Beal says that the only reason he didn’t leave the Wizards is because a winning team didn’t make an offer

  1. Has there ever been an All-star level player who spent a decade+ on 1 team, didn't force his way out, and still isn't loved by that franchise?

  2. Dudes just out here getting 50 mil a year to say how they had no other options so they’re stuck in this position lol

  3. Wizards should have let him go in all honesty or traded him beforehand. He just wanted the bag to then complain about wanting to win as is the golden standard in the modern NBA.

  4. I was so mad when the Wizards didn't trade Beal before the last trade deadline. It meant that they were either going to lose him for nothing or sign him to a super max. And I cannot emphasize enough that Beal is NOT a super max player.

  5. Why should they have just let him go? What are these small markets going to do if they keep letting their star players go? It’s what ruins the league.

  6. Agreed. Being a “maybe play in team” is NBA purgatory. Not good enough to compete for a chip. Not bad enough for a game changing draft pick.

  7. The only thing surprising about this is that it's happening so quickly. He's less than two months into the contract and he's already talking shit? I expected this around year 3 or 4 where he's on his way out and wants to generate some attention.

  8. Also more importantly, the winning teams come free agency time just like straight up don’t have near max money lying around.

  9. There’s maybe 10 players in this league worth super max, and another 10 that at least make sense. Beal isn’t in either of those list. I personally don’t get the appeal of Beal. He’s has some great statistical seasons (points-wise, at least), and some winning seasons when the team around him was really good. I think supermax is for a player that can get you to the playoffs without bringing in another superstar. The team around him now should be good enough to make the playoffs, and they should definitely make the play-in. If they don’t… they’re going to have to figure something out in Washington.

  10. Beal is the type of max guy you sign and trade for. Teams rarely have max slots now anyways and the ones that do are tanking

  11. I also blame fans and media a little. They celebrate players getting the bag even when they are massively overpaid...just for them to complain after.

  12. Beal, who I genuinely like, is almost a dated archetype in 2022 at his contract level. We’re seeing more shooting and scoring at all 5 positions from much more manageable contracts. The future is bleak for high volume shooting, low defensive effort, poor playmaking guards and wings imo. The likes of Beal, Lavine etc are really bottom tier max contract impact

  13. That’s my biggest fear because that’s exactly the type of player that Jalen green is projected to be

  14. Only the Wizards could offer him a 5 year deal with 8% raises instead of 4 years with 5% raises, he could have asked for a trade before his contract was up so his new team would have his Bird rights

  15. I wonder what the trade off would be for him to buyout part of his contract and get paid less, but then get traded to a team where he might actually matter. At this point, in 10 years, basically no one will know who he is, or really should care about who he is. But if he went to a contender and win as the #1 or #2 option, dude might be a few good seasons away from being in the HOF.

  16. AND the Wizards still gave him a no trade clause. They were bidding against nobody. Absolute incompetence. I’m sorry Wizards fans.

  17. Their entire front office staff needs to be fired right now and be black listed from the NBA. If they want to still be on a bball team they can go to India's or Phillipine's league

  18. That's ok, we knew it was a bad deal. I love Beal but I'd much rather blow up the team and do a rebuild.

  19. I don't believe him. He has chosen money every time throughout his career and there's nothing wrong with that, but be a man and live with the consequences of your decisions.

  20. Listen to the audio, op is painting this in an isolated light. I think everything Beal said makes sense in the context of how he’s saying it.

  21. I watched the clip. To his point, isn't that the point of free agency? To explore your options, and make the best decision for yourself. How is it weird that he's being open about the fact that resigning with the Wizards was the best decision for himself? He even mentioned the talent of KP/Kuzma, while praising the potential of Kispert/Rui/Deni. Idk why this is an issue all of a sudden to be honest, most players have a similar thought process. Who has ever turned down a supermax deal anyway?

  22. Malcontent is a huge stretch. He praises his teammates and speaks honestly about alternatives that weren't there for him. He's saying what we all know- there wasn't an elite team with the space to pay him last summer. So he stayed and got paid.

  23. Yeah that's more it. He does, imo, seem to generally enjoy it here..but he would have left in a heartbeat if the deal was there.

  24. I know he didn’t mean it like that, but this is so tone deaf. Like telling your wife “I wanted to marry an actress, but then you came along so…”

  25. Honestly for a guy like Beal, no one ever cared about whether he would a chip or not. So it makes no sense to take such a massive pay cut at a chance to win a chip.

  26. That’s a lie, teams would want you, no winning team would pay you 40 million a year because then they would be… the Wizards

  27. Another situation that just makes me count our blessings in Milwaukee. How often does the best player in the league love the small city market he was drafted too.

  28. Giannis is foreign which I think played a big factor in his willingness to embrace the city he was drafted in.

  29. Knew this was gonna happen. “I’m a wizard I love it here” then starts losing again and starts complaining. Guy is a complete idiot and I’m sick of this super rich clown complain every season

  30. To choose between being genuinely trash for a year with a great draft class, or sign the malcontent scorer who’s due to be paid the most in the nba for 5 years

  31. “There were no teams in the market, free agency-wise. I’m just being frank. There was nowhere else for me to go where I can be like, ‘Oh, I can go win.’”

  32. If I’m the wizards I’d call his bluff. Make a public announcement that if he can find a deal more to his liking you’ll release him. See what happens.

  33. That's already how it works. He has a no trade clause, meaning he gets to choose where he will be traded. The problem is there's no good candidates willing to absorb his contract.

  34. Call his bluff now? There's nothing to win and everything to lose for the Wizards. You're still going to pay his exhoribtant salary for the next 5 seasons. You get nothing in return, not even a pick. Heck, even trading for expiring contracts would be better since that means you get cap space at the end of the season.

  35. He's mentioned this on Redick's podcast but he also does say he truly believes he can win in DC. He also has a no-trade clause so I think he was happy with what DC offered him

  36. No disrespect meant, what winning team can trade for someone like Beal to push for a championship?

  37. I don’t buy that. He wanted the money. He doesn’t care about winning. He’s not worth the contract and not an elite or super star.

  38. If you’re on a super max you should have an absolute no-trade clause (meaning you’re legally not allowed to be traded period).

  39. Is this not one of the craziest quotes we’ve heard from an active player?? How do you go into the building tomorrow after saying this 😩

  40. This quote says more about him as a player and why no one would offer him anything close to what he got than him being disgruntled about being washington. He needs to look inwards on why nobody else wanted him

  41. I just watched the podcast, and you are a shit starter. He is fine where he is, and was just being real. He did not say if there was a better offer he would leave, he just said there was no offer from contender teams so there was no consideration to leave Washington.

  42. But that's like saying "I didn't leave my company because every other competing company said that I wasn't good enough to work for them. Believe me, I tried. I'm posting on LinkedIn, reaching out to recruiters, attending networking workshops, I'm doing it all. Yet, every other competing company has made it clear that I'm just not good at my job, so they won't hire me!"

  43. Every game I see, the less the Wizards need Beal. It should have been clear when the Westbrook/Beal pairing didn't even accomplish much. All Beal does is do his little iso's and take a stop and pop jumper off a drive. They could get the same results with someone like Jalen Green, who is actually better at working with a team and can get others involved, along with being better at defense. The wizards would also save so much money. I don't get what's so special about Beal that deserves 50M a year. Especially with that level of inconsistency.

  44. Interestingly I saw someone mention Dame. Not sure if its because of the Media, but both Beal and Lillard took the bag, but whereas Dame wants to stay and build, we keep hearing Beal complain all the time. Thoughts?

  45. I wonder what the highest contract a "winning" (and by winning I mean a contender now or a contender by adding Beal) team would even offer him. I'm assuming half the dollar amount at the very least

  46. He's a very good player, but how many of you consider him elite? Destined to be another Carmelo Anthony, maybe? Excellent scorer attached at the hip to underachieving teams.

  47. Yeah bc no team who's building a winning team would offer you that much money. Beal chooses money over winning period

  48. Players who prioritize winning won't seek top dollar, because winning teams are already paying top dollar for other players...that's why they're winning. What this should read is "Beals wants $$$ but play for a team who don't really need his services"

  49. This post is a massive overreaction and that "quote" you have there is not a quote, but a paraphrasing of a quote that makes it sound way worse than what he actually said. Quit stirring the pot

  50. "The hotter guys didn't want me so I settled with the ugly ass mfer that'll buy me everything I want." same vibe.

  51. A known loser and he's cool with being a loser he got paid for it. Dame is headed the same route but his team has more promise then the bum ass wizards.

  52. He’ll end up in Miami this summer. Herro and another contract plus Jovic and picks would probably be the construction. I don’t see Ted “Mediocrity Daddy” Leonsis being willing to trade Beal for 2 Lakers picks five and seven years from now. Not to mention the Lakers would still have to have contracts on their books for next year to have money to send out in a hypothetical trade. They don’t have enough cap space next year to trade for Beal straight up.

  53. Kinda crazy that a dude can get severely overpaid in DC and then end up in a sexy free agent destination like Miami or LA.

  54. Beal is stuck in the top 15-25 player range, doomed to eternal mediocrity unless he breaks that barrier or takes a massive paycut. The reality is no team can win when they spend 30% or more of their payroll on a player not in the top 10.

  55. So WHAT? Should've got tha HECK OUTTA that garbage pathetic team money is everything but what about ur legacy championships matter should've went to tha BUCKS or BOSTON...PERIOD!!! HE WILL NEVER WIN A CHIP IN DC..NEVER!! he will retire without a championships trophy🏆💯. WHAT IF???

  56. What a tool. Many teams would have created the space if he told the Wizards he was out. Many teams would have offered a haul in a S&T. He was in some loyal max shit. And now that he’s got the bag he’s trying to weird his way out smh

  57. I hate my life as a wizards fan, especially since Beal is an anti-vaxxer, a horrible leader, awful in clutch time, and hasn’t been a good 3pt shooter in years it feels like

  58. This is disheartening to hear. He does a lot of great things for the DMV, like his work for Ron Brown high school, that I thought he also stayed because he loved it here.

  59. Isn’t he about to become the wizards all time leading scorer? It’s a weird situation but that contract might look reasonable as the cap jumps up

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