Can someone please tell me what this is and if it's edible ? It's HUGE !

  1. It is edible, but I wouldn't suggest eating anything out of places birds or raccoons can perch as their feces harbor nasty thangs that are probably all up on those fruiting bodies

  2. Looks like bears head tooth. Cut off browning parts (no taste good), and fry that bad boy up. I have found many with lots of bugs, in that case I dry or freeze them :)

  3. Unless ya'll are referring to H. flagellum as being rare or are in specific localized region (that need to be named), then this is wrong info. And harvesting the fungi doesn't cause issues. Destroying the mycelium or removing the host does.

  4. It will grow there every years the conditions are right. So remember this day, and go back there next year, a few days earlier.

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