I know its not a real car but what is it based on? (need to settle an argument)

  1. Guess what youre all right, because this thing is a fictional mashup of different design elements from all kinds of cars.

  2. Isn't it just a generic car mashed together by the graphic designers? Rear looks inspired by a 90's Audi A5, mid section looks like a noughties Ford Mondeo, front looks like a Lexis IS around the headlights. But short answer, it's nothing. Or nothing real anyway.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one getting Audi/VW vibes here. Those rear fenders look very Jetta or A4 or something to me.

  4. You're both entitled to your opinions, and neither of you are right or wrong. There's no winning this argument, IMO. The only 100% correct answer is that it's a Karin Sultan.

  5. The car is imo interchangeable with an early 2000's lexus IS200/300, and an early 2000's Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, hence the RS (Rally Sport) edition and the matching rear wing. IRRC they have WRC Subaru Livery in gta5 for it right now, that classic blue and yellow with shooting stars is specifically Subaru. To me, they have provided upgrades so you can have either look. 2 cars in 1 model means less to program, etc.

  6. there is a Wikipedia page for all GTA cars that lists all the cars they were used as inspiration with link if you're curious

  7. Front looks like IS300 with maybe Impreza headlights. Rear looks like a Lancer Evo 8 and Audi B5 mixed. Hard to tell the back without seeing the tail lights.

  8. It's a mix of three cars mainly by the designes you can make with it to either make a IS with some stock advancements an Evo with some liveries and a impreza with hood scoops and spoilers bit I don't see that much Evo in it, there's also a classic version of the car that is a sti so that is good proof it is intended to be an impreza but looks like an IS.

  9. game wise, its meant to be a subaru impreza, with the RS classic version of this car being a impreza 22b

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