Who was better in their prime? Who’d be better today?

  1. Barkely is the one that let Scottie Pippen go right by him as he swiped for the ball, which setup the pass to Horace Grant that went to Pax for the winning 3 in game 6 against Phoenix. Really dumb defensive play at the end of the game, so there is nothing to say he would have 'won easily' if Jordan wasn't around, because the same could easily be said for Malone.

  2. Peak Charles Barkley was better than Peak Karl Malone. Karl obviously was the greater defender (3x All Defence First for him vs not even a second team for Chuck) but watching the games it just felt like Barkley had another gear and more X- Factor to take over. Malone would consistently get you 27/10 but there's something intangible he lacked. I know it's a meme but he didn't really have "that dawg in him" like Barkley.

  3. I just prefer peak over longevity for these kinda debates. Unless you're lucky as hell you have a brief contending window in your prime anyway.

  4. From 90-93 I’m taking Barkley even though Malone’s numbers are slightly better. And that version of Barkley would thrive in todays NBA. I don’t think Malone’s game translates at all to todays game.

  5. Barkley plays longer in todays league because everyone is much more aware of conditioning and healthy eating. People were still sleeping on a lot of diet and medical ways to improve your conditioning and prolong your career in the 90s. Barkley was an absolute conditioning mess and eventually fell off as a player because of his weight issues. I suspect the paychecks now would have motivated him a lot more. Barkley made 40 million his entire career. He’d be making that in Year 5 alone now. It’s a lot easier to keep yourself healthy when you are making 40-60 per season rather than barely making 7 figures like early in his career. Malone always stayed in shape and mostly benefitted from a style of play that barely exists now.

  6. Karl Malone. Better size and strength pretty good passer and would probably be able to stretch his shot out to the three point line in today’s games

  7. People say this about anyone with a midrange J. Nothing was stopping him from taking 3s. Just look at Barkley.

  8. Pretty certain that pedophilia was not accepted in the 90s as well. We just didn’t have this much transparency with athletes.

  9. I think early Phoenix era Barkley would be great in todays NBA - he actually shot a fair amount of threes for the time. I’m not as confident about Malone, his whole game would have to be so different it’s hard to project out the same way.

  10. Not so sure athletic long players do exist def not the bangers. But the game is faster and you have to be very versatile a defender even more so. Getting stuck in switchs would happen more. Dragging players from the basket. But bigs r slim to none anymore alot play on the perimeter most i would say.

  11. CB all day. He would routinely carry some pretty mediocre Sixers teams to the playoffs year after year.

  12. Well this is a no brainer, one is a paedophile and dirty player, the other just says dumb shit. No contest, Barkley every day, all day.

  13. Let's face it, many of us are picking Barkley because his highlights are more exciting and haven't actually watched their games.

  14. At their absolute best I think Barkley is the better player and I think he would be better in today's NBA, although he would absolutely have to get better at shooting threes

  15. Charles in a heartbeat. Not only is Charles not a pedo shitstain, but he was better overall and more adaptable on the court. Looking at stats alone might lead one to say Karl, but he had the same system and HOF PG his whole career (not counting that last half-a-season he put in in LA). It was routine - a good one for Utah. Charles adapted to different situations and made them all better. Including that time he threw a guy through a window at a bar.

  16. Barkley hands down. Barkley would thrive in the social media era. Karl Malone would get (rightfully) trashed.

  17. Barkley without a doubt. He was way more versatile a better suited for todays game when he was in his prime.

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