Nespresso… Still Ridiculously Expensive

  1. This is why we bought an OL. Lots of great off brand options priced right if you are willing to buy in bulk. I try to keep it at around forty to fifty cents per pod. Illy and Peets are my current fave. Not helpful to your issue but might be for others reading this. Vertuo just too expensive for me.

  2. Exactly you go with the original machines. They don’t break as much and you can order capsules from off label European manufacturers that are 30-40 cents a pod in a box of 50 or 100

  3. 100%. Have a vertou that almost never gets used anymore, but lazavva or whatever pods for sun $0.30 each, so I don’t feel bad doing 5 a day

  4. I just got some cheap pods on amazon, still taste pretty good, though not as good as those purple ones from nespresso :) $20 for 60 pods

  5. That’s mostly my approach. I’ve tried a bunch and settled on only buying aluminum capsules such as Peets and Illy. They seem to work more better for me than the plastic ones.

  6. Where in Canada are you finding the Lavazza pods at Costco? All I’ve been finding are the Starbucks ones, which are about .50 CAD when they go on sale.

  7. I came here to say the same thing. With the bundles, mine came out to $1.10/pod which is way cheaper than most coffee shop. Then again I only drink (or try to) one cup/day. I can understand how it can get more expensive with more of a caffeine need per day. Still cheaper than coffee shops for worse quality coffee.

  8. You're comparing it to the most expensive alternative. It's still much more expensive than buying grounds or whole beans. Even keurig cups come in bulk quantities.

  9. This retarded argument all the other retards in this sub regurgitate like sheep. cOfEE ShOp is exPenSive. You can also make it cheaper at home without a fucking Nespresso or a coffee shop.

  10. I do one Nespresso pod a day. If I did two, one is likely decaf. I used Nespresso as an upgrade from Tassimo and keeping away from Starbucks.

  11. Nespresso is considered a luxury item, which usually comes with a higher price point. I personally find it worth it and will continue to buy even when the price inevitability rises. My husband doesn't find it worth it and drinks drip coffee.

  12. The metal reusable cafilas pod also works great as long as you don’t over pack it. I use ground Illy espresso. Delicious and even less expensive.

  13. The other espresso alternatives, ie coffee shops are at least 3x the cost at least by me. I can make a 2 shot latte for about 2 dollars... anywhere by me that's a 6 dollar drink. Add in the variety you can have I think there is a ton of value in Nespresso.

  14. In another comment, you mention having 2-3 per day. If I were you, I’d have one Nespresso and then make cheaper coffee another way for the others.

  15. Nespresso enjoys a veneer of luxury and exclusivity. It is completely unsupportable but American consumers love the illusion. Of course Nespresso charges what the market will bear, that's capitalism. And we are silly enough to pay whatever Nespresso charges. But your calculation is not entirely accurate. You're not paying $60/pund for the coffee. You're paying Nespresso's contracts with their farmers (which are truly among the better rates coffee growers can hope to receive), shipping to and from Switzerland, the highly refined capsule manufacturing, the little used but very expensive recycling program, the fancy sleeves with the gold stamping, and, of course, Mr Clooney's Citation jet. I am not an apologist for Nespresso. I like the coffee and I enjoy pushing the buttons. I don't mind the costs any more than I object to what I'm paying fo locally raised lamb and corn or locally brewed craft beverages.

  16. If you know of anyone who travels to Europe regularly, vertuoline pods are less than half the cost there.

  17. Yeah it's wild how expensive Nespresso and Illy etc are in the US. I understand shipping and logistics but the pricing is way more than that, it's just been priced higher to extract every single cent out of the market

  18. This, I live in the uk and reading your prices blows my mind!!! The most expensive pod I’ve paid for nespresso is £0.63 which is $0.72 in the USA so for 10 coffees I’m paying £6.30 which won’t even get me 2 coffees at costa or Starbucks!! And I have a vertuo machine too and I get a free sleeve of coffee for every 7 sleeves I buy and when I bought the machine they threw in their milk frother for free so I can have more than just a standard coffee

  19. Yeah .. Nespresso was always the premium. You get convenience & decent coffee at a cost, but cheaper than coffee shops. You got alternatives tho.

  20. Honest question - why does everyone seem to compare the price to coffee shop prices? Is the machine worth it on its own or is it only something to purchase if you’re absolutely needing a replacement to coffee shops?

  21. Hubby and I have been enjoying the Bowl & Basket OL pods. They went on sale for $3 a box. We didn't empty the shelves entirely, but we made a big dent. Lmao. $0.30 an espresso is about as cheap as it gets.

  22. I got my first machine about 5 years ago and I currently have both an OL and a Vertuo line machine, I only place orders when they have free sleeve deals and that means buying in bulk but it lowers the cost per pod. I also tend to drink a lot of cold brew during summer (which is cheaper) and french press during winter (again cheaper) but I still use my machines at least 5x per week.

  23. I retired my vertuo for the time being for money reasons. I know this sounds deplorable but all I afford rn is Folgers LMAO. I do splurge a little more on certain creamers and syrups though

  24. You can try refilling the capsules with the Folgers. It probably tastes better brewed by Nespresso.

  25. I have been refilling my capsules. It is not so expensive then. I do purchase Nespresso capsules too from time to time.

  26. You're not forced to buy Nespresso and have the choice to reduce or increase your discretionary spend on lifestyle products.

  27. I think its all about your lifestyle. If you tend to buy coffee (starbucks, tims, etc) then nespresso will be the cheaper alternative. If you are used to either grinding your own coffee or buying preground then of course it will be more expensive.

  28. Frist thing I ask of potential Nespresso owners shopimg for machine is "Do you understand the cost of the capsules?"Most have no clue and SQUAWK loudly when the sample pack is gone and they must place their first order.

  29. I used to drive into the office and I'd grab starbucks most days. The nespresso is expensive but still cheaper than buying lattes. People are bad at comparing those costs when they have to drop $100 on a pod order vs $5 per day.

  30. If you're okay with a high upfront cost, buy a jura. Excellent coffee, one button press like the nespresso, and you buy your own beans so it's much cheaper in the long run.

  31. For visiting family, when you’re feeling lazy, or you’re in a rush: Nespresso. Other times, grind the beans and French Press. That’s my approach.

  32. I have a manual Gaggia espresso machine that has been relegated to the back of the pantry. Because my wife never wanted to learn how to use it, I (mostly with pleasure) pulled shots for us like a barista for nearly ten years until I bought a vertuo machine. While more expensive, that my wife now handles all of her coffee needs is the trade-off for me. Win/win!

  33. 70 cent pods are half the price of 1.40 pods. Half is a big difference. Also the seasonals/specials are never good. If you're concerned about cost simply don't buy the pumpkin spice.

  34. We bought the re-usable foil lids. We grind our own coffee to an espresso blend and then use the foil lids to re-use the Vertuo pods. It's a good compromise of trying the yummy Nespresso flavours (like pumpkin spice) and saving some $.

  35. Simply this. I also really like the machine and the product but god damn current price point just isn’t there. When compared to drip and even keurig

  36. I just ditched nespresso entirely and started using moka pots. Much cheaper overall and with this economy I'm willing to give nespresso luxury up in favour of buying actual food

  37. Have you figured out how to not make it come out so bitter? I bought a bialetti 3 cup and use illy moka grind. I try on the weekends and it usually comes out very bitter except for a couple times but I don’t know why. Watched some videos without much luck.

  38. I just gone my Nespresso in the spring, and it is expensive. If I was drinking 3-4 cups a day, I wouldn't be using it for that. My wife uses it for her morning coffee, I will as well in the winter, and make my own iced coffee in the warmer months. If I need another cup at work, I'll resort to the keurig pods (which honestly, are kinda gross now) . I'll make french press for weekends to save pods/costs as well as get that big cup of coffee that Nespresso can't give you.

  39. That's why I bought a super auto machine a few years ago. The machine cost more than a Nespresso at $399 new (I got mine second hand so I only paid $150ish). It does the SAME THING but you put whole bean coffee in the top instead of a pod. Coffee costs $15 a lb vs $1.50 for one cup.

  40. I just refill with similar type of coffee as the original pods. I started with Starbucks ones and bought the same Starbucks coffee to refill. Espresso to refill Espresso capsules, Caffe Verona to refill Caffe Verona capsules, etc.

  41. I have an espresso machine and grinder which was not inexpensive but will last me minimum 10 years with minimal maintenance. My cost for an incredible cup of coffee is probably $0.90 including water and electricity. I occasionally drink two cups. The savings I achieve by making my own coffee is about $4.00 per cup for a cappucino, not including the time and gas it takes to go to a coffee shop. I will essentially reach net zero 'debts' after about 2.5 years and my real cost pe cup from then on will likely be about $1.10 due to inflation. That isn't bad. It only takes about 2 or 3 minutes to make the coffee drink once you get the hang of it. The cost of entry is probably around $2K for a grinder and machine. Something to think about.

  42. Interestingly, I am considering getting one of the virtuo machines because I am trying to save money. Looking at the prices, a coffee is around 1.40 per day, which means if I spend 60$ a month on starbucks and tim hortons, but switch to one of these every day, I am saving money. As well if I get a sub for a year I can get my machine AND that frother for a dollar lol

  43. Just a heads up that the Vertuo Next Deluxe is $159 instead of $259 today on the Bloomingdale's website:

  44. I was thinking of putting my vertuo machine away as well. I have the OL and the pods and the compatibles are cheaper. I have all types of coffee equipment so no problem switching to other styles. I love the ease of Nespresso and caramel cookie is my favorite! I am finishing off my vertuo pods and then my OL pods and back to using my espresso machine

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