This morning in Germany, 130 homes raided, caches of weapons seized, 52 arrested as a mix of pro-russian nuts, Qanon nuts, former AFD members, former East German military nuts, descendents of German nobility..all planned a violent coup.

  1. Interesting that their plan revolved around destroying electric grid infrastructure. I think we're going to see this more and more in the coming years.

  2. What if all the PSAs about a possible blackout in Germany weren't about the grid breaking because of electric heaters but because of these nuts? 😯

  3. Interesting since over the weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina, a terrorist attack on an energy grid gunning and blowing up equipment. FBI now involved. Coincidental?

  4. Noblesse oblige - sounds like they're on the hook for reparations to the descendants of serfs their ancestors oppressed.

  5. In no way was this pro-communist lmao. These people would shoot socialists and communists if they had the chance.

  6. The fuck? The Verfassungsschutz did something different than just funding right-wing extremists and giving them weapons for once?

  7. They do the former to justify their existence. They do this when the people they fund and give guns to get a little bit closer to being a problem that affects them personally.

  8. Just like the random truck murderer is not close to establish the worldwide caliphate. The interesting part is that they were ready to take steps toward violence, not that Germany's democracy is in any kind of danger.

  9. Right? You can make a successful coup if the military and the police are not willing to follow your orders after you take over. What did they expect to happen if they succeded in toppling the government?

  10. I find it interesting how you can see that it's often Covid policies which have radicalized them from conservatism to fascism. What other coup has ever focused so much on a health minister?

  11. Covid seems to have been the center of a lot of right wing conspiracy theories. The idea of covid has taken on some kind of bizarre political meaning for them.

  12. Germany has figured out how to deal with a historical culture of toxic nationalism and right wing domestic terrorists - the US does not follow their example at its own peril.

  13. I'd wish. German police, military and intelligence services are swarming with Nazis. It has always been a problem.

  14. Is this the episode in which the villains team up to beat the hero? If not, why didn’t they success initially like the trope dictates?

  15. It's been known that the Kremlin has supported far-right organizations in the West for years, but I think possibly supporting a sophisticated attempt to coup a NATO government represents a significant escalation in this regard.

  16. It seems like it was allowed to get into the late stages because if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be enough evidence to put these people away. If the German police was able to conduct this massive raid, they must’ve had some good intelligence

  17. Stashing former East German weapons and being an East German military nut are different things. No one wanted to bring back the DDR

  18. when are we going to do the same in the US? Or would that be considered too "partisan" here?

  19. As a kaiserreich fan and a former Bismarck admirer, I am embarrassed that I defended so many kaiserboos, saying that "The German Empire wasn't worse than the British Empire", "Prussian military marches are catchy", "They are just being ironic", "Prussian military aesthetic is stylish", "If the Germans won WW1, the middle east would be far more peaceful", etc.

  20. As a rule of thumb, every Empire in the past was good for the central authority and maybe even good for the homeland (read: good for the British isles, good for Italian peninsula, good for Turkey, etc...) and bad for their subjects/colonies, etc... So, it makes sense the right wing nationalists of- any country would have a secret and sometimes not so secret boner for the 'glory days of the Empire.'

  21. Can someone clue me in on what the motives for this coup, were? I can understand the backdrop of January 6th over here in the US, w/ people feeling the election was "stolen" and that Brandon wasn't the true president, etc.

  22. They seem to be particularly angry about Covid policies and support to Ukraine. But it's probably too soon to have more information on their motives.

  23. Looks a bit like the government busted some weirdos to look strong, apparently every single media outlet in Berlin knew of the bust weeks ago, which is generally not what you do if you move against dangerous terrorists. The leader seems to be a complete weirdo as well. Don’t expect Beer Hall 2.0 any time soon.

  24. Hmm, more KSK members. I think Germany may need to take another hard, long look at that group and see if it’s worth keeping around.

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