Will Tennyson aka good boy, who is the biggest fake natty in the fitness industry at the moment.

  1. I’ve really been on the fence about it. On one hand he looks like he’s always pumped up and has some gyno- clear indications of roids. But on the other hand, he isn’t the leanest guy, and per Greg Doucette he really hasn’t gained that much muscle recently.

  2. Eh he claims to be in the 190s. I deadlifted 440 weighing 155 at 5'10 and bench 315 for a double at 165. He does 315 for a triple. If I gained 30 pounds of just fat even I suspect my bench would increase by more than a single rep, I agree with the guy claiming for a lean natty in the 190s he isn't that strong at all.

  3. I mean I don't really care when it comes to Will. His content is great and he isn't trying to push some BS products on anyone. All I can really say is he looks great and does have a body that is natty achievable, imo.

  4. You must not really follow Will. They guy is over 6 feet tall and usually weighs in at high 170s low 180s. The guy has been training for almost 10 years, and he trains really hard and great form. You don't even have to have good genetic to achieve his body. When he puts on shirt that is not tight he barely looks like he lifts. If he trains this hard and is on PED and can only get to 180 pounds he is doing something wrong. How can you compare his weight to Greg when Greg is like 5' 6".

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