What do you say for this?

  1. I think the NYT can be a mixed bag. Some of the stuff they put out is great top tear journalism, and some of it it really quite opinionated and bad. I don't they, as the telegraph is suggesting, they have some particular animus towards the United Kingdom, but I do think some of their writers really like bashing wealthy western countries because they spend too much time on twitter and think it makes them edgy and cool.

  2. The NYT barely understands their own country outside of NYC, so I’m not surprised. Their coverage of Britain and France is unhinged.

  3. A few years ago for April Fools Day the LA Times wrote about NYC the way the NYT writes about anywhere that’s not NYC and it was pretty

  4. Actually the NYT appears to view it as it’s mission to annoy its readers with an endless stream of “I used to be a Democrat until…” articles.

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