  20. I mean, everyone is saying "they don't understand," but feigning stupidity is a nazi's bread and butter. They do understand. They're pretty much explicitly saying the Holocaust wasn't bad when it happened to Jewish people, but it would be bad if it happened to them.

  21. Don't you know? It's 2022, someone asking you to do something is significantly worse than what happened to the Jews during WWII.

  22. It's almost like they know that they're evil pieces of shit and just don't give a fuck. You can't expect any facet of moral integrity from scumbags who support actual, literal, genocide of the Dachau kind.

  23. Understand that they make the comparison not just to say that wearing a mask is horrible. They also make it to handwave the murder of six million jews as being comparable to wearing some cloth over your nose and mouth.

  24. the people who are saying these mandates are like the Holocaust while flying Nazi flags are the same people who say the Nazi party wasn't fascist, it was a socialist party during the rule of Hitler, which is why socialism is bad.

  25. Jokes aside, I’m Jewish and I once accidentally ended up in a car with a neo-Nazi. I needed a ride home from a bar and a friend said his friend would take me. He mentioned that he got out of prison recently but I didn’t think much of it. He had a shaved head too but still didn’t occur to me because he seemed kind of normal. The guy went on a racist tirade the entire time in the car and I was in the backseat drunk like of course, he’s a fucking Nazi. Obviously he had no idea that I’m Jewish so I got home safely and never saw him again.

  26. Happened to me at a Remembrance Day ceremony. Turns out it wasn't a proper ceremony and no one realized that until the speech began. Pretty much everyone boo'd, stormed off, etc. when they realized what was happening.

  27. I did occasionally In the early 2010s no t intentionally there's just a surprising number inthe old Tabletop war gaming communities at the time. It's less prevelant now with nerd culture generally becoming more inclusive.

  28. The thing is though Nazi’s were anti vax because then the undesirables would die more easily. By the time the Nazi’s came to power there had been vaccine requirements in German for over a decade and they abolished them.

  29. Right? Like, I'm sure there are some in the closet nazis in some of the fandoms I hang out in, but they know damn well to keep it under wraps because they'd be flayed alive if they didn't.

  30. I accidentally befriended a Nazi girl in high school and I didn't realize she was a Nazi until I had known her for several months. And I couldn't pull out at that point because we had a bunch of classes together and I didn't wanna rock the boat and make it awkward. I never ghosted someone faster after graduation.

  31. I have. Of course we didn’t know he was a Nazi until it presented itself, we just thought he was a shit stirer that was in our poetry group and occasionally said a few ignorant things. Then one day we are hanging out in his basement drinking beer and he walks out of the back room with a WWII rifle and says “my grandpa used this to kill Jews!” with a smile on his face. At that point, we knew.

  32. It's crazy how easy it is to not end up in the company of Nazis. The minimum requirements are moderate intelligence, some sense of empathy and just the slightest desire to not be a contrarian racist asshole.

  33. They are also against government handouts, but have been harassing/assaulting shelter employees here trying to get a free meal

  34. Which is weird because the guy eith the funny moustache that they worship so much, would probably force the vaccine and execute any unvaccinated and of the weak health, that these group claim to protect.

  35. Yea. Politics, history, economics and preparation are none of their strong suits. Dumb fucks protester on a weekend in front of literally nobody. All they did was probably raise daily COVID cases 10 fold.

  36. Also Nazis. The government are Nazis, and the mask mandates are the holocaust… Says the Nazi. Makes perfect sense, amirite?

  37. I keep hearing about this, but it would be nice if they could show pictures of these scumbags. Blur the flag or sign but post their faces on mainstream CBC so we can identify these people.

  38. That's just awesome. 100% on the nose. They took advantage of a bunch of angry people to be complicit in their ugliness. The radical groups got the numbers and attention, the truckers got nothing.

  39. When my older sister was 15 she used to frequently accuse my parents of being fascists for not letting her do basically whatever she wanted. This is like that.

  40. The Canadian government is so nazi and fascist that they allow these dummies to protest and be televised internationally.

  41. Not just an embarrassment to Canada but to all those good and honest truck drivers just trying to make it by in life. This is disgusting behaviour and is not tolerated by 99.999% of Canadians.

  42. There is some cross over between white supremacists and right leaning people. Generally the more right the more nazis. When they show up to things they might bring flags and shit even if that's not really what it's about.

  43. When you have Nazi flags and confederate flags at your protest, people aren't going to hear anything you have to say about vaccines

  44. And Trump 2024 flags... In Canada. As much as I hate Trump, a Trump 2024 flag would be relevant in the US. But in a Canadian protest? Do they want Trump to run for Canadian office in 2 years?!!!

  45. I don't even think its about vaccines anymore. It's just another excuse for all the right wingers who are mad the liberals won the last election to come out with their FUCK TRUDEAU flags.

  46. I suspect these fringe groups might be attempting to hijack the situation much like violent and distractive individuals tried to do with the BLM demonstrations

  47. There is a huge part of the population who wouldn’t be anti-vaccine at all if it hadn’t been paired with their racist Fox News talking points. It’s just easier to avoid cognitive dissonance while waving an anti-vaccine poster in the air than waving a Nazi flag, but they know who their people are.

  48. Given more than 90% of truckers are vaccinated and the huge overlap between the attendees and the deplorable crowd, this wasn't ever really about vaccines.

  49. Sending a bunch of feds to wave Nazi flags for a couple of minutes and then disappear after the photo op sure is an easy way to stop annoying arguments before they begin.

  50. It was always there, I don't know why people are surprised at it now. The UK (and many others I suspect) was somewhat reluctant to join the war against Germany, and was close to siding with them even. America pretty much stayed out till they got attacked. And there were communist parties in America at the time too. They never really went away, I suspect numbers dwindles, and they had less rallies and shit like that, but post war it would likely have died down a great deal.

  51. Probably worn by people who have never been to Germany, never had a Jewish friend and certainly don’t have any connection to Hinduism. Just keeping hate in their hearts because they think it makes them strong.

  52. I like how Germany handles stuff like this. Anyone wearing nazi imagery, flying nazi flags, or making nazi salutes goes directly to jail. Nazis are evil and we should not be allowing Nazis to freely spread their ideology.

  53. We should do this as well. We made peace with Germany, we did not make peace with Nazis. Anyone waving around Nazi symbolism should be considered an enemy of Canada. There is no good reason, EVER, to be carrying a Nazi flag around.

  54. I guess I don't understand at all why you'd wave around things with that symbol on them at this event.

  55. I was there for several hours crowd-watching. Did not see either a confederate or a nazi flag the entire time. I'm hoping they were run out of town.

  56. “We’re against the right of the gov’t to make you get life-saving vaccines, but for the rights of the gov’t to exterminate ethnic minorities!”

  57. This hurts the brain so much. If those swastikas appear because "forcing people to get vaccinated is what the Nazi would do", you're doing it wrong. The Nazi were not oppressed. They were the oppressors. You should be showing up with a Star of David pinned to your coat, this is what the Nazi forced the Jews to do when they were in power.

  58. Wow...you know when one extreme begins, the opposite is born to bring balance. I can't believe people can't understand the horrific shit the Nazis did. Anyone that wears that symbol deserves the worst in the world

  59. Among other things, it's pretty clear that we've all led pretty fucking cushy lives. No actual concentration camp survivor would call wearing a mask during a fucking pandemic a holocaust. No one who's come from any number of countries with ethnic cleansing, civil wars, refugees, hunger, random bombings...all the shit that goes on all over the fucking planet...none of them would go "Help, help! I'm being repressed!" over a vaccine or a mask.

  60. What kind of unfocused, angry at the world, fucked up group of idiots are wearing both Holocaust stars while others are wearing Nazi regalia? Think about what kind of collective delusion your movement must have to see itself as the victims of fascism, the defenders of freedom, while standing against democracy, being anti-government but admiring authoritarianism….

  61. One asshole wears a swastika and suddenly everyone at a protest is a Nazi, and holding an opinion in opposition of mandatory vaccination is now synonymous with being a nazi sympathizer.

  62. The mental gymnastics you have to perform to equate NAZI Germany’s rule to a nation adopting health care protocols to save lives is astounding. Especially since those that do, couldn’t organize a sock drawer let alone a coherent thought.

  63. Also worth nothing that apparently 1/5 of canadian truckers are south asian but this group is virtually nonexistent in these protests….why would they with all the nazis around…. but lets admit that this protest has nothing to do with trucking at least.

  64. 90% of truckers are already vaccinated anyways, so it's not really surprising to see only the small minority of loud idiots there.

  65. I imagine that it won't be mentioned that on behalf of protesters, rewards are being offered to identify and remove people carrying swastikas from the peaceful protest.

  66. Are they wearing them to compare vaccination mandates to Nazi fascism, or are they wearing them because they are a big fan of Nazi fascism? Because that Venn diagram seems to be a circle.

  67. There’s lots of livestreams of the protest on YouTube go watch some and you’re either not gonna see any nazi symbols or you’re gonna see protesters shouting at the people with them and chasing them off

  68. The people who organized the protest is giving a cash reward to identify the random 5 Nazis who showed up as well as the asshole or trashed the tomb of the unknown soldier

  69. The consensus over there surprisingly seems to be that this protest is a shitshow. They are definitely doing something wrong if even that right-wing echo chamber is against them.

  70. Irony is that if nazi germany had the virus and a vaccine for it, thered be no "mandate". It'd be get vaccinated or else.

  71. I have a few simple rules and guidelines for being a well-adjusted grown-up: Never cheap out on things that keep you off the ground. Shoes, tires, bedding, housing.

  72. I’m confused. There are no picture of the protests in this article, let alone swastikas amongst the crowd… the armband on the thumbnail is a photograph from a museum. Any real sources for this? With 30k upvotes and thousands of comments you would think there would be actual proof of this claim.

  73. And Confederate flags and the Gadsden flag. Something tells me these people are not trying to say vaccine mandates are fascist...

  74. Why the fuck are Canadians even flying the Confederate flag? They can't even use the excuse of "heritage" so there's literally only one reason to stick it up.

  75. I always view these types of reports with tremendous skepticism. I’ve personally been privy to several instances in which it was very clear that well intentioned groups were infiltrated at a protest or public gathering by folks with these types of things who were obviously attempting to discredit the group by having them painted with the Nazi brush or something equivalent. There is of course, more recent instances of that exact practice being documented in the news during the Virginia governor race. Suffice to say once you get off the screen and start observing these things in person, it gets real clear that these sorts of reports need to be viewed with extraordinary skepticism.

  76. This reminds me of when BLM protests happened and like six yahoos had ANTIFA flags, so my idiot father in law said they were all ANTIFA rioters.

  77. So lemme get this straight. They’re comparing a vaccine mandate to being victims of the holocaust AND they’re touting swastikas? Their level of cognitive dissonance is unmatched

  78. Whhhaaaaat. You're telling me that a movement that is built around far right populism, being constantly outraged, science denial, scapegoating and feeling both superior as well as victimized at the same time might attract Nazis? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

  79. Let's take a minute to remember not to mischaracterize anti mandate protests and people that attended them by the attendance of a few Nazi goofballs. Disclaimer: I'm vaccinated but believe people should have the choice.

  80. Exactly. People always try to discredit protests by pointing to a fringe minority, who are often far-removed politically from the cause itself. We also see this with left-leaning protests when their opponents start shrieking "Antifa, Antifa!."

  81. So, all these hate symbols were on display at this protest, yet the only picture they could come up with is a stock photo of "A Nazi armband with a swastika displayed in the Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany"

  82. Is this a widespread thing or only a few people? I've only seen one or two pictures of it but haven't been following that closely.

  83. It seems like if you protest with the left, some ignorant, violent, entitled jerks come out and wreck things. If you protest with the right, some ignorant, violent, entitled jerks come out and wreck things. The wing nuts and crazies are magnified and encouraged by the media to make it look like every protest is evil. This is of course just how I'm seeing it, but am I alone? If every protest is evil, doesn't it give the government a free hand to ignore us(whether left, right, or centrist)? At this point I'd actually like to hear what the truckers want, because I doubt they're after the establishment of a Fourth Reich....honestly a lot of those swastika-waving buffoons present as people who really need a psychiatrist and good phama-therapy.

  84. Its sad reading the amount of comments who clearly don’t know anything about the topic and come to the conclusion that 5 shitbags suddenly represent the views of 50 000 protestors.

  85. Fucking lies this is bullshit! Swastikas on upside down flags are calling Trudeau a nazi. One confederate and one swastika full flag and there’s videos of these two guys being confronted. They are fully masked and left before being exposed!

  86. Nazis demonstrating in Ottawa the same day there are Nazis demonstrating in Florida? I think North America has a Nazi problem that the governments seem to not want to recognize…

  87. Not just the government. Everyone always pops into posts about Nazis claiming that there aren't any actual Nazis around anymore.

  88. There has been videos popping up of people being asked to leave because they showed things like that. Agent provocateurs.

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