a short list of indirect nerfs nasus got(this year)

  1. Exhaust got nerfed. For our spellbook friends. Also I think spellbook got nerfed, but that was a long time ago so idk.

  2. I think another one of the main problems with Nasus is also the lack of mobility items. Sunderer, stoneplate, streaks, you have no bonus movespeed. While enemy champions have bonus movespeed from many of their core items not to mention their kits.

  3. Honestly feel like Nasus needs a rework, his kit is just so outdated that every time he gets a nerf or buff, it’s just cancer to play as or against. Needs some healthier way of cc’ing someone outside of the point and click slow/cripple and needs to be more reliable than his current state.

  4. Oh you mean doing something that people outside this subreddit can agree with? Yeah no, nasus mains are too dumb to want that. I've suggested a replacement to cripple 1000 times over and it's always landed on deaf ears.

  5. I must admit it's hard to find a subreddit where people cry about their champ more than here, maybe singedmains with minishcap crying in every tweet from the balanceteam.. commendable

  6. We haven't been crying for long tho. Before all the nerfs we've even been saying Nasus is too strong but now the crying is justified since he is garbage tier atm.

  7. As a part time nasus main, hes a little weak early game but farm 500 by 20-25 and you can three q any squishy. 5-10q most tanks. Its not the easiest to do but its certainly doable even in not great lanes. Bonk bonk does a fuckton of damage.

  8. Yeah no, any smart player grabs tabis vs nasus and all of a sudden 700 stacks, normally enough to do what would have been 1000 damage with sunderer, now 600ish.

  9. this was b4 when nasus had 48% wr even in silver and 46 above diamond but obv you are br4in dead gold 2 illaoi main so np

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