Today, I saw a person carrying a haversack with the word Poma written on it with the symbol of the brand Puma. What are other funny knock off names of original brands that you have come across?

  1. Nothing, and I mean nothing, in the world beats the guitar name rip-off of Gibson guitars. Givson, Grason, Gribson, Gotson and god fucking knows how many knock offs there are. This is all the more hilarious because it took me ages to figure out the real brand was Gibson — thanks to the abundance of these god forsaken knock offs.

  2. I haven't seen it in real life, but there was a knockoff of Adidas called AL Qaeda, with the logo having tiny planes flying towards the 3 bars (that the Adidas logo usually has) 💀

  3. ‘Abi bas’ instead of Adidas ‘Poha’ instead of Puma ‘Reboot’ instead of Reebok ‘Cee Looper’ instead of Lee Cooper ‘Jimmy chu’ instead of Jimmy choo

  4. I have seen a cheap plastic China made toy car model of Toyota Innova Crysta labeled as 'Cristiano 2.0' in a Stationary shop in my locality.

  5. Bro legit I saw a guy wearing a backpack with Upma written on it!!😂😂😂😂 I wonder if he was delivering Upma to office people!!

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