The Golden State Warriors entered the fourth quarter down 68-81. They ended the game up 104-89.

  1. A game of Hakeem's where he got to 48 without a free throw. I remember watching the highlight and it's from maybe 1991, or something, and he's just taking shots to the neck, the chest, the head, and still no free throws, it was wild.

  2. The Warriors entered the 4Q down by 13, here are their 4Q scoring plays during the comeback victory while Steph Curry was on the floor:

  3. I mean, OK... he had 20 in the 4th. Is it really that big a deal? I mean, he's won championships, he's been an MVP, he's going to the Hall of Fame... what's the big deal? I don't get that.

  4. Cavs didn’t score for the entire first half of the fourth Q and the brothers in law simultaneously went nuclear (mostly one of them though)

  5. Steph went crazy. But what an embarrassment on behalf of the Cavs to not score for 9 minutes. Good defense, but oh my what terrible offense. Cavs probably got lit up in that locker room.

  6. Honestly super impressive outing from them. Didn't phone it in, they simply ran out of juice with a limited bench and on the b2b.

  7. Ws really stopped giving them extra possessions on those O-rebs after stops, that's what kept them alive in the 3rd.

  8. I'm more impressed that the cavs were up before the 4th like warriors have been one of the best 3rd quarter teams and the cavs had garland as their guy and that's was about it.

  9. the warriors aren't a good 3rd quarter team, they're a good "whenever steph gets hot" team. This used to be the 3rd, his rotation has been recently tweaked to be more 4th-heavy.

  10. Steph alone outscored the Cavs 20-8 lmaoo, man really walked out there and said welcome to the fucking show ladies and gentlemen

  11. Winning against Nets and losing to an undermanned Cleveland, would have been the most predictable thing ever lol.

  12. It’s surprising because at home, everyone and their moms be hitting 3s for us but we’ve been atrocious on this road trip. Even the earlier away games we were fine

  13. Way too small of a sample size to be worried about it yet. It's not unusual for teams that focus on shooting the 3 to go cold for a stretch during the season.

  14. Everyone is talking about stephs shooting, and rightfully so, but holding an NBA team to 8 points in a quarter is absurd. And steph also has a hand in that playing the entire 4th quarter. Playing the best defense of his career.

  15. If it makes you feel any better, some tech bro probably made enough to buy a meowcoin or whatever the latest crypto is livebetting the dubs at the start of the fourth.

  16. Under rated take. It took the Warriors 4 quarters to break their backups, instead of the usual 3 against starters.

  17. Missing 70 points (not exaggerated) from their rotation. While I know points come from others, the quality of player is a huge drop off.

  18. Holding a team to 8 points in a quarter in any era is remarkable, but to do it in the fast-paced, 3-happy era of the modern NBA is especially insane.

  19. Not with context. The Cavs only had 1 starter healthy and everyone was gassed by the 4th quarter on the second night of a back to back.

  20. Wow I thought they were beat. Limited them to just 8 points. It's a scary team don't know how any team can challenge them. They are rolling. League gotta step up and learn not to play scared basketball or coasting. 48mins come on now

  21. Bro, they were down 13 after 3 to Darius Garland and... Ricky Rubio, I guess (I don't know who the Cavs second best player is with Sexton, Mobley and Allen out)? They're far from unbeatable.

  22. That was some wtf there tonight. Woke up and tuned in to see Cavs leading comfortably then welp Warriors happened

  23. Yeah. Vets are not doing well at the moment. They are not able to shoot when it matters most. Hope Klay comes back 100% and does thing what he used to do.

  24. i mean, the "elite defense" thing should be taken in context, lol, CLE was missing 6 rotation guys that normally account for 70+ points a night. 8 points still isn't good for an NBA team, i'm just not sure it was really about the defense.

  25. I mean the 4th quarter is closer to how the entire game should have been between these two teams. GS are basically getting lauded here for sandbagging the first three quarters lmao.

  26. It’s scary how Curry had to singlehandlely carry against a team missing 4 starters. At least we got the win whatever…

  27. Cavs have like six healthy players and they'd each played 75 minutes of basketball in the last 24 hours by the time fourth quarter started.

  28. Ha. The Warriors were down 13 to start the 4th and won by 15. Good thing they were not down by 14. The Chicago Bulls still stand on top of the all-time “Down by 14 to start 4th and won by 14” power rankings. Get fucked Wardell.

  29. Why does the title say the Cavs had a 9 minute scoring drought? Maybe it felt that way but it was less than 6 minutes. Not that it matters, its just reallllly hard to not score for 9 minutes

  30. I entered that fourth quarter about to lose a $200 bet and exited the game winning lmao. Thought that money was long gone. Forgot about Cleveland shit.

  31. I remember when it was common for gsw to either always be close in score or even down by a good amount. But then some how during the 2nd half they end up way above.

  32. Wow, it's almost like the Cavs are running an 8-man rotation on a back-to-back with 4 starters out or something.

  33. That's not the point. The point was to make the game entertaining. We know the Warriors were supposed to win this game. They were lazy the first 3 quarters. You can see it in their rebounding.

  34. Nah, the Cavs are a good team this year, they're just screwed by injuries. Get them a better coach and they're legit for a good playoffs run.

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