Kobe's final 3 minutes - Possibly the greatest exit in sports history

  1. Exactly what i thought to myself, dear god why would you heave the game ball instead of handing it to Kobe, you can see all the vets point that they need that ball back lol

  2. One of the best parts is you can see the other guys on the team basically turn into fans as they just are hyped to be there. Half of them probably grew up watching Kobe so it makes sense.

  3. Randle has brought it up a few times when he tells Kobe stories. He said they all got together in the locker room beforehand and basically said no fucking way any of us are shooting tonight.

  4. About halfway through this game did another team won their game and eliminate the jazz from playoff contention? Doesn't take anything away, just wondering if memory serves me correctly...

  5. The ending was insane. That timeout at around 3:45 before he gets to 60, you can see him exhausted on the bench. Barely able to stand, probably just running on adrenaline and determination knowing this pain is temporary and it's all gonna be over soon.

  6. I hated Kobe because he always beat my favorite teams, but I respected the shit out of him as he was nearing his final years. This is one game I’ll never forget watching. Held back tears just knowing that was the end of an era. Did not, could not, hold them back upon the news of his passing. Straight up legend.

  7. Were you watching Golden State? They won their 73rd the same night, might have been the same time, too.

  8. I remember leaving the Rockets game that night and heading to Lucky's Pub on St. Emmanuel. The whole bar, including die hard Rockets fans, were watching and going crazy at the end of the game. Lucky's is no more and Kobe is gone. A magical end to his career, and seemingly the end of an era.

  9. I remember that night well. There were two big games on. It was Kobe’s last game or the game where the Warrior’s would beat the Chicago Bulls 72 game record. Crazy how on that night Kobe’s game was more monumental than what the Warrior’s did

  10. Struggled between the Warriors beating the best record record or Kobe's last game. But by the end of the half you knew it was the Kobe game

  11. I was in my last month of college in 2016, just about wrapped up with all my work and figured I'd go to a bar with my friends to watch both Kobe's last game and the Warriors try to get Win #73. It was the last game we'd watch together before graduating and heading off on our separate ways.

  12. I still get flashbulb memories of this night where I was constantly alternating between this on ESPN2 and the Warriors' 73rd win on ESPN.

  13. I have thought about this game as one of those moments that will be uniquely hard for me to describe to people years later.

  14. As a long time Laker fan one of my favorite things about this game (which isn't shown in this clip) was just how many former teammates of Kobe's were there to congratulate him afterwards. Not just stars like Shaq either, but tons of random role players from over the years. It really felt like a "this is your life" kinda moment for him.

  15. Yep. Seeing Odom congratulate him put a huge smile on my face at the time. Brought me back to 2010.

  16. I was coming home from a long ass day at work. I really wasn't EAGER to watch this game since Kobe was clearly struggling most of that season due to age. I figured it was going to be one of those he scores a few points and then the crowd has an end of game speech.

  17. Godammit I’m crying before a work meeting. This is exactly what I wanted to comment, thank you for putting it so eloquently. Took me back to spending time with my dad screaming at the TV during the three peat run. Thanks man.

  18. Fuck man. I try so hard to get my wife to understand what Kobe meant to me, and I always fail to adequately explain just how deeply the roots go. Then I come on here every so often and see threads like this one, with comments like yours that show me that there are other people out there in the world, living their lives, who feel just like me. We more than idolized this man - we loved him. And it hurts me even today as I think about him being gone.

  19. I remember watching this game instead of the Warriors’ 73rd win. He wasn’t shooting that well in the beginning, but classic-Kobe fashion, sort of picked it up and willed himself to a Lakers win and 60 point. Truly legendary. MJ is still my GOAT but there’s only one man on earth who could pull off this performance. RIP.

  20. Was fortunate enough to attend this game. Will never forget the atmosphere and the legendary performance of his. Miss you Bean. Forever my GOAT

  21. I remember this game live and was caught up in the moment. Watching it again, the refs didn't call a bunch of fouls in the last 60 that they could of. There was a pick that Randel set where he absolutely MUGS Hayward. But there was NO WAY they were going to take that moment away from Kobe.

  22. They were only up 10 with over three minutes left, that's not safe against a long list of starters in this league.

  23. I always wished Kobe’s career ended after he hit the free throws right after the Achilles injury. That act of defiance and skill was the perfect way for him to go out.

  24. You just can't make this up. It was just surreal. The way both his career ended and (I feel heartbroken to say this) the way he passed. The former left me in tears from joy and the latter left me in tears with anguish. Kobe just left you grasping to find words in the highest moments and the lowest.

  25. That night has to be the greatest night of regular season games ever right? GS gets win 73 (and Steph breakind 400 3s) plus Kobe's last game with a 60 bomb.

  26. I remember this game was concurrently on with the Warriors' 73, but this game took the limelight. And rightfully so. I could not switch over to the other game in the 4th quarter because of what Kobe was doing. Amazing performance.

  27. This is what I’d say. Head butting Materazzi in the World Cup final and your last professional game is unreal. What a way to end your amazing playing career. Would have been better if France won the penalty shootout but I was stunned when I watched that.

  28. I considered it. If he ended his career right then and there, it just might. But he didn't, so gotta say no.

  29. Hated Kobe since the first few moments I followed the NBA, after this game I could finally admit the hate came from respect.

  30. On September 28, 1960, at Boston's Fenway Park, Red Sox star Ted Williams hits a home run in the last at-bat of his 21-year career. Ted Williams once said it was his goal in life to “walk down the street [and have] folks say 'there goes the greatest hitter who ever lived.

  31. I'm gonna go with John Elway on that one. David Ross HR in the Cubs curse breaking world series game 7 comes to mind as well.

  32. It's good, but it's not winning a championship good, like a number of others have done. I'd go with Ray Lewis, Ray Borque, David Robinson, or Jerome Bettis as better exits...holding their respective championship trophies and all.

  33. Great players all but not really a fair comparison of a season as opposed to a moment. I don't know hockey so I can't speak on Borque but Bettis and Robinson went out with a whimper despite their teams winning. Lewis was ok when healthy (not alot honestly) but past being an impact player.

  34. The man gave his entire life to the game. And after he told his story, the universe took him back. It could not handle someone with the will of Kobe.

  35. I loved loved loved this game, i remember recording it because I knew it was history. I watched it with my 6 month old baby guy in my arms. I remember being so pumped on his last 3 pointer. I’m a Celtic fan with a Boston B on my chest but that game, I rooted for Kobe like I have never had before. Thanks Kobe.

  36. I remember this night. Every detail. I logged off work, got home and got ready to watch this. I couldn’t care less about the Warriors getting 73, mostly bc I’m a Chicagoan and protective of the Jordan Bulls.

  37. Being from the LA area, I've been lucky enough to go to a LOT of lakers games over the years. But this one was the best of all. I can't begin to describe the electricity in the building from the beginning to the end.

  38. I think for it to be the best exit they would have had to win a championship, anything else is just an exit. See ya.

  39. That gave me chills. One of the greatest in NBA history. Many will argue he is the greatest, but that is what makes being a sports fan so much fun. We lost him too soon. RIP Kobe.

  40. I had been under the impression that this was a game where they basically let Kobe shoot and the Lakers win. I didn’t know he actually clutched it out like that holy shit!

  41. I think people are going to hate this but I thought Kobe’s last season and final game were terrible. He made no effort to change his game or work with his teammates and gave the Lakers their worst season ever. It was painful to watch. And then in a totally meaningless game they completely manufactured a send-off game. They passed him the ball basically every possession just to see how many points he could score. It was by far the least organic performance ever. It was just so, so scripted.

  42. Lol the “greatest exit in sports history”. Yeah sure. Can we still appreciate Kobe’s career and not go over the top with every comment?

  43. Such an epic game. It was kind of sad to watch at first because they kept feeding him to put shots up but he just wasn't shooting well. Then of course he kicked it into overdrive and gave us a true Hollywood ending.

  44. I'm a big Kobe fan, but still, up to this day, I do really think that the Utah Jazz didn't properly guard Kobe that game.

  45. Elway's was surely better. Not big into to other sports, but I have to imagine that there's many exits better than 60 points on 50 shots on a horrible team.

  46. All due respect to Kobe. He was amazing. But this is not even close to the greatest exit in sports history. There are many more befitting examples. Pete Sampras winning the US Open against Andre Agassi is up there. MJ's crushing of a much better Jazz team in 1998 would have been the greatest in NBA's history but he came back.

  47. This was Kobe's last game so out of respect nobody mentions that Kobe took 50 FG Shots. That is 4 more shots than when Kobe scored 81 Points!

  48. I read somewhere on Kobe’s 2nd ft to get 60, Gordon Hayward deliberately crossed the line in case Kobe misses, he’ll get a lane violation for a another ft attempt (game was meaningless anyway, Kobe’s moment was bigger)

  49. Meaningless game against the Jazz. The Kobe immortalization is ridiculous. Nobody liked him. He was a dick. MJ lite. Openly admitted to raping a woman. Acted like he didn't want the adulation then begged for it at the end while Tim Duncan quietly retired the best player of his era.

  50. Kobe acted like MJ but was half the player. His "mamba mentality" is absolutely fucking stupid and commercialized garbage.

  51. Eh, I'm gonna be in the minority but this basically summed up the last few years of his career. Overrated, ball-hog who refused to change his game. At one point prompting questions whether or not he should be amnestied. Career lows in points and field goal percentage, but still jacking up like 30 shots a game, and his team at the bottom of the standings.

  52. You're not wrong but i think that's part of what makes it so great. Willing his team to win on 50 shots and going off in the final 3 minutes. It's just so kobe, both the good and the bad

  53. The team was clearly in rebuild mode, no one was buying tickets to watch anyone but Kobe, and even if he did change his game where the fuck were those Lakers team going??

  54. Man, I didn't want to start any beefin on a thread about Kobe, but Timmy really did go down swinging in his last game, in OKC in the WC 2nd round. That game made me sad because no one else would step up and help him and it was probably the most stacked Spurs team ever with the Big 3, Leonard and LMA - that hurt as much as anything because you just had that feeling that was it.

  55. Hayward denied that, although it really wouldn't surprise me. Even if it wasn't intentional, there was nothing to play for.

  56. The coolest moments are the faces of celebs like Jack and Jay-Z in amazement at what he was doing, everyone was losing their collective shit

  57. Derek Jeter comes up too when it comes the greatest exits both of them played such a large part in my childhood. Im so thankful i was able to witness these moments.

  58. Whew, for a minute there, when i read the title, i thought this was gonna be copter cam, not what i want to see when I'm having supper

  59. This was pretty cool. Nobody expected 50+ and he put down 60, with 20 years of NBA grind taking a toll on his body... but MJ going out in Game 6 of the NBA finals and winning the game with a jumper beats Kobe shooting free throws to ice a meaningless game on a horrible team.

  60. Stop this shit right now. Kobe didn't negotiate, the Lakers gave it to him. It was a Thank you contract. On top of that, we still had room for one more MAX player and guess what? No one wanted to play for the Lakers, we couldn't even get LaMarcus to sign. It would've meant nothing to for a hometown discount so get that narrative out of here because that wasn't the reason the lakers were terrible.

  61. Man. Can't wait till Bron/KD/Stephs last game in terms of the impact. To me those 3 have defined my adult fandom. I hope they don't retire for a while, but its so wild that my generations players are about to retire. Even seeing KG, TD, Kobe inducted into the hall this yr was like wow time fucking flies

  62. as a longtime laker fan, it was an epic beautiful moment. the lakers sucked that year and kobe was a shadow of his former self. but here...in this moment...the hall of fame kobe was back...even if just for 3 mins. (ಥ﹏ಥ) 60 points, game winner, willing the win with the home crowd cheering him on.

  63. it hurts so much because after retirement kobe was still available. he shared his wisdom. he was present. especially when gigi expressed interest in becoming a basketball player. not like mj with very rare appearances and exclusivity.

  64. It's a very Kobe thing to do like what everyone is saying: the last thing he'd do is pass the ball.

  65. His family on the sideline broke me - at least they can come back to moments like this and remember his greatness

  66. If you don’t count Jordan’s time with the wizards then it’s not close but damn this moment was 🔥

  67. I’m not even gonna lie this shit has me crying like a baby. Between seeing his family and this level of skill and grit, I’m all in my feelings.

  68. I remember sitting on my couch watching this loving that he went out like a boss, but also sad that it was the last time one of my heroes was stepping onto the court.

  69. I thought it then and I’ll always say it, the jazz rigged that shit for Kobe. Just like Derek jeter was gifted a meatball for his 3000th hit as a hr

  70. I was at this game. Bought the tickets on stubhub within an hour of Kobe announcing his retirement for $150. By the end of the day the same ticket was $800.

  71. Watched this when they replayed it a few days after the accident. My whole family was just around the tv watching this pointless 4 year old game. We watched the whole thing, and me having already seen it just sat back in awe. Around 3 minutes left I remember my mom and dad going “you sure they won this game?” Lol

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