APSR study: Numerous states in the US have become less democratic over 2000–2018. The reason why: Republican control of state government. "Across measures and model specifications, the results are remarkably clear: Republican control of state government reduces democratic performance."

  1. I mean to a certain extent, Republicans are anti democratic out of sheer love of the game. Lower likelihood voters used to be strongly Democratic, but are now very mixed and in some areas Republican leaning. Yet they still consistently oppose expanding voting access.

  2. The mail-in ballot thing is really hilarious. Even with the shifting coalitions, mail-in ballots would be good for older and rural voters, probably more so than for Democratic-leaning voters. But Republican politicians are opposed to it, as far as I can tell based largely on expanded mail-in voting being a pandemic response.

  3. It really is bizarre. Stuff like partisan gerrymandering makes sense, but the rest is a big own-goal, especially with education polarization and possible racial depolarization when it comes to voting. Making voting easier or not used to be fairly bipartisan, as it generally didn't favor one party systematically. I think the simple explanation is just that it's mostly because Trump pushed against it, because he was desperate to create a narrative where he couldn't lose.

  4. Iowa has same day registration at a polling location and only gets more red by the day. Yet they will likely gut it in the next 5 years.

  5. Republicans could win more easily if they reached out to urban voters. even if they shifted a few D+80 (90/10 split) metro areas into D+40 (70/30) and maintained their holdings in suburb/rural areas it would be catastrophic for Dems in many states.

  6. This year I moved from Texas to Colorado. Until I moved here I never voted for a republican candidate. Ever. I just hit the straight ticket Democrat button, and moved on with my life.

  7. I am somewhat underwhelmed by this. If nothing else, including gerrymandering as a variable 16 times seems questionable.

  8. Weird question but could it be that the name of the Democratic party, consciously or subconsciously, makes Republicans more anti-democratic?

  9. Here in Ohio, our Republican legislators are trying to put a measure on the ballot that would require all citizen-initiated ballot measures get a 60% Supermajority to pass.

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