Is it weird to support Sport teams that aren’t where you currently live?

  1. Yes, it's weird. I can't be friends with anybody like that. I regulary call all my friends to make sure the teams they support match their most current address.

  2. Was from outside the US and been a Celtics fan since the mid 2000s when I was 6. Live in New Jersey now and still support them

  3. I mean if you grew up in Connecticut it’s different for sure . That’s firmly in between two of the biggest sports markets in the country. You could easily have been a Knicks and Giants fan as much as a Celtics and Pats fan. It depends on your friends and parents I guess. My parents are immigrants who don’t care about sports, so I just supported all the teams my friends did when I was 5. Growing up in RI I was so close to being a Yankees fan instead of a Redsox fan because I didn’t know what the MLB was and I flip flopped every day when my friends asked me based on the names until I settled on the Red Sox and started watching games in 2004.

  4. It’s weirder when local fans hate the team but feel obligated to support these massive money making corporations lmao

  5. People move sometimes. I casually follow the teams in NYC and it's nice when they do well because there's a little more energy in the city come playoff time, but ultimately I don't really care if they're good or bad.

  6. Before, when you only had access to local cable it was quite normal to root for the team you could actually see play.

  7. I’m a Dallas Mavs fan and I haven’t been to Dallas once. I don’t think it’s weird. Root for the teams that make you happy.

  8. It’s sports. It’s all just entertainment so root for whoever you want. BUT, if I’m being honest, rooting for other teams is pretty weird. Rooting for players on teams, not so weird. I think the standard is to root for the team that you were born in. So I was born in Miami, so my team will always be the Heat and every other team can lose forever. But I’m a LeBron fan so I always want to see him do well. So no, but kinda.

  9. Bro this isn't the early 2000s when you had to go to the MLB website to watch the pitch tracker to follow an out of market team.

  10. So I guess I cant support any professional sports team then up here in upstate NY. A large part of the population does not live places with a local sports team

  11. He's in a place with local sports teams but supports teams from other places because they were good when he started watching them

  12. support whoever you like dude. choose a player and follow them. choose the teams with your fave colours and follow those. flip a coin, do a buzzfeed quiz, throw darts at superstar faces on a board.

  13. Idk. “Weird” gets a connotation as bad. It’s objectively abnormal. Do what you want though. I think it’s nice to be able to get together with friends, family, or even other random locals and have a shared interest like that.

  14. I also grew up in CT and have always been a Boston fan, but my corner of CT is firmly in the shadow of NYC and I was surrounded by New York fans. Root for who you like

  15. I live in Europe, and I have been following the NBA for 11-12 years. I believe supporting your home town team would be amazing. You can support the same team with your friends and family, you can go to games, celebrate with a huge crowd if your team wins etc.

  16. It’s fine. A lot of people don’t live in a city or even the country, so they have their own reasons for liking a team. Then you have those fans that don’t even like a team, and just follow a player around. (Lebron fans).

  17. Not weird at all. People can be a fan of who they want. What gets pathetic is the front running dick riders that go from being Bulls fans to Lakers fans to Heat fans to Warriors fans.

  18. not when it comes to NBA, it doesn't have the same historical cultural significance as other sports, it's purely an entertainment franchise

  19. The reason I'm a Blazers fan is because I was born in Portland. I love the team but I'll be honest, there are times when I think "damn if I was just born in San Francisco, basketball season would be so much less stressful".

  20. Not any weirder than identifying with a sports team you have no personal involvement in based purely on geographical proximity.

  21. People have all sorts of reasons for their favorite teams. Being close to a team is definitely the most common reason, but tons of people root for teams that are nowhere close to them.

  22. Who cares I used to follow players and not teams. My favorite team was wherever Vince carter went. Same with Westbrook. But OKC stuck with me so I support them and I really like Luka so the mavericks too. I live in Deep South Texas.

  23. Are people supposed to change their fandom every time they move cities?? Nah fuck that, going to warriors Celtics games when I lived in Boston was my favorite part of living on the east coast.

  24. I think it’s weird to support another team if you also have a local team. If you don’t it’s completely reasonable.

  25. I think as long as you stick with your team who cares, people move around and i could never imagine switching up my loyalty just because im in a new location.

  26. I only support 1 team local to where I grew up. I picked my teams as a kid and got lucky that two of them happened to get really damn good like a few years after I started rooting for them. As long as you stick with the teams you picked, it’s gucci

  27. There could be 100 reasons to support a team that has nothing to do with where you live. I don’t live in Cali but I’ve been a Laker fan for over 20 years since childhood.

  28. I’m in CT and I support the Saints when it comes to football. Don’t let it bother you, just love your teams.

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